Thu.Feb 07, 2013

Entrepreneurs Experience – Do It and Learn It

Steve Blank

In 2012, in partnership with Stanford University , U.C. Berkeley and NCIIA , Jerry Engel and I first offered the Lean LaunchPad Educators Class.

The Lean Entrepreneur is here

Startup Lessons Learned

Last May, I shared the news that long-time Lean Startup advocates Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits were working on a new book called The Lean Entrepreneur featuring illustrations by FAKEGRIMLOCK. That new book is about to hit bookstores everywhere.

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Everyone at Yipit is Now Learning to Code

Vinicius Vacanti

The spread of the internet will put people into two groups: “People who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do.” ” - Marc Andreessen. Five years ago, I was firmly in Andreessen’s second group: the non-coders.

Coder 46

How To Get Refocused On Work

Mike Michalowicz

It happens to us all. We are working away, and then that email chime goes off. Two hours later we finally realize that we drifted off from the work we needed to do. I reached out to the entrepreneurial community to learn how they refocus on work after a distraction sets in.

Announcing a Deal I’ve Wanted to Talk About for a Year

Both Sides of the Table

Let me not bury the lede. I’m super excited to announce that GRP Partners led the investment in Ethan Anderson’s new company MyTime (link has LA-based merchants but will give you a good feel for the product).

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How to Build a Network of Contacts

Inc Startups

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are useful tools, but building a business network requires the personal touch. Social networking may be all the rage, but online acquaintances are probably not going to put their own reputations on the line in order to help you build your business.

Startups are here to save the world

Venture Hacks

“He cares deeply about… the advancement of humankind, and putting the right tools in their hands.”. Laurene Powell Jobs on her husband, Steve. Startups aren’t here to change the world, they’re here to save the world—by bringing us innovation that advances humankind. Our universities, labs and garages create enormous amounts of innovation—and there’s more coming every day. Today’s challenge is delivering it to customers in ways that advance humankind. Super companies.

Men's Fashion: 5 Start-ups to Watch

Inc Startups

As another Fashion Week comes and goes, here's a look at start-ups shaking up the world of men's fashion. It's no secret that women's fashion is a buzzing sector of the start-up landscape.

Don’t Let the Peter Principle Kill Your Dream

Startup Professionals Musings

Most people think that the Peter Principle (employee rises to his level of incompetence) only applies to large organizations. Let me assure you that it is also alive and well within startups.

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Always Running Late? It Could Cost Your Business

Inc Startups

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has a reputation for being late. You really don't want to be like her. Some people might say they're late because they get involved in something and just can't extract themselves. Or they feel they work crazy hours so they're exempt from the clock.

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Designing for viral growth

The Equity Kicker

I don’t post many infographics here, but this is a great one. It covers concepts like the viral co-fficient and time through the viral loop and lists out a bunch of tactics for increasing virality.

Viral 14

Should You Email Like a Man? (There's a Difference)

Inc Startups

Whether you hail from Mars or Venus may say a lot about how you email--and how your colleagues perceive you. Earlier this week, CNBC news anchor Maria Bartiromo announced during a segment on Closing Bell, that one of her New Year’s resolutions was to start "emailing like a guy."

Email 32


A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Drawing is one form of creative expression that has not made a rapid transition to the digital/online world. The tablet may well change that. Paper is one of the most amazing tablet apps I have seen. It is beautifully made and the art that people are creating on it is inspiring. It seems like there is even more potential that can be unlocked with drawing. Draw Something showed that everyone can draw something (no pun intended). But Draw Something is a two person game.

4 Characteristics of the Ultimate Start-up Hire

Inc Startups

When you launch a new company, each additional employee makes an enormous difference. Here's exactly what you need to look for. Working for a new business is completely different from working for an established one. You know this, but many job candidates don't.

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Did You Forget These Communication Tools for Success?

Rembrandt Communications

We all know that communicating with your associates, customers and team members is a key to success, but with taxes, events, monthly meetings, and everything else going on at your organization right now, your communications efforts may be lagging. Here are three, key questions to ask yourself to help stay on track with your business [.]. Business Increase Sales Reaching Goals SEO Small Business Public Relations Web Copywriting communications PR sales search engine optimization

Vanity Keywords: A Useless SEM Strategy

Inc Startups

Ranking for 'Vanity Keywords' simply doesn't achieve the same marketing ROI as a long-tail approach. Here's why the practice should be put to rest. How many times have you thought something like, "Why aren't WE No. 1 for [insert vanity keyword here]'?

SEM 31

10 Essentials for Setting Up Your Accounting Function

Early Growth Financial Services

If your company is in the early stages, pre-funding, now may not be the right time to worry about 409A valuations or top-down financial projections. But it is the time to set up your simple accounting function—if you haven’t already. You don’t want to get too far in the game without establishing a simple accounting system, but you also don’t want to make it too complicated.

