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Why Some People Succeed Against All Odds

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

“Every dream will be challenged!&# These powerful words from a mentor of mine have been burned in fire into my memory. Rarely, a dream or goal comes true easily and effortlessly, without delays, problems or hurdles. It is far more common, however, that you have to overcome many obstacles and suffer some pain before achieving any meaningful target.

The Origin of Leaders #7: “A” Players. Surrounding yourself with the Right People

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Leo Messi is the greatest footballer in the world. His peers say so. He plays for Football Club Barcelona. 3 of the other world top 5 footballers also play at FC Barcelona. Leo Messi doesn’t play with his best friends from school.

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Venture Deals

Startup Lessons Learned

I was very pleased to receive an advance copy of Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist the other day. After reading it, I've concluded that it's like having a super-mentor on your shelf. I have been extraordinarily fortunate throughout my career to have been blessed with amazing mentors. Men like Will Harvey and Steve Blank have been there to help me, encourage me, and push me to do better.

@GuyKawasaki is having a blast on Google+. Check it out [link]

How to Change the World

Just loving what I can do at Google+. My favorite features are: Ability to edit posts and comments. Big pictures, not just thumbnails. Threaded comments. If you haven’t taken a look at Google+, you really should


Venture Deals: Chapter 1: The Players

Ask The VC

On day two of our romp through the table of contents of Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist , we cover the various players involved. While it might seem like there are only two players in the financing dance—the entrepreneur and the venture capitalist—there are often others, including angel investors, lawyers, and mentors.

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Market by Numbers

As technologists working on new products and new markets, we tend to forget where we are on the technology adoption lifecycle curve. That’s a mistake. Here’s why: 1. Nobody cares. See all that white space under the middle of the curve?

Lean 20

Bigger is not Always Better

The Entrepreneurial Mind

One long standing aspect of American culture is that bigger is better. We seem obsessed with having the biggest city, the tallest building, the busiest airport or the largest house. When I went to business school in the 1970s, we were trained to pursue one goal: maximize market share.

Go: Some Thoughts on Communicating With Your Investors

Ask The VC

Rob Go from NextView Ventures has today’s VC Post of the day titled Some Thoughts on Communicating With Your Investors. It contains some great advice for communicating with your seed investors (both VCs and angels), for building both commitment from your early VC seed investors, and creating a cadence that is effective. Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures MBA Monday’s post titled Financings Options: Venture Debt is the runner up.

How not to pitch an investor


I got this e-mail earlier today as a contact submission on my blog. I’m sharing it with names and details removed, not to be mean but because this happens all too often and it shouldn’t.

Replace Tired Old SEO Tactics with these Winners!

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Although Search Engine Optimization is a time consuming task, it can make a big difference to your bottom line when done correctly. Having long-term goals and focusing your optimization tactics on those goals is very important. Google and other search engines have become more skilled at being able to determine which websites truly deserve to

SEO 21

Does Entrepreneurship Age Like Wine? [guest post]

VC Cafe

By Chaim Zucker*. In one of many great scenes of the movie Pulp Fiction Marcellus Wallace, a gangster king, tries to make Butch sell off the last fight of his boxing career.

How My Biology Blog Landed Me My Dream Job

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

Yeah, I know. It’s not what you want to hear about on a blog about Blogging and Entrepreneurship. Who comes here to know how to land a job? Isn’t the entrepreneurial dream never to have to work for anyone but yourself? Isn’t it all about working smart and not hard? Can you be an entrepreneur and still have a full time job ? The fact is, for some “entrepreneurs&# , the end goal isn’t ONLY to work for yourself. I fit in this category.

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Who can build the marketing machine?

This is going to be BIG.

This is just a theory, but it feels to me that there's a talent gap in the marketing space--or a few of them. To begin with, there seems to be a serious shortage of customer acquisition experts--particularly given how hot subscription services have gotten. Fab.com (First Round portfolio company) just announced a new round of funding and that they reached 350,000 subscribers.

Startup Q&A Site Sprouter to Shut Its Doors


We've covered Sprouter several times here at ReadWriteStart , recommending the Toronto-based startup as a great resource for entrepreneurs - as both a professional social network and, more recently, as a Q&A site. So it's sad to hear the news today that Sprouter will be closing its doors.

4 reasons they will buy your startup

Start Up Blog

As far as I can tell their are 4 main reasons that a company will buy your startup. Particular in the web / tech fields: Talent buy out. Technology buy out. User buy out. Revenue buy out. What’s interesting is that these buyouts happen in that order as well. The reality is that it’s rare to be the focus of a talent buyout unless you and your team have an incredibly unique set of skills.

