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Five Mistakes Not To Make When Holding Online Meetings


by Howard Tiersky, co-author of “ Impactful Online Meetings: How to Run Polished Virtual Working Sessions That are Engaging and Effective “ Working from home (or WFH) is quickly becoming “the new normal.” ” The COVID-19 pandemic kicked the WFH movement into high gear, and many experts believe it will continue long after the crisis has passed. This article makes a solid case.)

How to Make Sense of the PPP Loan Program for VC-Backed Startups

Both Sides of the Table

There is so much confusion and misinformation out there about the government sponsored “payroll protection plan” loans to companies that the heads of every small business CEO in the country must be spinning. We have been advising a lot of entrepreneurs so I thought I’d “open source” some of the advice I have been sharing. I am not claiming to be the world expert on this. But I have been in close contact with the NVCA, many of the major law firms and many of the major VC firms.


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How To Use Staff Scheduling Software To Increase Your Productivity


Advancements in technology have made virtually every aspect of our lives easier. In both our work and personal lives, we wield smartphones to do things faster and more efficiently, from ordering shopping to scheduling appointments, paying bills and creating invoices. It’s become so easy to manage our affairs in the digital realm that we rarely stop to appreciate just how easy it is.

The Importance of Burn Rate and Cash Runway

Up and Running

It doesn’t matter if times are good or bad, cash is always the lifeblood of any business. You need cash in the bank to operate, to pay employees, and to keep the doors open. If you’re out of cash, you’re out of business. In times of crisis and uncertainty, understanding your cash position is even more important. If you’re running a startup or small business in these times, you have to be thinking about a Plan B and even a Plan C.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

MakeMyTrip’s Executives To Draw Zero Salary amid COVID-19

Our Own Start-up

MakeMyTrip’s Group Executive Chairman and Group CEO announced that they would draw zero salary, and the rest of the company’s leadership team has offered to take a 50% pay-cut amid Coronavirus outbreak. Startups corona crisis Coronavirus in India Covid 19 global economic tsunami lockdown MakeMyTrip online travel services pay-cut amid Coronavirus outbreak

Monday Motivation: How To Stay Motivated During Quarantine


This motivational video is to help CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners start the week off on the right foot. Set up a schedule. Give yourself something to look forward to. Keep yourself organized. Exercise frequently. Stay in touch with friends. Start a new skill. The post Monday Motivation: How To Stay Motivated During Quarantine appeared first on Hearpreneur. Inspiration lockdown motivation Monday Inspiration motivational video

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Five Steps to Secure Social Capital During a Pandemic

The Entrepreneurial Mind

A myth about entrepreneurs is that we are just a bunch of “lone rangers.” ” (The Lone Ranger was a fictional former Texas Ranger who went off on his own to fight bad guys). According to the lone ranger myth, the reason we start our own businesses is that we can’t get along with others. We […]. The post Five Steps to Secure Social Capital During a Pandemic appeared first on Dr Jeff Cornwall.

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Ola to provide interest-free loans to drivers in face of COVID-19 lockdown

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Ola cabs has announced the introduction of a micro-credit initiative for its drivers, in a bid to lend financial aid in times of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Startups Covid 19 covid-19 crisis COVID-19 lockdown Ola cabs Ola cabs interest-free loans to drivers Ola to provide loans to drivers Sahyog Sahyog initiative

5 Cities for Ambitious Women in Business in 2020 and Beyond

Austin Startup

Where should the next generation of female businesswomen settle to make the most of their talents? Making your way through the world of business is difficult for women. Progress is being made towards a more equal and just society, but in the meantime, businesswomen need to be smart and tough to achieve their business goals, either as part of a company or when going it alone. If you’re a woman looking to make waves in the business world over the next decade, where’s the best place to relocate to?

Online Services: Helpful During Coronavirus Pandemic In India

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The e-commerce and online grocery delivery service have become a key sector in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic in India. Startups Coronavirus coronavirus crisis coronavirus pandemic coronavirus pandemic in India How are online services helpful during Coronavirus pandemic online grocery delivery service online services online services in India

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What Does the Pandemic Prove About Your Current Processes?

Women Entrepreneurs Can

As COVID-19 continues to dominate our headlines, remote work has quickly become the new norm. Honestly, this shift has looked inevitable for a while now but, as it’s turned out, companies have had to implement work-from-home capabilities in as little as three weeks. That’s a short space of time for such a significant change, and, unsurprisingly, it’s led to a few issues. Some companies are, of course, flourishing and wondering why they took so long.

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TravelTriangle fires 50 percent employees amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Our Own Start-up

TravelTriangle has laid off about 50% of its workforce in the past 10 days. . Startups covid-19 crisis first startup to do mass layoffs first startup to do mass layoffs in the travel sector sankalp Agarwal Travel tech Travel Triangle layoffs traveltraingle lays off employees TravelTriangle

Fighting for Life: Succeeding in the Healthcare Industry

Women Entrepreneurs Can

Now more than ever we are relying on our healthcare industry to boost us during these troubled sometimes. But during any other time succeeding in the healthcare business is a considerable challenge. When you are launching a healthcare business, it’s never easy. There is seldom that “magic formula.” But when you are launching any sort of service that benefits the general public in terms of their health we’ve got to consider a handful of essential components.

As people lock down due to COVID-19 outbreak, online gaming industry takes off in India

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Currently, there are about 300 million online gamers in India and the number is expected to grow by 46% to 440 million in two years. Startups Covid 19 COVID-19 outbreak impact of Coronavirus spread on online gaming industry mobile gaming online gamers in India online gaming online gaming in India online gaming industry

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5 Common Startup Setbacks And How To Rebound Stronger

Startup Professionals Musings

Most entrepreneurs are so convinced that they are the disruptive element, they fail to anticipate that unknown facts or events can and will occur to disrupt their own well-laid plans. While it’s true that there is no way of know specifically what might happen, you need to anticipate the worst, and actually build a Plan B. People who haven’t thought about a Plan B often don’t survive the shock.

