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Rethinking Mobile First

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I wrote the Mobile First Web Second blog post a few years ago. In that post, I talked about apps that were designed to be used on mobile primarily with the web as a companion. There have been a number of startups that have taken that approach and done well with it. Most notably Instagram, and also our portfolio company Foursquare. It has become a bit of a orthodoxy among the consumer social startup crowd to do mobile first and web second. But is it the right thing to do?

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Why First Round Capital funded a lawsuit

Redeye VC

You can imagine the scene in the board room. The CEO of our portfolio company, Techforward , is discussing a “make the company opportunity" -- Best Buy wants us to to power their nation-wide buyback program. And Best Buy is talking about launching it with a Super Bowl commercial!

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Series A Crunch, Seed Blues

Fred Destin

If you're an entrepreneur, what are you supposed to make of all this hoopla about the Series A crunch ? The line of argumentation is nothing new, so is there something real to worry about or is it business as usual ? Bubble ? Bubble And Squeak ? Bubble Bath !

Startup Visa – One Step Forward, One Step Back

Feld Thoughts

On that same day the White House announced A New Front Door for Immigrant Entrepreneurs President Obama said that he was not supportive of the STEM Jobs Act of 2012. Infuriating. I’ve been working on making it easy for foreign entrepreneurs to get a visa to start a company in the US since September 2009 when I wrote the post The Founders Visa Movement.

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10 Reasons Why Now Is A Great Time To Be A Woman In Business


by Vickie Milazzo, author of “ Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman “. The legend goes that prior to becoming the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina (now former CEO of HP) stuffed her pants with socks for a male-dominated meeting. Her message was clear: “I have everything it takes to compete.”

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After the Thrill Is Gone

Numerate Choir

A growing startup can be bliss. When Circle of Friends was growing rapidly, I’d wake up suddenly at three AM, my heart jumping with a mix of excitement and nervousness. Because our technology was brittle, I’d walk out to the … Continue reading → Data

Tips on Approaching a VC

This is going to be BIG.

Raising money is hard. VCs give out money for a living and put their email address next to it, so that should give you a sense of what their inboxes look like. So how do you get in front of them? Once you do, how much badgering is ok? Is it persistence or annoyance? Here are a few things I recommend but remember that every investor is different so there may be some disagreement. 1) Please stop introducing yourself in self-effacing ways.

From CRM to CXM: Walking the Customer Journey

Venture Chronicles

Paul Greenberg recently wrote about the phenomena of companies declaring themselves to be focused on customer experience, and graciously giving them the opportunity to put up or shut up.

EU Commission announces The Europioneers: The European Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

The Next Web

Today, the European Commission announces The Europioneers , an initiative to celebrate Europe’s finest technology entrepreneurs. Supported by yours truly, The Next Web, this prestigious technology award will be awarded to Europe’s Tech Entrepreneur of the Year.

Why I Deleted Half My Email List by Yaro Starak

Picture this. You’re logged into your AWeber control panel looking at your different email lists. You’ve spent years building up nearly 80,000 subscribers , but you’re about to do something that seems drastic… You’re about to delete half of them.

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Old People

Ben's Blog

Aww man, you sold your soul Naww man, mad people was frontin'' Aww man, made something from nothing —Kanye West, New God Flow. Your startup is going well and as your business expands, you hear the dreaded words from someone on your board: “You need to hire some senior people. Some real ‘been there, done that’ executives to help you get the company to the next level.” Really? Is now the time? If so, where do I begin? And once I get them, what do I do with them?

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Yup, News Corp’s The Daily was the antithesis of what “digital magazines” should be

Jeff Hilimire

I wasn’t at all surprised to read on Monday that News Corp’s The Daily was shutting down. The thing was doomed from the beginning. Digital or tablet “magazines” were never meant to be daily updated sources of news. That isn’t a problem we needed fixed. We have things like CNN, The New York Times, Google News and, oh yeah, Google itself.

[Review] Return On Influence


Why Didn’t I Do This?

Ben's Blog

This is a guest post by our newest board partner, John M. Jack. . Is there any question in today’s economic environment that enterprises of all sizes continue to search for solutions that fit the “better, cheaper” mantra? Cloud, as we know, meets the criteria and offers other tremendous benefits to such enterprises. However, there has been a consistent theme causing resistance to the adoption of cloud applications—security.

