Fri.Feb 01, 2013

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Startup Life Book Trailer

Feld Thoughts

Simplifilm created a one minute book trailer for Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur.

The 4 Personality Types Every Startup Needs


Anyone can have a killer startup idea, but in order to make that idea succeed you’ll need an unbeatable team. Lara Croft. The Architect.

5 Things Really Influential People Do

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Want to make a real difference in people's lives? You'll need to learn to do these five things. These people make you sit up and take notice. Use them.

TechStars Chicago Applications Are Now Open

Feld Thoughts

TechStars Chicago applications are now open. Apply now. You didn’t know there was a TechStars Chicago? There is now. Last night I was in Chicago at 1871 , the amazing 50,000 square foot co-working space in the Chicago Merchandise Mart that has become the convening spot for the digital economy in Chicago and the home of Excelerate Labs.

Servant First, Leader Second

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

More people talk about servant leadership than really understand it--or have the humility to practice it. Let them do their jobs. Just listen.

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9 Ways to Forge Better Partnerships

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Business success depends on your ability to keep your partnerships healthy and happy. If it's a formal partnership, you'll need a contract, of course.

Entrepreneur Blasphemy Alert ? Success Begins at the Top Line, Not the Bottom Line!

Small Business Force

The revenue vs. margin question is one faced by entrepreneurs at, virtually, every step of their growth. That is you sell more at a lower price.

Use Commonality To Attract Customers & Prospects

Mike Michalowicz

Commonality is a big, massive persuasion tool. You and I automatically know, like and trust people the more commonality we find. Heck yes, you would.

3 Types of Poison Employees

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here are three types of employees that drag your company down, and how you can stop their bad behavior. Whiner turned weeper! It worked out both ways.

A Laser Targeted Referral Strategy

Duct Tape Marketing

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Tony Messer – Enjoy! helgabj via photopin cc. A funny thing happened in the Gym locker room today.

Italy 22

5 Tips for Training New Salespeople

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

That hurts the whole company. Yet many companies throw salespeople into a new job without enough training or encouragement. Start with easy sells.

Seize the Power of Diversity in Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

In reality, diversity in a startup can be your big competitive advantage. Quantification studies still show more mixed results.

Best Growth Tip: Get Your Hands Dirty

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This exec spent nine months doing every job at his company before becoming CEO. What he learned helped him triple revenue in five years.

Accelerate Your Customer Development: How to Quickly Get Dozens of Interviews

Kevin Dewalt

Summary : Steve Blank teaches entrepreneurs to test business assumptions by conducting dozens of interviews with prospective customers. email. It is.

3 Financial Metrics You Can't Miss

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you're managing a growing business, a few numbers and financial processes matter more than any others. by Greg Crabtree. Monitor regularly.

Regrets Caused by Action vs. Inaction

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

I’m fascinated by the notion of regret. If you want to understand someone, you should understand their regrets. People are more honest and insightful when talking about regret than when sharing life experiences about which they have pride. Vaughan Bell over at Mindhacks has a good post on a recent study of Americans’ regrets. Random

Rule for Success: Let Others Lead

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A Wharton professor discusses the key role of resilience in leadership. He spoke with reporter Adam Bluestein. Leadership is a team sport. Gold Era Coming To An End


CREDIT SUISSE: THE GOLD ERA IS COMING TO AN END Has the gold rush seen its days? It doesn't look like $2000 per ounce is going to happen.

Chad 11
Chad Email 11

Advice From the 23-Year-Old Who Said No to Mark Cuban

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Want to scale quickly? Meet the young entrepreneur who did it after he turned down a $200,000 check on "Shark Tank." Pacque recalls.

Twitter Link Roundup #164 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

crowdSPRING Blog

Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account , I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing.

Now That I'm the Boss, Do I Have to Turn Evil?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

5 tips from an HR expert on how to keep from turning into the boss you hated. How can I avoid this and still get the work done on time? --Not

The Future of Startups 2013-2017

Scalable Startup

The Future of Startups 2013-2017, beginning of a series. Marc Andreesen gave a great interview about a year agi about “The Future of the Enterprise” and where the next startups will be playing – Hadoop, Big Data, BYOD, etc. Security, Cloud, NoSQL databases, etc. are all precursors, rumbles before the big boom. tomnora. Comments.

How to Defuse an Anger Bomb

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Is other people's anger holding you back from being successful? A Harvard psychiatrist tells how to deal with rage at work. What do you do? he asks.

“I Want To Be Peter Vesterbacka” (Of Rovio)


by Pekka A. It’s also the only one that all-knowing American analysts rank in the top five alongside Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google. Pekka A.

Super Bowl: Small Businesses Behind the Big Game

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When the Super Bowl kicks off on Sunday, entrepreneurial companies will be at work on the playing field. Here are four NFL suppliers behind the actio

How To Craft Your Pitch Email To Startup Media


I would estimate that within my tenure at ArcticStartup the amount of electricity used to send us pitch emails could power the ISS. Physically. Stats.

PR 9

Being Steve: Ashton Kutcher on the Making of 'jOBS'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The actor explains the trials and tribulations of emulating one of Silicon Valley's most iconic start-up founders. ”

A Beginner’s Introduction to Affiliate Marketing An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

And so last night I recorded a 30-minute screencast video which does exactly this. Below is the screencast video. Links and References. Clickbooth.

The CEOs Who Swapped Companies

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

They did it for a week, and they went all-in--one of them even fired someone. Think of it as the bleeding edge of leadership development strategies.

Opera Gets Into One-Click Mobile Payments With New Partnership


Oprea is an old timer in the Scandinavian digital scene, but that doesn't mean that they haven't stopped innovating.

Meet the Company Protecting the NFL's Finest Players From Injuries

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Unequal Technologies brings military expertise to the prevention of sports concussions. Vito devised a modified version of the military vest.

Friday Wrap Up: The Economist Recognized The ArcticStartup Region


Those of you that know us, also know that we regularly read The Economist. It is gets delivered straight to our door steps after all.

Getting a Piece of the $430 Million Super Bowl Pie

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The Super Bowl is expected to provide a $430 million boost to New Orleans' economy. Not everyone can get business from the Super Bowl," says Boyce.

Lead Development: 6 Tips for Building Lead Workflow

Austin Startup

Lead development is an art wrapped in science, wrapped in modern art, wrapped in prosciutto. It can help a company grow significantly, only if you put in place the workflow, conventions, methodology, and discipline that must happen in order for it to succeed. Startup 101 lead development sales