July, 2018

This 1 Piece of Advice Could Make Or Break Your Career

Steve Blank

There’s no handbook on how to evaluate and process “suggestions” and “advice” from a boss or a mentor. But how you choose to act on these recommendations can speed up your learning and make or break your career. Here’s what to keep in mind: I had a team of students working on an arcane customer problem. While they were quickly coming up to speed, I suggested that they talk to someone who I knew was an expert in the area and could help them learn much faster.

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Some Quick Things Every Founder Should Know

Both Sides of the Table

One thing that comes with being a venture capitalist is you see hundreds and hundreds of businesses. You get to have interesting conversations with founders and review business plans and then see how these businesses evolve over the years.

The Holographic Display Of The Future Is Here

Feld Thoughts

The holographic display of the future is here and you can have one on your desk for under $600. Ever since I saw Princess Leia appealing to Obi Wan that he was her only hope when I was 11, I’ve wanted a holographic display. Movies like Minority Report and Back to the Future II (do you remember the shark hologram that ate Marty ?) have consumed thousands of people’s lives over the past few decades.

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Tech marathoners: Bruce Rogow

deal architect

This continues a new series of interviews with tech executives who have seen the industry evolve over a minimum of two decades. They have helped analyze, envision, develop and take to market some of the most influential technology the world. Tech Marathoners series

An Ultimate List Of Online Tools For Your Startup Growth


by Gaurav Sharma, digital marketing consultant at CG Trader. It is vital for startups to build their online presence to grow their business. Because almost everyone (and their mother) is on the internet now.

How Some Ventures Continually Stay Ahead Of The Crowd

Startup Professionals Musings

As a business advisor, I have long been surprised by the large number of industry stalwarts, including Blockbuster, Kodak, and General Motors, that have been dealt major setbacks, or even total failure, by upstart young companies, with a fraction of the resources or industry experience.

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Stand Out with Small Business PR

Rembrandt Communications

Media buzz can help you build credibility and get noticed by your entire buying audience Several years ago, you could make a phone call to one person at an organization, make your pitch and finalize a sale.

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Cool Dogs and Crazy Cats

Feld Thoughts

Our longtime friend Lura Vernon wrote a really fun book last year titled Cool Dogs and Crazy Cats. It’s a coffee table book that is a combination of hilarious dog and cat haikus along with epic dog and cat photos. I’m a dog person.

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Tech Marathoners: Sabrina Horn

deal architect

This continues a new series of interviews with tech executives who have seen the industry evolve over a minimum of two decades. They have helped analyze, envision, develop and take to market some of the most influential technology the world. Tech Marathoners series

The Power Of Belief


by Vijay Eswaran, founder of QI Group. When I was very young, my mother told me this folktale about a monk who lived on an island in the middle of a busy river. Frequent travellers across the river would stop to pay their respects in return for the monk’s blessings.

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10 Reasons To Market Yourself More Than A Great Idea

Startup Professionals Musings

Too many entrepreneurs I know still believe that that their great idea will carry the startup, and they may even minimize their own value, especially if they have introvert tendencies. Yet most investors agree that the “idea” is worth nothing alone, and it’s the entrepreneur execution that counts.

5 Growth Hacks To Accelerate Your Startup

YFS Magazine

How do startups experience fast growth? If you are ready to accelerate startup growth without delay, consider these five tips. Grow Operations growth hacks growth strategy small business growth

28 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An Entrepreneur


Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had.

Book: North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail

Feld Thoughts

I’m a marathon runner, but not an ultrarunner. I’ve only done one ultra (the American River 50 miler) and the combination of the training, race, and recovery was too much for me. But I love the idea of ultras.

Tech Marathoners: Sabrina HornPart 2

deal architect

We ran yesterday Part 1 of the interview with Sabrina Horn. Part 2 below focuses on her view of the future of the industry and marketing trends What she is proudest of I alluded to it earlier. I think my. Tech Marathoners series

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Promotional Product Marketing


The aspect of promotional product marketing as a whole can be extremely effective if implemented well. To this day, most people are unaware of just how important it is, not only in the case of getting a higher ROI, but also to the overall advancement and success of your company as well.

