August, 2007

Standard Metrics Revisited: #3: Bounce Rate

Occam's Razor

It is quite likely that your company is spending tons of time, energy, and dollars on web marketing efforts yet conversion rates (or ROI) are stuck in the two to three percent range.

Four Branches of the Green Web

Genuine VC

About two weeks ago, I posted about seven coming digital uber-trends which are ripe for startup opportunity. Of the all the feedback I received from people about this post, it surprised me how much of it was focused and resonated around the second one, the internet’s facilitation of a green lifestyle. Coincidentally, it’s one area where I’ve been spending quite a bit of time recently.

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CallMiner Adds to their Trophy Case

Florida Venture Blog

This was an eventful and fruitful summer for CallMiner, one of my portfolio companies. In addition to closing some big deals, CallMiner was recognized by multiple industry groups for their leadership in Speech Analytics.

the vc in me.: Reccomended Movie: The 11th Hour

the vc in me

As you know from previous posts, the social cause that I am spending time on these days is Climate Change (see the Critter Crisis post for why and what i'm doing about it). I recently saw the screening of 11th

Christine: Dave Sifry Steps Down as Technorati CEO

just heard over the twitterwire: dave sifry has stepped down as ceo of technorati, though he'll remain chairman of the company's board of directors. dave lives and breathes from the green fuse of the startup, and i don't think that many

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Renaissance Man 2.0

Florida Venture Blog

I snapped this picture on my way home last week. It appears the growing ease of web development has launched a whole new kind of polymath : Related images: funny signs , funny signs , funny signs. Let's get to know each other, Join FVB , my venture capital blog community!

End to end online ad provider?

End to end online ad provider? Brian Norgard wonders if its possible: "The mythical, End-to-end, solution is much discussed yet far from being realized. My best guess is that it will emerge from companies that have built tools


Christine: Mashups go Mainstream: Online Content Tools Stretch Offline

For the past two years, it's been common practice for Web 2.0 mashups to enable users to mash personal content into customizable templates. Recently, however, there's been a noticeable evolution of this space: 1. integrated marketing

Burnham's Beat: Sequoia vs. Yale

Burnham's Beat

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Photoblog #1

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli

IMG_2515.jpg. Combien de photos par jour


From year to year

Venture Cyclist

This time last year (the Tuesday before the Hazon NY ride) I was worrying about the weather : a tropical storm was due over the route at exactly the wrong time. This year, the weather looks wonderful for both ride days (70's, 80's). This time last year I had ridden 380 miles during my training. This year, I have ridden 530 miles so far, including a wonderful 40 mile Lincoln/Concord ride with Guy Sapirstein and Jason Glasgow on Sunday morning (at a personal best speed of 14 mph moving average).

Beginner's Mind

Will Price

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few." Shunryo Suzuki-Roshi I am coming to believe that the comfort to say "I don't know" is fundamental to being a good investor. Intellectual curiosity, being open to new ideas, and the willingness to momentarily suspend disbelief in the face of unorthodox approaches are vital preconditions to being able to reward disruption. Ideas, opinions, and expertise get in the way of knowing what we don't know.

New York and early stage ventures

"As both an active angel investor and entrepreneur, I can say one thing for sure: macroeconomic woes aside, the New York early-stage investment scene is vibrant, exciting, and full of possibilities. I have seen more interesting

Christine: Virtual Worlds Competition Results in Consumer Segment Expansion

Open platforms, more flexible graphics, cheaper storage, faster connections, more 'socially educated' consumers, and more international audiences are enabling a next-generation virtual landscape. Rather than proving that virtual reality

Oxford University Entrepreneurship Competition

Jason Ball

Just in case you missed my post earlier this year, Oxford are running their 21st Century Entrepreneurship Competition : The Oxford University 21st Century Challenge Competition is a new and ambitious international entrepreneurship competition being run by the Said Business School, Oxford.We

Les six altitudes de ma vie

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli

compass Benjamin a récemment écrit une page sur son site décrivant sa vision à plus ou moins long terme de sa vie selon les six altitudes décrites dans le livre Getting Things Done (GTD) de David Allen. Ils nous invitent à en faire


The Streets of Newton

Venture Cyclist

I spent a very pleasant hour on the streets of Newton this morning, on my regular carriage lane 11 mile route. I am definitely stronger on hills, and hoping this will translate well on the Hazon ride ( unlike last year ). There is one stretch of the Carriage Lane (between BC and Hammond Street) which really needs repaving.

The Psychology of SaaS and Web 2.0 Persuasion (and Selling)

Will Price

One of the cool things about blogging is that it fosters the cross-pollination of ideas. Often, moreover, the derivative idea is much better then its source. Bob Warfield's post, The Psychology of SaaS and Web 2.0 Persuasion (and Selling) , is a great example. He picked up on my post regarding Cialdini and the psychology of compliance and wrote a very thoughtful piece on how Cialdini's work can be applied to SaaS and Web companies. It is well worth reading

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Customer Interest != Big Opportunity

Florida Venture Blog

We had a couple interesting entrepreneurs present today, but they both fell into a trap that snares many entrepreneurs pitching institutional VCs. They both built their businesses from the ground up, based upon market/customer requests -- that part is super! However, they both equated early customer interest with big opportunity -- that's.well.less well.less than super.

