Wed.Nov 21, 2012

A Jam Session With Josh Rogan

Mike Michalowicz

“If you live out one dream, it gives you the confidence to live out another one. Then you just kinda start living your dreams. All of a sudden it’s easier than you think. You’ve just gotta go do it.”. Josh Rogan , singer, songwriter and bad ass guitarist. I’m Alive by Josh Rogan.

Inspired by a beetle that draws water from the air, scientist creates self-filling water bottle

The Next Web

The Namib Desert beetle lives in an area that only gets half an inch of rainfall per year, and so it draws 12 percent of its weight in water from the air to quench its thirst.

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10 Unexpected Reasons to Give Thanks

Inc Startups

Forget the turkey. This Thanksgiving, be thankful for a few things you might not consider blessings--but should. While for many people Thanksgiving means family and friends and turkey and stuffing and stuffing ourselves, the day is also a reminder to give thanks.

Women Entrepreneurs Surge But Fight Their Demons

Startup Professionals Musings

Women entrepreneurs are starting small businesses at approximately twice the national average for all startups. Despite some inaccurate stereotypes, the evidence is that they are in every industry, from small consulting firms to medical high technology.

Writing = Thinking, Jeff Bezos Edition

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Jeff Bezos likes to read. That’s a dog-bites-man revelation if ever there was one, considering that Bezos is the cerebral founder and chief executive of a $100 billion empire built on books. More revealing is that the Amazon CEO’s fondness for the written word drives one of his primary, and peculiar, tools for managing his company: Meetings of his “S-team” of senior executives begin with participants quietly absorbing the written word.

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Why You Need To Stop Thinking Like a Small Business

Inc Startups

There's a reason some businesses grow beyond 'small.' And it's all about mindset. It’s easy to hunker down and go into reactive mode, constantly responding to one phone call or crisis or emergency after another.

There’s no data in a compliment

The Startup Toolkit

Just a friendly reminder that unless they’re holding a checkbook, you don’t benefit by convincing them. You benefit by learning from them. Listening


A Simple Trick for Being More Memorable

Inc Startups

Want to make sure that investor you met at a conference or networking event remembers you? Try this. Being memorable isn't hard. But being memorable without seeming like a crackpot or a shameless self-promoter is trickier.

London ranked best startup ecosystem in Europe

The Equity Kicker

A new report out from the Startup Genome and Telefonica Digital ranks London as the seventh best startup ecosystem in the world. As you can see from the table above Silicon Valley comes out top and Tel Aviv is the only city outside the US that comes ahead of London.

3 Surprising Secrets to Thriving Now

Inc Startups

Stop blaming the economy for your troubles, says 'Turnaround King' Grant Cardone. Here's what you should do instead. It's the economy, stupid." This motto famously hung on the wall at campaign headquarters when Bill Clinton ran for president in 1992.

[Infographic] The Need For Speed In Today’s Workplace


Feeling stressed at the workplace because you’re pressured to do more, faster, with less? Well, you’re not alone.

Build Your Blog Traffic: 12 Rules

Inc Startups

Learn what it takes to build up your blog readership from a master blogger with over a million hits each month. I've created highly successful business blogs: the "Sales Machine" on CBS BNET and "Sales Source" on

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This Thanksgiving I’m thankful that my eyes have been opened wide

Jeff Hilimire

There are so many things for me to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I have my health. I have an amazing family that I yearn to spend every minute of every day with. I work with some of the most talented and fantastic people I know. I am without question, the luckiest person on the planet. But there is one thing that I am especially thankful for this year that I didn’t see coming. Not at all.

Why Company Culture Especially Matters During the Holidays

Inc Startups

I don't throw an opulent holiday party, but I go out of my way to let my employees know how much I appreciate their work.

Vote for PermitMe and help Houston win the Global Startup Battle

Startup Houston

The Global Startup Battle , a competition among all the Startup Weekend events that were held during Global Entrepreneurship Week, launched today. PermitMe , Houston’s November 2012 Startup Weekend 1st place winner, is going against over 100 teams from around the world for prizes including a trip to Brazil, a trip to San Francisco, and a visit to the Googleplex. The Global Startup Battle puts teams against each other in a race to get the most number of votes.

How Metaphors & Analogies Influence Your Thinking

Inc Startups

Metaphors can influence your thinking in powerful ways. But few appreciate how their seductive allure often obscures key elements that should be considered. It can be quite revealing to tune in to the kind of imagery people use when talking.

