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Some Good Startups Don’t Qualify For Equity Investors

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Angel investors and venture capitalists don’t make equity investments in nonprofit good causes. The simple reason is that it’s impossible to make money for investors when the goal of the company is to not make money.

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Book: Buddhism 101

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Over the summer, I’ve been exploring Buddhism. I’m focused on it as a philosophy, not as a religion, but decided that reading a broad survey book that covered the history of Buddhism from multiple angles – historical, philosophical, and religious, might be interesting. I stumbled up Buddhism 101: From Karma to the Four Noble Truths, Your Guide to Understanding the Principles of Buddhism at Explore Booksellers in Aspen.


How To Borrow Money Immediately For Startups


We are living in a consumerist society. You will come across a variety of business startups selling different ideas. In this competitive stage, it has become difficult to start your own business. The main obstacle is capital.

Finally! The URL I Can Send To My Parents To Explain What I Do For A Living.

Hunter Walker

God bless Gené Teare for now I have something which explains what I do all day in a format my parents can grok. As part of Seed Series for Crunchbase News , Gené wrote up an extended interview with me and Satya.

How Remote Working Could Benefit Your Business


Technology has the potential to change the entire way we do business. This isn’t a secret: for years, companies have been holding video-conferences instead of meeting in person or using online tools to improve productivity.

Podcast on the future of VC and how mindfulness can help founders

The Equity Kicker

A couple of weeks back I did an interview with Abadesi Osunsade from Product Hunt. We discussed a number of themes close to my heart, including the future of venture, Forward Partners culture and the power of mindfulness practice. Embed here, and more detail of what we discussed below. Originally published on Product Hunt last week.). In this episode they talk about…. The future of venture capital and the concept of “applied venture”.

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Legal Tips that will Guarantee Success for Your Start-Up

Women Entrepreneurs Can

There are so many things that you need to put into place before you start your own business. Sometimes the whole affair can seem daunting and overwhelming, but if you take your time and plan out everything you need to do, then you’ll soon find that the whole process becomes much easier.

The Trouble with Titles

David Cohen

As of today, I’m changing my title at Techstars to be “Founder and Managing Partner” and I’m dropping the “co-CEO” title. David Brown will become “Founder and CEO” instead of “Founder and co-CEO.” We both remain on the Board of Directors at Techstars.

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