Advertising on social media

"But what if individual ad targeting gets really good? What if the proportion of ads that don't work plummet, and start getting replaced with more and more ads that actually make me want new stuff? What happens to society in

VC:VC Blood on the floor

Venture Cyclist

In my venture cycling world I rarely see blood. I didn't even scrape myself when I fell off my bike last year. However, I find myself drawing closer to a bloody side of Hazon's world. the plan to shecht (slaughter for food according to kosher rules) a goat (or two) at the Hazon food conference in December.

Oracle buys Bridgestream

Will Price

Oracle 's acquisition spree continued this month with the purchase of Bridgestream , the leading provider of business role automation solutions. Role-based access to systems and information is a well understood security paradigm. Importantly, Bridgestream extended the ability of identity access management (IDAM) solutions to map to the complex, ever-changing business relationships that exist within a department, within a division and across the extended enterprise.

Starmine Acquired by Reuters

Will Price

Congratulations to Joe Gatto, CEO and founder, and the Starmine team on their sale to Reuters. Hummer Winblad led Starmine 's A round in 1999 with John Hummer serving on the Board. Starmine is a powerful example of actionable analytics adding value on top of readily available data- the company's algorithms provide independent ratings of securities analysts around the globe by measuring their stock-picking performance and the accuracy of their earnings forecasts.

VC:VC How to raise money

Venture Cyclist

Raising Venture Capital money is not easy - ask any entrepreneur. This fun video from Israel (Hebrew with English subtitles) is worth the three minutes. How to raise Venture Cycling money? Click on the "click here" text below. thanks! Click Here to Donate. VC:VC Hazon

Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion

Will Price

I recently read Robert Cialdini' s wonderful book, Influence, The Psychology of Persuasio n. Cialdini is an experimental psychologist who studies the psychology of compliance, or why people say yes. In the book, he identifies six universal principles of influence, the psychology behind their effectiveness, and how we are eerily hardwired to succumb to their effect.

VC:VC The first twenty miles; the first twenty million dollars

Venture Cyclist

Po Bronson wrote a great book about the high tech startup world: The first $20 million is always the hardest. The $20 million in question is the beginning of an entrepreneur's fortune. It certainly seems that way to me, being a long way off from my first $20 million! It is also true that for most startups the first $20 million are much harder to earn than subsequent revenue.

The Companionship of the Long Distance Cyclist

Venture Cyclist

I am related, not too distantly, to Alan Sillitoe, author of a collection of stories called The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. I have never been a runner, but it does look like a lonely sport. Even when running with someone the focus of the runner seems inward. Cycling, at least as I practice it, is very companionable. I get to ride with Hannah, my daughter, as well as my friends, and even when by myself I find myself nodding or waving to all other cyclists I pass.



"Everyone is jumping aboard the executive-video-interview bandwagon, which is too bad, because most executive video interviews suck. Because who has 20-30 minutes to sit around watching glib, telegenic folks

Biking Boston

Venture Cyclist

Two opportunities to bike Boston over the next few weeks. First, thanks to Laura Segel, I heard about The Back Bay Midnight Pedalers which will hold its 19th Boston by Bike at Night on August 18th. The ride starts at midnight downtown, watches the sun rise and ends at Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. The tour hits the city's many historic sites when the hour and darkness offer riders freedom on otherwise crowded and narrow city streets. More details.)

First time visit to Concord MA

Venture Cyclist

Today was my first visit to Concord, MA. as a cyclist that is. I cycled 40 miles with Guy Sapirstein and Josh Musher. Lee Goldfinch joined us for the first 15 miles but decided as a less frequent cyclist not to push too hard and peeled off. It was fairly hard work (average moving speed of 13.3mph), but seems manageable and is a good sign for the Hazon ride in 3 weeks.

Getting serious

Venture Cyclist

I snuck in a nine mile ride yesterday afternoon -- not quite in between rain showers. I only had an hour and so I did my Carriage Lane ride but really attacked with a moving average to 12mph. Given it is lots of hills, this is not too bad, and is much faster than I usually ride it (even though my pace is a little faster on less hilly routes such as the Lincoln ride). It is only three weeks to the ride and I am getting much more serious over this final stretch.


From Boat to Beach to Bike

Venture Cyclist

Hannah was on a boat, then we were all on a beach, and now we are back on our bikes. Hannah and I cycled 20 miles on the Arlington-Bedford Minuteman bike trail a couple of days ago. I am planning a 40 mile ride on Sunday morning. It is only three weeks until the Hazon bike ride and we are starting to get excited (and nervous)! This photo was taken last Sunday morning, and it already seems like a fading dream. Cycling

Orthodox Paradox

Venture Cyclist

I was chatting with my friend Paul Gompers this morning and he mentioned the Noah Feldman article in the NY Times Magazine from a couple of weeks ago called "The Orthodox Paradox". The article starts on the basis of Feldman's treatment at the hands of his high school alumni department at our very own local Maimonides School, so I understand it is the subject of much discussion in our community -- I must have missed it because of our wonderful vacation.