The tragedy of the anticommons

Chris Dixon

Seems very relevant to today’s music industry, and potentially relevant to the internet/software industry in the near future as patent lawsuits become increasingly common: The commons leads to overuse and destruction; the anticommons leads to underuse and waste. In the cultural sphere, ever tighter restrictions on copyright and fair use limit artists’ abilities to sample and build on older works of art.

Simple Formula to Propel Your Business

Duct Tape Marketing


Running a Billion Dollar Startup with Twelve People?

Mark Birch

Startups are feverishly hiring right now to scale up their businesses, but could we in fact be doing it all wrong?

Delaware Court Refuses To Dismiss Breach Of Contract And Fraud Claims By Jilted Merger Partner

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

By Robert Reder and George Esposito of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP. Indicates That Acquirer's Pre-Closing Operational Control May Create Fiduciary Relationship Sufficient to Support Fraud Claim. A decision of the Delaware Court of Chancery in late 2010, Narrowstep, Inc. Onstream Media Corp.,? [1] 1] demonstrates the unintended consequences that can befall a merger partner who uses superior bargaining power to achieve unusual contractual rights.

Business Model Analysis, Part 5: Virality

Platforms and Networks

This post is part of a series on business model analysis for entrepreneurs. The first post in the series presents a comprehensive list of issues entrepreneurs should consider when designing a business model. Others delve into specific issues; this one provides an overview of viral customer acquisition dynamics. A product grows virally when its use spreads through direct, customer-to-customer transmission. Viral growth occurs through four different mechanisms listed below.

IA Ventures is growing :: come join our start-up family

Information Arbitrage


SEO Case Study: Month 13 Results

TylerCruz.com: An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

For the first time since starting this particular case study, I’m not excited about writing this. I don’t know why exactly. I saw decent results overall this month, so it can’t be that.


An inspiring quote on leadership and confidence

Jeff Hilimire

I recently read the book Onward by Howard Schultz. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone that has sold his/her business or works for a company that is trying to refocus and get back that entrepreneurial spirit, remembering why the company was started in the first place.

Head Over Hills: Lithuanian Mobile Flirting Platform Eskimi Is Growing


Online dating has been a growing trend in Western hemisphere but of course people enjoy flirting all over the world. However, in some parts of the globe people use mobile phones instead of computers to go online, which makes browsing dating sites with rich content hard.

Do your prospects and customers know WHY you are in business?

Escape From Cubicle Nation

This month, I have been having a great time teaching a new class called Power Teaching. I believe that teaching is a critical part of marketing, coaching, consulting and presenting.

Time Keeps On Slipping…


Where does it go? Time Keeps On Slipping Into the Future… (you tube). So much going on but so little time to write about it. My daughter lost her first tooth when she was almost a year older than when my son lost his and the tooth fairy came to visit. I know this because I did a blog post about it and if I hadn’t, I’m not sure I would have remembered when he lost it. Thank goodness for blogging!

The Truth about Building Your Own Small Business Website

Marketing Junkie

Entrepreneurs …Have you built your own Website, or been thinking about building one yourself? If so, you’re not alone.

Competing on Service: Eleven Ways to Beat the Competition by “Hugging” Your Customers


by Edward D. Hess, author of “ Growing an Entrepreneurial Business “. The U.S. economy is still in a deep funk, and for many small business owners that means business isn’t exactly booming.

Blue Chip Customers Can Wreck Your Startup

Mark Birch

If you sign that big name customer early on, chances are you are going to get in over your head. The allure is obvious; snag the big fish and wait as others come washing up at your feet as you swim in an ocean of cash.

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We're always on the look out for great content to publish here on ArcticStartup. From time to time we want to remind our community that we're here for you and want to get your stories across to the larger audience. To do this in a successful manner we want to hear about them!

The Wrong Way To Market Your Product Online

Nick O'Neill

This morning I was reading about an all too common strategy to online marketing: posting comment spam. It’s incredible how many companies believe this is a valid method of online marketing. The Wrong Way. The theory goes something like this: find out where people are talking about your competitors and join the conversation by making those people aware of your product. What’s incredible is how much effort this takes.

Ray Lane's new ride: a Fisker Karma

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Ray Lane, a managing partner at venture capital firm Caufield and Byers, already owns a. competition in the internal combustion engine." Many venture capitalists in Silicon Valley drive Tesla Roadsters, a

80’s TUESDAY - Don’t Disturb This Groove by System -.

Mark Birch

80’s TUESDAY - Don’t Disturb This Groove by System - classic bit of R&B synth schlock out of the mid 80’s from my music vault…. music


managing - Category&lid=Main - 1 - Headline Link" onClick="s_objectID='2100174-_category';"> Engineering energy's next big breakthrough

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Jersey. I was in finance in the United States and worked on several technology startups. too early. And we are talking to venture capitalists. We rejected a venture capital deal for $2-million a couple of months