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Is Your SaaS Go-to-Market Strategy Tsunami-Proof?


Right now, there is a tsunami that’s coming to wipe out thousands of SaaS companies. In this article, I’ll walk you through the three tidal waves coming ashore and show you how to avoid their potentially disastrous consequences. The Three Tidal Waves Coming for Your SaaS Business.

Listen To the Haters So You Can Prove Them Wrong


by Judith Nowlin, Chief Growth Officer for Babyscripts. If I had a dime for every time someone told me “you can’t do this” on my entrepreneurial journey, I would be swimming in a pool of coins like Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales, my favorite after school cartoon from the late 80’s.

Should you include a Series A investor in your seed round?

Version One Ventures

One of the most important decisions for a founder of an early stage company is deciding who should be on the cap table. We’ve written about doing your due diligence on investors and funds to make sure you find the right partners for the journey. Lately, we have seen more founders grappling with the question of whether to include a Series A investor in their seed round.

Infors Vertical Journey

deal architect

Five years ago, I wrote a note titled Infor: a grown-up sleath startup. I wrote about investments Charles Phillips and his team were making including those in ION middleware and in beautification its captive design agency Hook and Loop was. Cloud Computing, SaaS

3 Effective Ways To Build Customer Loyalty For Your New Company


When eager entrepreneurs launch their new company, they may understandably feel like they should attract as many new customers as they can. While it is definitely good to grow a customer base by adding new clients, there is also a lot to be said for inspiring loyalty in your existing customers.

How Public Speaking Gives You The Upper Hand In Business

YFS Magazine

Overcoming your public speaking anxiety can truly give you the upper hand in business – in more ways than one. Here's a look at the advantages. Lead leadership personal development public speaking

Flexible Electronic Devices Are The Future — Here’s Why


Electronic devices are becoming more compact and portable: this is evident in the way cell phones, portable music players, computers, and other devices have evolved in the last two decades.

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Quantified Commerce Shares: Understanding Vertical Integration And Why It Is The Path To Success


Vertical integration is a strategy where a firm owns or runs several stages of production, including taking raw materials and turning them into finished products. Therefore, firms that adopt vertical integration own numerous parts of the supply chain.

Food, Drink and Brexit

The Startup Magazine

For too long, the Brexit debate has been dominated by meaningless soundbites and generic talking points surrounding ‘sovereignty’ and ‘independence’.

Investors should pay their own legal expenses

K9 Ventures

Legal by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images. There, I said it; right there in the title of the blog post. And I’ll repeat it again: Investors should pay their own legal expenses.

Network Visibility: The What and Why for System Engineers

The Startup Magazine

From both network and security perspectives, you can’t fix what you can’t see. That’s why total network visibility is so critical to successfully supporting a productive workforce and mitigating security vulnerabilities. Source: Pixabay. However, achieving network visibility is easier said than done.

Digital Nostalgia

Start Up Blog

Digital technology has a wonderful way of allowing that which was lost to re-emerge.

Improve Your Smartphone Experience with These Tips

The Startup Magazine

Even iPhones can start to feel old and crufty after a few months of use. That includes a smartphone that costs you $1,000. Apple just announced 3 new iPhones ranging from $749 to $1,099. Source: Pixabay.

Cloud 94

Can you list ten buyers for your business?


Most entrepreneurs and certainly all investors would like to see “a positive liquidity event” (a good sale of the business) someday.

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