8 Ways To Instill A Sense Of Purpose In Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Starting a new venture and thriving in today’s economy is hard, but the best have figured out that customers and employees need to feel that you have a sense of purpose, to complement the company’s pursuit of profit. A higher purpose motivates people in a way that financial wins alone never will.

How Latin America is Drawing in Global Tech Giants


Latin America’s tech-savvy workforce has attracted international companies to maintain support offices in the region for years.

CEO Roland Reznik Talks Doing Business In China

YFS Magazine

While many entrepreneurs are fearful of forging global partnerships, Reznik asserts that there are a few keys to success in China that often go overlooked. Grow Operations china global Global Business manufacturing sponsored

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Early Stage VCs – Be Careful Out There

Feld Thoughts

In addition to our own funds, we are investors in a number of other early-stage VC funds as part of our Foundry Group Next strategy. Yesterday, in one of the quarterly updates that we get, I saw the following paragraph. “Historically, the $10 million valuation mark has been somewhat of a ceiling for seed stage startups.

Tech Marathoners: Bruce Rogow Part 2

deal architect

We ran yesterday Part 1 of the interview with Bruce Rogow. Part 2 below focuses on his time and learning at Gartner and since As I mentioned, he is a throwback to the time of really big IT thinkers and. Tech Marathoners series


Cutting Small Business Costs Using DIY CNC With CraftLaser


Technology is constantly advancing, making things more accessible, smaller, and faster. With new advances in CNC technology and opensource software, in-house production is easier and more accessible than ever.

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Why Pitching Your Product Is Not Enough For Investors

Startup Professionals Musings

As an occasional angel investor, I always ask for a business pitch to get me in the mood. I’m still amazed at how many technical entrepreneurs don’t have a business pitch, and offer me their product pitch or product spec instead.

5 Real Life Blockchain Implementations Outside of Cryptocurrency


What do Pied Piper and blockchain tools have in common? Both are always “coming soon.” By now most of us are familiar with blockchain, the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Why I Chose Entrepreneurship Over A University Education

YFS Magazine

I have zero regrets. Here are some advantages you get to experience when you choose entrepreneurship over university education. Editor Picks Plan college entrepreneurship starting a business startup advice

How To Deal With Email After A Vacation

Feld Thoughts

As I’m already getting lots of out of office messages for people taking this week off, I thought I’d revisit an approach to how to deal with email after a vacation. In 2011, Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital came up with what, at the time, was what I thought was the best email vacation auto-responder in the history of email. Now, I have no idea if Josh invented this, but I’m going to give him credit for it. I evolved this in 2014 when I took a one-month sabbatical.

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A Midsummer Nights Musing: Clouds, Renewables and Digital

deal architect

In November, I ran a 3 part series titled “Raising the Bar” around cloud computing, renewables and digital transformations. Over the next few days I will provide an update on each. Each post should benefit from the vendor event season. Industry Commentary

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3 Entrepreneurs That Built An Empire On Social Media


Social media can make dreams come true – really. There are entrepreneurs from across the world that have used social media to build their brand and sell products. It’s a bit of luck for some, hard work for all, and lots of persistence to make dreams come true.

6 Demand Generation Metrics To Quantify Marketing ROI

Startup Professionals Musings

Every entrepreneur knows that good demand generation marketing is the key to growth these days, but very few have the discipline or know-how to measure return in a world of a thousand tools and techniques.

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Startup Winner – Yip Yap

The Startup Magazine

Earlier this year at the FUND Conference in Austin, Texas, over 100 startups presented their early-stage companies in front of hundreds of investors and industry leaders.

Want to set your small business up for success? Do this.


Let’s talk about values. Not family values or stock values, but company values: the bedrock of an organization. A company’s core values define it in a way nothing else can. They support the vision and shape the culture. They are the principles and beliefs that define the work.

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Glowforge Plus Launches on Amazon Exclusives

Feld Thoughts

Glowforge recently launched their 3D laser printers to the public , making their product line available within 10-day delivery.

Renewables: The great dual challenge,

deal architect

The new General Electric is a shell of its former self as it sheds most of its business units and its industrial coverage is down to its aircraft engine, renewable, and power plant businesses. GE CEO John Flannery has called. Industry Commentary Sustainability, Green Computing

Rock Your Business By Marketing It This Summer


by Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing and author of “ Virtual Assistant, The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA “. Summer is often a time when things slow down a bit.