February, 2008

10 Insights From 11 Months Of Working At Google

Occam's Razor

It will soon be a year of working at Google and milestones are always a good time for introspection. I have a lot on my mind but there was one thing in particular that I wanted to share with you all: What it is has been like working at Google.

Christine: Have You Heard of the Col-Pop?


received this from lane becker today, and it's utterly hilarious.the latest in fast-food technology is a soda cup that also contains an insert with your meal: col-pop: the future of fast-food technology from adam kuban on

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Do You Have Conviction and Discipline?

Ask The VC

Today's great VC blog post once again comes from Fred Wilson and is titled Conviction and Discipline. Having made a lot of investing mistakes in 1999 and 2000, I learned this lesson many times over. It's also consistent with the


Bill Gates is LinkedIn, and Kay Luo works miracles. - Master of.

500 Hats

Bill Gates is LinkedIn Originally uploaded by davemc500hats damn. that's impressive. Bill Gates wasn't off Facebook for more than 2 weeks before Kay got him on LinkedIn

Where is Jason Calacanis's Disclosure, to People AND Machines?

Florida Venture Blog

It's a good thing February 29th doesn't come around that often. It's a day Jason Calacanis may want to sweep under a rug.

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Do You Have Conviction and Discipline? | Ask The VC

Ask The VC

Today's great VC blog post once again comes from Fred Wilson and is titled Conviction and Discipline. Having made a lot of investing mistakes in 1999 and


Other People's Platforms: You Down With OPP? Yeah, U Know Me.

500 Hats

i really wanted to go with the above headline on my O'Reilly Radar post about social networks & platforms. but word on the street is that Naughty By Nature might be a little too old school for that crowd. oh well. for those in the

Where's Dan Now? #3

Florida Venture Blog

Well, just like WDN #1 , you folks solved WDN #2 faster than I expected. Given the long time gap between those, I thought I'd toss you another one I snapped this morning. Where is this Papa John's commercial being shot? I gave plenty away in the picture so I need the exact address.

The 10 laws of SaaS unveiled at Bessemer CEO Summit

Cracking the Code

A few times per year, Bessemer organizes a CxO event for our portfolio companies and we decided to focus our first session of 2008 on Software-as-a-service (SaaS). 2007 was a turning point for the SaaS industry with the

Open Source Installfest for Schools

Entrepreneurship Blog

Untangle and the ACCRC are organizing an installfest to donate hundreds of open source computers to Bay Area schools on recycled hardware.

Christine: Moores Law Rescued: Stanford, Toshiba Create Fast Nanotube Chip


fresh and cool from today's inbox: electrical engineers from stanford and toshiba are the first to use nanotubes to wire a silicon chip that can run at commercial processing speeds of 800 megahertz. for comparison, the typical iphone

Choosing Board Members

Ask The VC

Fred Wilson has today's outstanding post titled Thoughts on Choosing Board Members. I've sat on a number of boards with Fred and agree completely with everything he said in his post


Securitizing Happiness (v0.9): Solving the World's Problems by.

500 Hats

For the first time i tried to put together my earlier thoughts on Securitizing Happiness, and gave a brief presentation at O'Reilly Collective Intelligence Foo Camp to people a lot smarter than me. Here is the rough first cut

Where's Dan Now? #2

Florida Venture Blog

As I shared in my first Where's Dan Now? post, I'm on the road a lot. Today's pic is very different than last time. Can you be the first to name this location within 1 block (e.g. address, google map etc) via comment? Enjoy!

Lack Management Support or Buy-in? Embarrass Them!

Occam's Razor

You know exactly what is necessary in order for your company to achieve Web Analytics 2.0 greatness. You attend a conference and hear all the speakers share deep insights – that ends up depressing you rather than exciting you.

F youtube, Viddler Is The Sh*t!