When Good Ideas Bear Fruit

Inc Startups

How is a business like an apple tree? Sharpen your pruning shears and find out. Back in July, I wrote about our efforts to bring more focus and discipline to 37signals by parting ways with some of our older products.

[Singapore] Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Deploys Samsung NFC Solution


If you’ve stepped into any of coffee chain Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ‘s 51 outlets recently, you may have noticed a point-of-sale marketing promotion that seems just that little bit out-of-place there.

Who You Sit Next to Matters More Than You Think

Inc Startups

Chicago incubator 1871 operates on the assumption that brilliant tech ideas only get better when they're in proximity to others. Business incubators are everywhere: Most cities have several, and many smaller towns have at least one.

Twitter Link Roundup #165 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

crowdSPRING Blog

Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account , I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing. These posts and videos are about logo design , web design , startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more!

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Best Advice: Fake It Until You Make It

Inc Startups

Transitioning vision into reality for a new business, a new model, or simply an internal process may require pushing well beyond the status quo. Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman (who also co-founded Hipmunk and a 2011 Inc.

Elisa acquires Sulake


Elisa , the Finnish telecommunications and ICT services company, has acquired Sulake , the makers of Habbo. Sulake will continue as an independent company and will continue under the Habbo brand. Elisa previously owned 24% of the company, and has now increased its share to 85 percent.

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6 Ways to Avoid Turning Your Company Into a Bureaucracy

Inc Startups

Bureaucrats aren't just in governments, utilities, and health care companies--they infect companies big and small. Certain industries are known for overly bureaucratic procedures. Health care, telecom, and power companies, come to mind.

The State of Human Resources

Spencer Fry

Back office work is one thing I've had a lot of experience in doing while running TypeFrag , Carbonmade and other companies. I've set up and managed payroll, benefits, and on-boarding employees more often than I care to remember.

Why Digital Health Start-ups Are Hot

Inc Startups

According to one estimate, funding for digital health start-ups soared 46 percent in 2012. Check out some of the companies on the receiving end. Connected health technology is hot, at least if you look at the kind of attention VCs are giving it.

Crowdfunding Roundup: Invesdor Launches In Swedish Markets


Editor's note: This is a sponsored post to bring you crowdfunding options in the region. This article is a roundup of companies anyone can invest into, but this time it's also a chance to share some timely news.

A story from Sir Tim

Start Up Blog

I had the good fortune this week to meet the inventor of the world wide web Sir Tim Berners Lee. He is currently touring Australia and after he gave a public lecture at Melbourne University, I was lucky enough to attend a private session thanks to the AUDA and meet him personally.

Silicon Valley Hits Dot-Com Era Growth Levels

Inc Startups

The Bay Area surpassed pre-recession employment numbers in 2012. Job growth in Silicon Valley hit the highest numbers in a decade, outpacing California and the rest of the country and putting the tech capital on track for record expansion, according to new data.

Will No Saturday Mail Delivery Hurt Business?

Duct Tape Marketing

As you’ve likely heard the U.S. Postal Service has proposed ending 1st class mail delivery on Saturdays. It’s also no secret that the Post Office is hemorrhaging money and needs to find ways to stem the losses. Reaction to the idea was both swift and in some cases emotional. Opponents cite the negative impact on small business. (As As they always seem to do when it suits the cause.). I would love to get your take.

Improve the Click Through Rate on Your Twitter Links

Soho Solutionist

Social media can sometimes be daunting, so when you come across a quick tip to make things a wee bit easier, you should jump all over it! So, here’s one that you test out … Did you know that *where* [.]. Blog Social Media For Business Twitter

Our Dreams

Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

Dreams. Dreams are aspirations in the form of guides that push our imagination. Nothing is out of our grasp. When we close our eyes, we can be anyone or anywhere we choose to be. As we keep moving forward in life, our dreams keep evolving. They are reflections of our subconscious, our hopes and our deepest fears and desires. Translating these dreams is what separates the dreamers from the doers. Taking action goes hand in hand with the ability to close your eyes and imagine what it should be.

Kiosked Showing Funding Ties Through Partnership With Rovio


Rovio has launched a 48 hour competition to win signed and personalized prints of the new Angry Birds All Star Athletes posters featuring NBA All-Star player, Andrew Bynum and NHL All-Star player and Stanley Cup Champion, Anze Kopitar.

Square Awards $200,000 to Small Business Owners

Inc Startups

Use Square Wallet? These 20 small businesses did and they got a hefty reward. Square, the rapidly growing mobile payments service, announced today the winners of its first ever Square Wallet Challenge.