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Old Electronics? Turn Dust Into Dollars


If you have old electronics lying around, don't throw them out! Instead, make some money by selling them. The post Old Electronics? Turn Dust Into Dollars appeared first on Young Upstarts. Others old electronics


Techstars Foundation and EforAll

VC Adventure

EforAll is a community organization that helps under-represented individuals successfully start and grow their businesses through business training, mentorship, and an extensive support network.

Equity 104

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Five Questions You Need To Ask When Scaling Your Business


Scaling your business? Tristan Wright highlights five questions a small business owner needs to ask as part of the scaling planning process. The post Five Questions You Need To Ask When Scaling Your Business appeared first on Young Upstarts.

Market Fit


By Martina Lauchengco The Market Side of Product/Market Fit I see so many companies find an initial beachhead of customers, think they have product/market fit, and then find their growth stalling. It’s never about just one thing. But it’s often because not enough attention was paid to market fit. Discovering the product and its market. The post Market Fit appeared first on Silicon Valley Product Group. Product

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

How The Gig Economy Is Impacting Employers


The pandemic forced many employees out of the office and into nontraditional work schedules. It was a test drive of the gig economy. The post How The Gig Economy Is Impacting Employers appeared first on Young Upstarts. Professionalisms gig economy Lauren Winans

Colossal Biosciences is Working to Bring Australia’s Tasmanian Tiger Back from Extinction


Colossal Biosciences announced Tuesday that it has started the de-extinction process of the thylacine, a beloved Australian marsupial, also known as the Tasmanian tiger. The company first announced plans to bring the woolly mammoth back to life last September.

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500 Founders: Sophie Silver, Terry Wen, Ankita Dhakar & Aleks Dahlberg

NZ Entrepreneur

Want to tap in to the best startup advice from entrepreneurs who are out there doing it? Welcome to ‘500 Founders’ where we ask innovators from around New Zealand for their top insights for first time startup founders. Sophie Silver – cofounder. Celadon.

Closinglock Lands $4 Million in Funding


Closinglock, an Austin-based proptech and fintech startup, has closed a $4 million seed round. LiveOak Venture Partners led the round with participation from RWT Horizons and GTMfund. Closinglock plans to use the funds to hire sales, customer service, and product development employees.

Google Ads: The Ultimate Small Business Guide (2022)


In this Google Ads guide for small businesses, learn how to compete with a small ads budget, build brand awareness, drive leads, and more. Small Business Digital Marketing Growing a Business Marketing Strategy Search Marketing Small Business Marketing Startup Marketing

What is Customer Happiness and 6 Strategies To Keep Customers Happy


Your small business can grow faster by measuring customer satisfaction. Here are 7 important steps to measure satisfaction correctly. Small Business Customer Service Growing a Business Metrics & Measurement Small Business Marketing Startup Marketing Startups