Jolla Comes Out Of Hiding: Launches Sailfish


Jolla (Finally with a website) has been hiding from us since the get go. Now, they are out! We finally get to see the first glimpse of their brand new OS - Sailfish as they launch at Slush in Helsinki.

Building a Small Business You Can Sell

Inc Startups

Here's how to build a small business you can sell--even if your exit is still years away. Sometimes I encounter entrepreneurs who think that a successful business sale boils down to luck--simply running into the right buyer at the right time.

Finnish Prime Minister Katainen Talks Tax Incentives For Angels And Startups


The Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen opened Slush 2012 with great enthusiasm about the Finnish startup scene.

Building Your Company's "Why"

Inc Startups

I've long told entrepreneurs that if the "why" of their venture is big enough, they'll figure out the "how." One of our portfolio companies will double revenue this year and has enough backlog to at least do at least as well next year.

Industrial Revolution 2


Maker Faire + D.School + Lean Company Creation. Could local manufacturing make a dent in the global supply chain patterns that have been developing since the 1980′s? To get to “yes” requires three pieces: - Local communities of skilled workers or artisans who can make the stuff.

Here Come the Holiday Shoppers

Inc Startups

Infographic: This season, shoppers will be out in full force. Here's a look at just how much they're planning to spend


Stray Boots Launches Mobile Guided Urban Scavenger Game Around NYC


. Remember those audio guided tours that provide a recorded spoken commentary through a handheld device as you walked through those some visitor attractions? Well yeah, they’re about to be made obsolete if New York City-based mobile game startup Stray Boots had its way.


Is Small Business Saturday Working?

Inc Startups

The day celebrating small business has plenty of support (and has amassed criticism). So, three years after its inception, what's it really done to help out the little guy?

What matters more?

Start Up Blog

Being involved in the startup scene, or any business environment, there is a constant pull between the forces of production. A pull for power and control. The desire for one party to feel as though they are the input that matters, the major resource of creating something cool, desired and valuable.

Small-Business Owners: Jealous of Tech Start-ups?

Inc Startups

Cities are scrambling to create technology hubs to lure talent. But when government programs put financial resources into job creation, certain small-business owners feel ignored. There's no doubt about it: Cities and states across the country have the start-up bug.

A Specific Case of A Great Small Business Social Media Promotion

Up and Running

OK, I don’t like to get caught promoting a company or product besides my own — and I hope I do that rarely — but still, I can’t resist Intuit’s Small Business Big Wishes promotion going on right now.

Does Sex Sell, or Just Make Customers Impatient?

Inc Startups

Researchers delve into the finer points of advertising: Do sexy ads have the right effect on consumers? Maybe not. Everyone knows that sex sells. It's why marketers hire hot models and actors for commercials and ads. It's why conventions and product shows abound with "booth babes."


Escape From Cubicle Nation

I do love this Thanksgiving season, when we take a collective breath, and reflect on all the goodness and richness around us. Including copious amounts of pie. My daughter has been singing this song all week, and I thought it was an appropriate summation of the things I am thankful for too.

Harness the True Power of Social Media

Inc Startups

Livestrong CEO Doug Ulman says you can't think of social media as a tool. To get maximum impact, he says you have to think of social media as a mission

Thanksgiving pro-tip: if you are serving your guests this, you.

Mark Birch

Thanksgiving pro-tip: if you are serving your guests this, you have failed Thanksgiving dinner…. Thanksgiving tofurky turkey dinner food holiday pro-tip

Twitter to Give $1 Million in Free Ad Credits to Small Businesses

Inc Startups

In support of Small Business Saturday, Twitter is giving away free advertisement credits to eligible U.S-based based independent businesses.

“Why You Hate The New Twitter” via.

Mark Birch

“ Why You Hate The New Twitter ” via BuzzFeed. Fascinating look at the evolution of Twitter from a simple 140 characters of text to overstuffed and bloated tweets…this photo from Twitter circa 2010 says it all. Twitter media social media communications Internet tech

Proper Gadget Etiquette: 3 Rules

Inc Startups

Can't stop texting during meetings? These basic rules will help. Nothing says "rude" like checking your phone, tablet, or laptop during a meeting. On top of being disrespectful to other attendees, it can destroy a meeting's chemistry.