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10 Creative Ways To Use Animation In Online Marketing

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Use animations to tell a compelling story and actively engage with your audience. Here's a look at 10 creative ideas to use animation for online marketing. Grow Marketing & Sales animation animation development marketing online marketing online video video animation

How Startups Can Keep Product Development Lean


by Steve Owens, Founder and CTO of Finish Line Product Development Services. The lean start-up movement has been based on a single insight – which the purpose of a start-up is to discover a business model that works.

Maximizing Your LinkedIn for a Successful Product Management Career

The Product Guy

In a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Paul Hurwitz, lead a conversation around “Maximizing LinkedIn for Product Managers”. We are always looking for more product mentors from all around the world. Signup to be a Mentor Today! View the live stream….

Four Clever Ways To Get Free Digital Marketing


Digital marketing an essential tool for any business out there, whether large or small. Competition is typically stiff in any market, so a brand’s long-term success usually hinges on effective online marketing strategies.

Amazon HQ2 Proposal Deadline Has Arrived: Here are the top 5 Contenders

Inc Startups

It's a huge opportunity considering the second headquarters is expected to bring with it as many as 50,000jobsand tens of billions of dollars' worth of investment. Hot Spots


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Why Seniority Is the Worst Reason to Promote an Employee

Inc Startups

Not even if two employees are otherwise equal. Because they never are.).

How to Structure Your Optimization and Experimentation Teams


It’s important to know the most efficient way to arrange your optimization team to ensure their productivity and yours. But what’s the best way to structure your team? Should optimization folks be in a separate team? Or under product teams? Or marketing?

Chad 10

This Instagram Message From Kobe Bryant to an Injured Player Is the Most Inspiring Thing You'll Read Today

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Kobe Bryant's advice to recently injured Gordon Hayward will teach you how to make emotions work in your favor.


Austin Bids to Become Amazon’s Second North American Headquarters


“That’s right, you’re not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway” to quote Lyle Lovett. And Austin wants the second Amazon headquarters. City leaders officially submitted Austin’s bid to Amazon on Wednesday, a day before the deadline. On Sept. 7, Amazon announced the Seattle-based tech giant was looking for a second North American headquarters, Amazon […]. The post Austin Bids to Become Amazon’s Second North American Headquarters appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Starbucks New Holiday Cups Appear To Have Leaked and Oh, Take a Look

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Oh, no. This is going to be trouble. Marketing

The Evolving Significance of SEO in Marketing Today

Duct Tape Marketing

The Evolving Significance of SEO in Marketing Today written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing.

5 Devastating Career Mistakes Holding You Back

Inc Startups

Being aware of these blund is the first step to making progress.


Why Every Growing Business Needs An Answering Service

YFS Magazine

Business growth represents a legitimate progression of your success, but it also uncovers logistical barriers associated with scaling business operations. Back Office Grow answering service back office communications

These 3 Job Interview Mistakes Are Keeping You From Getting Hired

Inc Startups

These avoidable mistakes could get in the way of you getting hired for your dream job.

3 ways your remote team might get cabin fever — and how to combat it

The Next Web

Studies show that employees who work from home can be even more productive than in-office peers. They’re typically happier since they have more control over their lives and schedules.

It's Easier to Focus in a Coffee Shop Than an Open Plan Office, According to Brain Scans

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It's not just the noise that's distracting. It's the annoying behavior of your coworkers. Productivity

Motherhood Isn’t For Everyone


by Andy Cunningham, author of “ Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition “ Customer experience isn’t for everyone. Really. If it’s not part of your corporate DNA, you shouldn’t make it the focal point of your business.

4 Signs Your Star Employee Will Be a Good Leader

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To lead you should have the practice, presence and attitude necessary for the role, and the role itself should be the right fit. Succession

5 Tips to Get More Accurate Data and Improve Your Lead Generation

Duct Tape Marketing

5 Tips to Get More Accurate Data and Improve Your Lead Generation written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. If you can measure it, you can improve it – Peter Drucker. Tracking your lead generation campaigns allows you to get more info about the effectiveness of your campaigns.

6 Ways You Can Cultivate a Healthy and High-Performing Culture

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Company culture is an important tool to success, but many get it wrong. Cultivating a healthy and high performing culture starts with these 6 habits. Company Culture


Overwhelmed With Projects? Here’s What to Do

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

When you first start your business, you’ll be desperate for as many projects as you can get. Your operating capital will be limited, so you’ll need to generate revenue quickly and sustainably, and more projects are the answer.

Apple's $1,000 iPhone Taught Us A Very Important Business Lesson

Inc Startups

The surprising reason why it might just work for them.


How To Deal With Employees Who Have Alcohol Or Substance Abuse Problems

The Startup Magazine

Substance abuse and addiction problems are something we don’t talk about often enough. As a business owner, recognising and understanding how to treat them can be very important. So, here’s a guide on dealing with employees with substance abuse issues. Get educated about alcoholism.

10 Ways We're Fostering Anxiety Rather Than Resilience in Today's Young People

Inc Startups

We're robbing young people of the mental strength they need to stay healthy. The Inc.


GSO church headed to N.C. Supreme Court over solar panels

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

This test case for North Carolina dates back to June 2015, when the nonprofit NC WARN began selling solar power to Faith Community Church near downtown, from a system installed on the roof of the church

In 3 Words, Nobelist Richard Thaler Shares the Secret of Effective Communication

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After 40 years of studying human behavior, Thaler understands how to influence people. Sales

Sales 20

Transcript of The Importance of SEO in Marketing Today

Duct Tape Marketing

Transcript of The Importance of SEO in Marketing Today written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Back to Podcast. Transcript.

What Getting a Green Card Means to an Immigrant Entrepreneur

Inc Startups

Startup Co-founder and CMO Sangram Vajre shares his experience getting a green card as an immigrant entrepreneur. Immigrant Entrepreneurs

How Entrepreneurs and Executives Can Work with Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds

David Teten

I presented a few weeks ago to the American Marketing Association Executive Forum on how their members can work with and earn money from private equity and venture capital funds.

Ineffective Meetings Cost Companies Up to $283-Billion a Year (Streamline Collaboration With These Tips)

Inc Startups

A recent survey shows 79% of people would be willing to use screen sharing during meetings if it were easier to set up. Productivity

Cost 19

How Tech for Campaigns Has Helped 3,000+ Techies Make a Difference in Progressive Politics

Hunter Walker

I met Jessica Alter when was running FounderDating, which helped solo founders discover their perfect cofounders. Like many of us, the 2016 Presidential Election alarmed her, but unlike many of us, she’s doing something more than just rage tweeting. Jessica, along with two cofounders, started Tech for Campaigns , which connects tech volunteers with the campaigns of progressive candidates for skill-based volunteering.

If You Need More Evidence That Open Offices Are Just Awful for Productivity, Here It Is

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Noise is part of it. But that's not all. Innovate

These 6 Niche Marketing Tips Will Create Deeper Connections With Your Customers

crowdSPRING Blog

Olga in Paris for Flytographer. The saying goes “You can’t please everyone.” ” And what’s more, you shouldn’t try. Not all customers are alike. And spending time, money and manpower trying to reach all of them effectively is not only foolhardy but impossible.

These Five Things Trap Us In Unhappiness (Here's How To Overcome Each)

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Happiness can be tricky enough to lasso. Why make it harder for ourselves by getting caught in these traps? The Inc.