Wed.Oct 31, 2012

Depression and Entrepreneurs

Feld Thoughts

Amy and I wrote a meaningful amount about entrepreneurs and depression in Startup Life. Since we finished the final draft a few weeks ago, I’ve given several talks where depression came up as I’ve woven my own experience with depression into the short (less than 15 minute) version of my story.

10 Reality Checks for Entrepreneurs From the Master

Startup Professionals Musings

Most of the time, I’m all about providing encouragement and inspiration to entrepreneurs. They need it and they deserve it, because entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy.

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Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Decide to Become An Entrepreneur (Guest Post)

VC Cafe

Over the last few months many people have asked me for advice regarding their ideas and if they should go ahead and do anything with them. After hearing their ideas I always repeat the same answer. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Yoav Degani

5 Big Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Inc Startups

You won't find apps or Angry Birds here. Check out five ambitious companies pursuing big, bold ideas. When Inc. set out to find some of the biggest, mind-blowing business ideas, we knew what we didn't want. Those smartphone apps with crazy growth stats?

How Much Time Do Business Owners Really Spend in Social Media?

Up and Running

My thanks to Hubspot for this great infographic: 43% of Small Businesses Spend 6+ Hours Per Week in Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] : . Via.). Sales and Marketing Technology social media

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Talk about re-“cycle”-ing

Venture Cyclist

With a hat tip to John Halamka who brought this to my attention, check out this cardboard bike. Izhar Gafni’s amazing $20 cardboard bike If you can’t see the video it is embedded in this write-up of the project as well. Greenery Cycling

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Winning the Next Wave of the Internet: Mobile

Inc Startups

Mobile technologies and applications are changing all the rules. Take these 3 risks to keep your business safe. Five billion people around the world now have smartphones. Traditional website traffic is going down and mobile visits are going up. Way up.

How To Build Out Your Business To Support Yourself


by Brandon Anderson, founder of Trans Supply. Do you have a small business right now that you wish could support yourself full time? Here are some tips on how to increase the size of your business so you don’t need any side gigs to make ends meet.

3 Ways to Get Paid Faster

Inc Startups

Cash-flow is key for small businesses. Improving yours could be as simple as changing a bit of wording on your invoices. Here's how. Company culture , cute offices , and collaborative environments are great things for small businesses to have. But healthy cash flow is absolutely essential.

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How does your business grow? One seed at a time

Escape From Cubicle Nation

We often think about business marketing in epic terms, like coordinating a six-figure launch, or undertaking a massive Facebook advertising campaign. In fact, most stable, enduring businesses grow one small seed at a time. One helpful Tweet at a time. One presentation to a small audience at a time.

Richard Branson: Knight of Big Ideas

Inc Startups

Sir Audacity himself: "Dream big by setting yourself seemingly impossible challenges. You then have to catch up with them


Reexamining Why You’re In Business

Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing podcast with Harley Manning (Click to play or right click and “Save As” to download – Subscribe now via iTunes or subscribe via other RSS device (Google Listen).

Taming the Social Media Monster: 6 Tips

Inc Startups

Social media has this in common with trick-or-treaters: Anyone could be on the other side of that door. Sometimes, you need to turn off the lights and keep the door closed. Managing your social media can be like making the most of your Halloween haul as a kid. Inhaling everything will not end well.

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deal architect

on the innovation blog “Truth Goggles” The OOW Hotel Shuttle Software for more precise microsurgery The sociology of Facebook Oracle Open World: a photographic journey Singapore – the overachiever One Man Orchestra Advanced Material Innovations. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

Leadership Lessons From the San Francisco Giants

Inc Startups

How did the San Francisco Giants win? The same way your company can. As a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan, I’m thrilled that the club just won its second World Series in three seasons and is celebrating today in San Francisco.

Four FourSquare Tips For Merchants This Holiday Season


It’s that time of the year again – the holiday shopping season that is! And if you’re a merchant, you know that festive shopping is a critical period for you to rack up your sales. Mobile marketing may be the answer.

Case Study: Keep Your Day Job & Start a Business

Inc Startups

Nick Chasinov spent five years building his business while holding down another full-time position. Here's what he learned along the way. The Company: Teknicks Start-up Funds: $500 When Nick Chasinov decided to launch his own business, a Web design firm seemed like a natural fit.

Wield Your Mighty Pen (Or Keyboard) and Slay the Great Beast of Writer’s Block!

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

You sit down at your computer fully armed. You’ve got a cup of coffee to your right, your brainstorming notebook to your left, and your browser is opened to your favorite online dictionary.