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KlinicApp offers COVID-19 home tests

Our Own Start-up

KlinicApp is now enabling home tests for COVID-19 in Mumbai. It is also planning to roll it out in Pune and Delhi in a week. Startups Covid 19 COVID-19 outbreak COVID-19 pandemic e-diagnostic start-up fight against COVID-19 home tests for COVID-19 KlinicApp Satkam Divya

We’re Not Doing Enough to Help Small Businesses

VC Adventure

Elizabeth Macbride and I wrote an OpEd piece that was posted on CNBC this morning addressing what we believe to be significant shortcomings of the CARES Act and the SBA’s Payroll Protection Program (PPP). Specifically how the stimulus is failing to meet the needs of small businesses around America in this time of crisis. This is urgent and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Vesta Space Technology to make satellite & space data services more accessible

Our Own Start-up

Pune-based Vesta Space Technology Pvt Ltd is a space tech company that builds small satellite platforms for commercial and scientific applications. Startups Arun Kumar Sureban CubeSats global space agencies satellite platforms for commercial applications satellite platforms for scientific applications small satellite platforms space data services Space Technology Vesta Space Technology

COVID-19 impacting Indian startups both negatively and positively

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Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Indian startup ecosystem is facing the brunt of this economic slowdown. Startups Covid 19 covid-19 crisis COVID-19 impacting Indian startups indian startups negative impact of COVID-19 on Indian startups positive impact of COVID-19 on Indian startups

Shah Rukh Khan announces initiatives to help Indian citizens during coronavirus battle

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In this time of crisis, the celebrities have been trying to help everyone out to their best capabilities by donating as much as possible. Uncategorized CM Relief Fund Coronavirus coronavirus crisis. COVID 19 covid-19 crisis PM-CARES Fund Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan announces initiatives Shah Rukh Khan donation Shah Rukh Khan initiatives Shah Rukh Khan support to government

MS Dhoni invests undisclosed amount in fintech starup KhataBook

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni has invested an undisclosed sum in fintech starup, KhataBook. Startups Dhoni funds Khatabook Dhoni invests in Khatabook Investment for Khatabook app Khatabook gets investment from MS Dhoni MS Dhoni backs Fintech Startup Khatabook MS Dhoni backs Khatabook startup MS Dhoni invests in Khatabook

Mylab gets commercial approval for COVID-19 test kit

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Mylab Discovery Solutions Pvt Ltd, has developed first made-in-India test kit for COVID-19 in a record time of six weeks. . Special Feature Coronavirus 2020 Coronavirus in India Coronavirus test kits in India COVID 19 test kits My lab gets commercial approval for COVID 19 test kit My lab to develop COVID 19 test kits

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Netflix, YouTube, Facebook to reduce bit rate to avoid network congestion amidst Coronavirus

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Netflix and YouTube will reduce streaming quality to prevent the internet collapsing under the strain of unprecedented usage due to the coronavirus pandemic. . Special Feature facebook in Coronavirus Netflic April 2020 Netflix to reduce bit rate in Coronavirus Network Congestion in Coronavirus YouTube April 2020 YouTube to reduce video quality in Coronavirus

Facebook To Acquire Shares In Reliance Jio

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Deal with Reliance Jio will help Facebook expand its reach in the Indian digital market. Growth Strategies Facebook Jio deal Facebook to acquire 10 percent shares in Jio facebook to buy shares in Jio Facebook to tie up with Jio to enter Indian digital market Jio Facebook Deal Reliance Jio Facebook Tie up

Udaan Raises 30 Million US Dollar From Trustroot

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Bengaluru-based Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce startup Udaan raised US$30 million from Singapore-based parent company Trustroot Internet on March 23. . Fundraising E commerce Udaan ahead of ShopKirana E commerce Udaan raises 30 million dollars from parent company Trustroot E Commerce Udaan Raises Funds Udaan Raises Funds from Trustroot

Scientists Develop Tool To Find If Covid-19 Outbreak Is Natural Or Manmade

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Researchers have developed a tool that can assess if Coronavirus outbreak has naturally originated or not. . Special Feature Coronavirus Origin Coronavirus origin theories Did Coronavirus Originate in a Laboratory Did Coronavirus originate naturally Tools for finding Coronavirus origin Was Coronavirus a Biological Warfare

Coronavirus Pandemic causing turmoil in the wedding Industry

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Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, the big fat Indian wedding industry is in crisis. Special Feature coronavirus affecting the wedding industry Coronavirus India wedddings COVID 19 causing wedding industry losses covid 19 pushing wedding dates further COVID weddings India weddings not being held due to covid 19 weddings postponed due to coronavirus pandemic

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Organic health food startup, Naturevibe grows from 3 to 24 million dollars in 3 years

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Organic health food startup ‘Naturevibe Botanicals’ has gone from $3 million in 2018 to closing this year at $24 million. . Startups Naturevibe Botanicals grows from 3 million to 24 million dollars Naturevibe organic health food items Naturevibe sees profits in 3 years organic health food starup naturevibe

 Indian online retailers set to lose $1 billion amid COVID-19 lockdown

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India’s largest E-retail platforms like Amazon and Flipkart have suffered an estimated loss of at least $1 billion in gross sales due to 21-day lockdown to control the novel Coronavirus. Startups Coronavirus coronavirus lockdown Covid 19 COVID-19 lockdown e-commerce sector in India impact of COVID-19 lockdown on Indian e-commerce industry impact of COVID-19 lockdown on Indian online retail industry Indian online retailers junta curfew novel Coronavirus

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