Steve Poland

Seriously, the thing I think is the coolest ever is what Viddler has done with their videos — users can add comments throughout a video. It's interesting to watch a video and see all the user comments pop-up as commentary throughout the

Christine: Help Us Name Our New Dog!


i wrote to my family today with some surprising news: we have a new dog! this is surprising because no one knew that we were *looking* for a dog.) shannon and i have talked idly about getting a dog for a few years, but thanks to

Power and Spooky Minds

Ask The VC

Two great VC posts today. The first is from my partner Seth Levine titled The power paradox and discusses "power" (not that kind that runs your computer.) The second is from Rick Segal and is a look inside the spooky place he calls his

The meaning of life

Venture Cyclist

I happen to care about the meaning of life. I think Monty Python's The Meaning of Life is their best movie, and Douglas Adams treatment of the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything is more sublime than the output of most philosophers. So, I am grateful to Dorit for finding this perfect cartoon, combining a new treatment of this question with an answer from the technology world. Whimsy

Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist.er Business and Asset Consolidator

Florida Venture Blog

I've seen people make money in a lot of ways in this world. The MOJO show Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist reminded me of that fact. I thought I was going to see a show about venture capital, but that's not quite what was on the screen.

Huge Newsweek Article for Xobni

Startup Marketing Blog

Newsweek published an article today that clearly positions Xobni as the leader among companies addressing the ubiquitous issue of "dissatisfaction with swelling inboxes."


ProfessorVC: 4 Lessons of Entrepreneurship

Professor VC

For golfer's, Ben Hogan's Five Lessons is a classic. While the golf courses and equipment have certainly changed over the five decades since this was published, this tutorial is still relied upon by professionals and amateurs

Christine: Yahoo! Live Beta Launches - Get Your Own Video Channel


Yahoo! opened up the beta of Live, its new personal broadcast video service, on Thursday night. I haven't yet run a live test of the Christine channel, but I'm looking forward to trying it out after a day on the Tahoe slopes today

Why Isn't There A Network or Hub Connecting Venture Capitalists.

Ask The VC

One of the questions we get often is whether or not there is a central clearinghouse or hub (social network?) where VCs and entrepreneurs can connect. The idea is that VCs would find good deals and entrepreneurs would find funding

Eat Your Own Dogfood

Will Price

Guest post by Hummer Winblad's Lars Leckie.Lars drove our firm's investment in Aria Systems and, most recently, vKernel. Last week Phil Wainewright wrote a great post (as he always does) called SaaS vendors, eat your own dogfood, or die. In the post, he describes how SaaS companies need to embrace the SaaS services available in the ecosystem.

Stage6 Explodes Onto the Video Scene (HD Video: House of Flying Daggers)

Florida Venture Blog

HD video sharing site Stage6.com has had an impressive first few months. Alexa and Compete graphs tell the same story -- explosive growth. HD makes everything look better, but I wonder how user-generated videos will fare as viewer expectations rise.

Startups Need Guys Like Andy Grove (Former CEO of Intel)

Startup Marketing Blog

Adam Smith, co-founder of Xobni, recently posted an excerpt on his blog from Andy Grove's autobiography. link] Adam's excerpt gives a glimpse into the determination that drove Andy Grove's success

Ideas Are Easy - Startups and angels: Along the way to success

Tim Keane

but execution is hard. It's axiomatic that a bunch of bright people can dream up any number of ideas for startups. In any venture, however, relentless attention to the details is what separates the real winners from the also-rans

Christine: Top 5 Tips for Hosting a Customer Community


Brian Oberkirch of Small Good Thing moderated a wide-ranging exploration of customer service communities at yesterday's Customer Service is the New Marketing summit. Flickr photo by dougfl07.) Matt Mullenweg of Automattic summed up the

Pondering Bridges

Ask The VC

Rob Shurtleff (known as his blog as FOO Rob) has a great post up titled Bridges to Nowhere. While this belongs in Fred Wilson's archive of VC Cliches, it's a good explanation of how bridges can fail to support a startup

Cracking The Code: Launch of the SaaS 13 Index!

Cracking the Code

How are public SaaS companies doing in such a volatile market? To answer this question, I have created the SaaS 13 Index, defined as the sum of the market cap of the 13 pure SaaS vendors quoted on the Nasdaq

Yes We Can, Sell the Sizzle

Florida Venture Blog

There are a few sayings in marketing, sales and fundraising that involve "Sizzle" and "Steak". The most common is to "Sell the Sizzle, not the Steak". At other times, a hard-nosed operator might be referred to as "All Steak, not much Sizzle".

Demand Harvesting - The Easiest Driver for Startups

Startup Marketing Blog

I always begin a new startup marketing assignment by looking for any untapped existing demand. Demand harvesting is much easier than demand creation – and it has a faster sales cycle. You don't have to convince someone they need your

the vc in me.: My Availability

the vc in me

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