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On the innovation blog Learning innovation from a chef Big Data Drama A dairy farmer’s best new friend Mapping the ancient Afghan irrigation system Union Pacific as an “infotech company” The joys of seventh freedom MetaScale: Sears mimics Amazon Descartes. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

[Asia] JFDI Asia Bootcamp 2013 Applications Now Open


Singapore-based technology startup accelerator Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI.Asia) today announced that applications for the first of its two business acceleration programs they intend to run for 2013 is now officially open.

Validating Business Ideas Before Finding Technical Cofounders – Forbes

Scalable Startup

Validating Business Ideas Before Finding Technical Cofounders – Forbes. Angel Investor Business Development CEO Succession Revenue Growth Scalability startup startup CEO Tom Nora venture advertising angel investor CEOing CoFounder early stage google iOS tom nora venture capital

Hack+Startup with Facebook: Joe Carrafa of Etsy

Redeye VC

Joe Carrafa (@joetastic), is a Senior Engineer Manager at Etsy where he leads the Marketplace Operations Team.

5 things a non-technical founder can do


Photo courtesy: thetaxhaven. For all intents and purposes, I’m the non-technical co-founder of my internet company LaunchBit, an ad network for email. I barely write a line of code anymore. So what do I do? I sit around and boss people around. I’m the ideas person.

Distribution, Distribution, Distribution

Mark Birch

I noticed an interesting tweet by Dave McClure the other day that talked about startup pitch decks and the general lack of information about distribution: He is absolutely right. Most pitches I see are all focused on product and team. There is the requisite slide about the big market opportunity.

The Struggle of Lego

Constantly Learning

Although I played with Lego bricks as a child, I never knew the story behind Lego. I accidently stumbled on this video and was surprised by the struggle of Lego's founders. I shouldn't have been surprised. All companies, regardless of their stage, struggle.

Why I Love Tumblr and Barely Tolerate Twitter

Mark Birch

For the past decade, I’ve tried every new social media product to come along but I find myself returning to the two giants of the industry most often: Tumblr and Twitter.

State of the internet: Mobile and social still big growth drivers

The Equity Kicker

Earlier this week Mary Meeker published an update to her by now legendary internet trends presentation and Nielsen published their Social Media Report 2012. Taken together they tell us clearly that mobile and social are still growing very fast.

Walker Twitter Highlights: November 26th – December 4th

Scott Edward Walker

I’m using Twitter as a form of micro-blogging to share interesting blog posts, articles and podcasts relating to entrepreneurship and startups, M&A and legal issues. Below are my five most popular tweets (via ) for the past week and a couple of blog-related tweets. If you’d like to see all of my tweets (or an RSS feed of them), you can do so here. Cheers, Scott. . Top 5 Tweets.

"Treason is a strong word, but not too strong, rather too weak, to characterize the situation which."

Mark Birch

Book Short: Culture is King


Book Short: Culture is King. Tony Hsieh’s story, Delivering Happiness ( book , Kindle ), is more than just the story of his life or the story of Zappos. It’s a great window into the soul of a very successful company and one that in many ways has become a model for great culture and a great customer service model.

"First, I think you can’t abandon mobile. It is the future like it or not. And second, I think."

Mark Birch

“First, I think you can’t abandon mobile. It is the future like it or not. And second, I think it is critical to design for mobile first and then build a web companion. If you design for the web and then port to mobile, you will find that it is really hard to fit your UI onto the small screen. Better to design for mobile first and then build a web companion. Mobile first, web second. But as Vibhu points out, the web can’t and should not be ignored.” - “ Rethinking Mobile First ” by Fred Wilson.

MID-WEEK METAL SLUDGE: Romulus and Remus by High on Fire - The.

Mark Birch

MID-WEEK METAL SLUDGE: Romulus and Remus by High on Fire - The next couple of weeks I am going to focus on all the new and awesome 2012 albums that I neglected to post. The latest album by High on Fire is one release that totally escaped my attention back in April, and that is a shame because this is one of the few bands that has been doing sludge metal right for over a decade.