3 Ways to Avoid Hiring Nightmares

Inc Startups

Want to waste less time and money on the wrong hires? Follow this bit of unexpected advice. In my last column , our heroine Lucinda Slate encountered a few hiring horrors. She managed to ultimately select a candidate and hire her.

Insights from the MySQL Case at Stanford - 10/30/12


We were fortunate to have Zack Urlocker and Clint Smith come to our Stanford GSB class yesterday to help teach the MySQL case. Zack and Clint were part of the management team that built and sold the organization to Sun. Some interesting tidbits that caught my attention: * The customers of MySQL's competitors (Oracle and Microsoft) hated the competing companies because of the high prices of the latter's products and the difficulty of any software implementation.

Turn Off Bad Habits With the Flick of a Switch

Inc Startups

Procrastinators, rejoice: Neuroscientists have discovered that by manipulating areas of the brain, they can turn bad habits on and off. Are you a master procrastinator? Maybe you work too much--unintentionally ostracizing yourself from friends and family. Or maybe you down too much coffee.

With isocket, programmatic is taking a bite out of the big side of the pie

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

For about the past 18 months I’ve been talking about the coming of programmatic technologies (machine to machine buying and selling) to the premiums side of the display ecosystem. It was one of my “2012 AdTech Predictions ” published last year in AdExchanger and I expanded on that prediction in a piece earlier this year, also in AdExchanger. The basic idea is simple.

Why the World Needs Big Ideas

Inc Startups

With so many businesses thinking small, true audacity and vision mean more than ever. Sixteen years ago, Gigi Mander founded Outsource Resource International, a one-person business that markets other companies' products overseas. For her second act, she intends to eliminate world poverty.

With isocket, programmatic is taking a bite out of the big side of the pie

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

For about the past 18 months I’ve been talking about the coming of programmatic technologies (machine to machine buying and selling) to the premiums side of the display ecosystem. It was one of my “2012 AdTech Predictions ” published last year in AdExchanger and I expanded on that prediction in a piece earlier this year, also in AdExchanger. The basic idea is simple.

How to Manage Millennials

Inc Startups

The delicate art of building a culture that embraces employees of all ages, from Baby Boomers to Millennials. With employees whose ages range from 18 to 55, managers at SceneTap have a pretty complicated job.

500 Startups unveils its Fall 2012 accelerator lineup: More international and more sh*t founders say

The Next Web

500 Startups has announced the 33 newest companies joining its accelerator program this Fall. It is a rather interesting and complex set of startups in the group and could be considered the most international, diverse, and exciting group in the history of the accelerator program so far.

Case Study: How One Scrappy CEO Landed an AT&T Partnership

Inc Startups

Philip Walker started Network Solutions Provider the old-fashioned way: By going door to door. The Company: Network Solutions Provider Start-up Funds: $10,000 Phillip Walker founded his company out of necessity rather than opportunity.

IsePankur Opens Platform For Anyone In The EU to Invest In Estonian Consumer Loans


IsePankur , the Estonian peer-to-peer lending site, has now opened their platform so that anyone in the EU, can invest in Estonian private loans. “We

Tech Trends: Tools for Managing Contacts

Inc Startups

We tried out two basic CRM tools that help organize contacts--and stay in touch with them. I always thought customer relationship management software was strictly for salespeople.

Morninglist: The full lean start-up cycle in 48 hours.


This post is done in association with Garage48 and is a part of the prize for the best Press Release amongst the teams that participated in Garage48 in Riga 2012.

Dear Customers, Sandy Hit. Now What?

Inc Startups

When your business is struck by disaster, how can you avoid further damage to your reputation? Follow these businesses' smart examples of great customer service.

Are These 3 Scary Things on Your Website?

Rembrandt Communications

It’s Halloween, and there is a lot of scary stuff out there. But you may be unaware of some things that are really frightening and happening right in your business. For example, when was the last time you looked at your Website? If you have been busy focusing on your core, business activities as an [.]. Business Reaching Goals SEO Web Copywriting copywriter Copywriting SEO copywriter Website


Two Spouses, Two Companies

Inc Startups

Two-business households are the worst--except when they are they best. Hollywood loves power couples. Over the years, we've seen movies about married lawyers (Adam's Rib), married scientists (Outbreak), and married professional killers (Mr. & & Mrs. Smith).

More Words of Wisdom from Jack Dorsey

Scott Edward Walker

To Our Clients & Friends: Welcome to our weekly series “ Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed.” Each week, we share a favorite video clip of a successful entrepreneur, investor or business leader on a variety of topics.