Thu.Mar 29, 2012

Nail the Customer Development Manifesto to the Wall

Steve Blank

When Bob Dorf and I wrote the Startup Owners Manual we listed a series of Customer Development principles. I thought they might be worth enumerating here: A Startup Is a Temporary Organization Designed to Search. for A Repeatable and Scalable Business Model.

10 Mental Toughness Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

Startup Professionals Musings

In sports, mental toughness is defined as the ability to focus on and execute solutions, especially in the face of adversity. If anyone in business ever needed mental toughness, it’s an entrepreneur.

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By All Accounts: Eleven Essential Bookkeeping Accounts For Any Small Business Owner


by Lita Epstein, author of Bookkeeping Kit For Dummies®. When you first started your business, you probably ran out of the gates with lots of energy and ideas. You were focused on the big picture. Bringing in customers. Creating new products and services that those customers would love.

The Visionary and The Pivoter

Numerate Choir

A tale of two startups Last month, my startup of 4.5 years, Circle of Moms, was acquired by Sugar. I’m proud of what my team created over that time: the product behind a large and strong community of moms, a … Continue reading → Circle of Moms LinkedIn Startups

[Infographic] Anatomy Of A Top Performing Salesperson


Being a salesperson is tough – finding a great one to hire is even tougher. But what makes a top performing salesperson? There are certain qualities that leads to one excelling at sales – being results-driven, persistent, and having a strong ego, amongst others, for example.

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6 Major Tech Innovations for 2012

Inc Startups

These trends could make for huge opportunities--or huge disruptions to your business. Either way, they are ones to watch. We’re only a few months into 2012, but several technology innovations are starting to show promise.


One of the most interesting trends in technology and business and politics today is what I like to think of as the generational one. Meaning, what happens when the group of kids who grew up with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

Cloud 13

Stop Talking About Entrepreneurship

Inc Startups

Everyone is an entrepreneur. It's become meaningless. And entrepreneurship with a big E is a pain in the neck. We are in the golden age of entrepreneurship.

4 Time Saving Tips For Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs


by Sam Mauzy. Internet marketing follows a consistent approach that at its basic roots, starts with creating or obtaining a product and ends with convincing others to purchase this product.

Content Marketing: Next Big Buzz

Inc Startups

If you haven't heard the buzz around 'content marketing' yet, you will soon. Here's what you need to understand now. There’s a term gaining a lot of traction in the digital marketing space lately: "content marketing." If you haven’t yet heard of it, you will soon.

College students benefit when they get The Edge

Up and Running

With colleges receiving record numbers of applications each year, any edge students can get helps increase the chances of getting in to their chosen schools. And that’s where The Edge in College Prep comes in.

4 Brilliant Video Marketing Campaigns

Inc Startups

Having trouble dreaming up a new Web campaign for your product or service? Borrow some ideas from these viral videos. Marketing is all about capturing the attention of the masses.

More on Pro Rata Investing as an Angel - DShen's Blogs


My buddy Maneesh Arora asks: Have you successfully been able to get pro-rata rights as an angel (assuming putting in small-ish amounts of money of $25k or $50k, something along those lines), on Convertible Note deals

Zooming From Zero to $70 Million in 2 Years

Inc Startups

It all started with a wacky idea and a $20 Facebook ad. Two years later, this Brooklyn-based company has created, and conquered, plenty of obstacles. Here's how.

8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees #blindpost

Jeff Hilimire

I write a lot of #blindpost’s, which means I read a headline and then write a post without reading the original article, to see where I’ll end up with it. This one was on entitled, The 8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees.

4 Sure Ways to Make Your Start-up Stand Out

Inc Startups

Here's how to be seen as a one-of-a-kind true original. Even if you're not.

Getting Older by David Lee

David Lee


Essential Reading List for New Entrepreneurs

Inc Startups

Everything you need to know to become a successful entrepreneur is in these six essential books. Few of us are born knowing everything it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Sales 25

Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: Steve Ballmer

Scott Edward Walker

To Our Clients & Friends: Welcome to our weekly series “ Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed.” Each week, we share a favorite video of a successful entrepreneur, investor or business leader on a variety of topics.

Defend a Higher Price: 3 Steps

Inc Startups

You can charge more than your competition once you learn how to make price irrelevant. Here's how. Probably the most common sales advice in the world is "sell value, not price." Unfortunately, that advice is horse manure–at least in the way it's usually interpreted.

B2B 22

I Want to Wake Up in the City That Tweets…


About a month ago, I got a call from NASDAQ asking me if I’d participate in a video about the technology scene in NYC. The only time we could coordinate was a quick interview before I spoke at Social Media Week.

Can't Code? You Can Still Run a Software Company

Inc Startups

I can't code, but I can run a software company. You can too. Here's how. As a founder of a software company, I often get asked about my ability to code. The answer is simple: I can’t code at all. At first, I thought what many young and eager entrepreneurs think-- that I must learn how to code.

Ruby 15

Video Battle

Force of Good: a blog by Lance Weatherby

Who wins, Georgia or New York

The Hard-numbers Case for a Flexible Workplace

Inc Startups

Giving your employees flexible hours cuts costs, spurs growth and lifts morale. The numbers prove it. In a recent column, I suggested you make your business family friendly. Your reaction may have been, “Yeah, right! Like I have extra money laying around for employee happy-pills.”

Time For a Change #8: Health For Life

Active Garage

As long as you shall live. Isn’t this as long as you would like to have health? As long as you deserve health? Is it possible at least to have better control and more choice in experiencing ongoing health?

Best Advice I Ever Got: Andrew Bachman

Inc Startups

The president of reveals why honest self-assessment is the key to launching a Web-based business, and other great advice he's received. Most college students are worried about what party to attend next, but I was busy thinking of innovative ways to make my first million. Up to 80% Of First Time Online Purchases In Russia Are Made On Couponing Websites


Two years after the Groupon fever hit Russia in March 2010, Leonid Gluzman, the founder of daily deal site aggregator, recalls the history of this thriving industry and shares its key figures and trends for the future.

Get Closer to Key Customers

Inc Startups

COUNTER-PROGRAM: While businesses fight for their tiny piece of the huge audience, you should focus on cashing in by going after customers who think the mainstream brouhaha is a waste of time.'> What are you doing to maintain and strengthen your relationships with your key accounts?

Scoopshot Getting International Traction With Impressive Figures


I've covered Scoopshot in the past as well and I've found the idea really intriguing - most possibly for its simplicity. The app helps media companies crowdsource images from their communities through the app.

Who Are Your 'Pilot' Customers?

Inc Startups

Before investing heavily in a new line of business, its important to identify customers who can help you learn quickly about what works and what needs tweaking.

Sweden May Investigate iPad Marketing Of 4G Services


The Swedish Consumer Agency is considering leading an investigation into Apple's marketing of the iPad after receiving complaints that the advertised 4G connectivity will not actually function in Sweden.

Learn to Love Your Banker (Really)

Inc Startups

GIVE AND TAKE: Partners should be able to work together to deliver a great service or product while also ensuring that someone is willing and able to manage the finances or reboot computers.'>

23 Video Offers New Video Analytics


Copenhagen-based 23 Video has been providing video sites with a simple service to host and manage everything, on a customer's own domain, for a simple $675 per month. Customers are allowed an unlimited number of videos and have complete control of the design of the player.

Should You Pay to Launch to a Crowd?

Inc Startups

Tech entrepreneurs flock to pricey events for the networking and the potential prize money. But there are cheaper ways to launch to the masses.