July, 2020

10 Keys To Winning With Team Collaboration Leadership

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The reigning theory in business has long been that “alpha” leaders make the best entrepreneurs. These are aggressive, results-driven achievers who assert control, and insist on a hierarchical organizational model.

New Normal: A conversation with Lou Von Thaer of Battelle

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I have been doing video interviews with a number of CIOs, software executives and practitioners about acrobatics they have been seeing in various vertical sectors during the COVID-19 crisis and the "New normal" they can expect as the economy wakes.

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What Can A Startup Do in 5 days? Watch this

Steve Blank

With a terrific crew of instructors, TA’s, and mentors, we successfully concluded Session 1 of our Hacking 4 Recovery summer series – with 20 teams sharing their final presentations last night. Slides for these presentations are in this folder , and we will be editing and sharing videos of each presentation shortly. Alivia – Telemedicine service bringing healthcare to middle income people in Peru. AllAboard – Remote onboarding services to help organizations establish a sense of belonging.

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5 Stress-Reducing Tips To Build Immunity During Pandemic


by Julie Potiker, author of “ Life Falls Apart, But You Don’t Have To “ It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and stressed out during these uncertain times, but numerous studies have shown that stress weakens the immune system.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

Thoughts on Sourcing Black Companies and Entrepreneurs

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I recently was in an email thread where a Black founder had a powerful and clear response to the question from one of her corporate partners.

Updating Your Seed Investors – Board Deck & Update Email Templates

View from Seed

Today I’m excited to announce the relaunch of our most popular resource ever: board meeting deck templates for seed-stage startups, now in conjunction with an investor update email template. Download Board Deck Template . Download Investor Update Email Template. Investor Update Email Template and How & When to Use It. We first released a version of the board meeting deck template template back in 2014 and then a revised version a couple of years later.

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Very different perspectives on SAP

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I interviewed Geoff Scott and Dave Wascom of ASUG (America's SAP User's Group) last week, and we talked about SAP customer heroics during the pandemic, S/4HANA adoption plans, remote implementations and other topics. The replay is here. This week, I.

Educators Summit: Lessons from Teaching in the Pandemic

Steve Blank

SAVE THE DATE for the Lean Innovation Educators Summit : Lessons from Teaching in the Pandemic. July 24, 10-noon Pacific, 1-3pm Eastern, 6-8pm London. As educators the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all.

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A Guide To Build A Strong Brand Image For Startups


According to the survey, 59% of people choose to purchase products from brands familiar to them. As a startup business, you may be competing against big brands having unlimited marketing budgets and loyal customers. That’s why you need to build a powerful brand image.

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The Goal Should Not Be The New Normal

Feld Thoughts

For the last several months, I’ve heard or read the phrase “the new normal” 7,354 times. I’ve steadily grown tired of it and now I believe it is an invalid concept. There is no new normal. We have move forward and get better.

Is the Lean Startup concept of MVP dead?

VC Cafe

“After the crash, venture capital was scarce to non-existent. Most of the funds that started in the late part of the boom would be underwater). Angel investment, which was small to start with, disappeared, and most corporate VCs shut down.

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7 Tips To Getting A Bank Interested In Your Startup

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Many entrepreneurs are convinced that banks are not worth the effort for startups, especially early-stage ones that still don’t have a revenue stream, or collateral to back up their financing needs.

Ten enterprise trends from the COVID-19 pandemic

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In December, I wrote decade-end perspectives on enterprise software and services. You can read them again here and here. So, how has the pandemic changed the landscape? In many ways, it has exposed the weaknesses of many software and services. Industry Commentary New Normal COVID-19

An update on Version One’s thesis: backing mission-driven founders

Version One Ventures

Technology changes. The startup market evolves, and so do we as VCs. Over the past few months, we’ve reflected on our journey over the past decade, who we are and what we invest in. We’ve quietly made changes to our website.

Leading People In A Crisis – Yes, It Will Be Different


by Wayne Embree, EVP of Venture Acceleration & Investments for Rev1 Ventures. While there are plenty of challenges and opportunities that present themselves within the idea of launching a business during a recession, the only thing for certain right now is uncertainty itself.

The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startup Businesses


As a newbie in the industry, you should be ready to work hard so that you can earn more profits with the help of the new thing called the internet. It is just like a factory for the newbies to learn how to run a business. The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startup Businesses.

Supporting the ParentPreneur Foundation

Feld Thoughts

Amy and I, through our Anchor Point Foundation , recently provided the seed grant to the ParentPreneur Foundation. Founded by James Oliver, the ParentPreneur Foundation empowers Black people to be the best parents and entrepreneurs possible providing them money, tools, resources, and social capital.

7 Startup Marketing Strategies To Bring In Customers

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Contrary to popular opinion, viral marketing has not eliminated the need for old-fashioned lead generation to bring customers to a startup.

Oracle Nation update

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Last August, I had floated the idea of writing Oracle Nation. This blog post laid out the reasons why I was thinking about it. I added in a comment the changing industry landscape I hoped to explore "The next wave. Cloud Computing, SaaS Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

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Traction Creates Opportunity

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One phrase that I often say is that “traction creates opportunity”. We were talking about this today and realized that I’ve never written a blog post on the topic, although I’ve said it countless times over the years. So here we go.

All In Or Out? How Business Owners Can Deal With COVID’S Cloudy Future


by Michael Sipe, author of “ The AVADA Principle ” and founder of 10x Catalyst Groups. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, small businesses have reopened across the nation but certainty and optimism are a long way from being restored.

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How Legal Tech Companies Are Re-Shaping the Legal World


Legal tech includes software and other tools that help attorneys and their support staff to provide legal services to clients. Many new applications empower reputable firms to improve their efficiency and adapt to mobile working environments.

The World In A Phase Transition

Feld Thoughts

We are in the midst of the most dramatic phrase transition I’ve experienced so far in my 54 years on this particular planet. Ian Hathaway and I talk about phase transitions (also known as a phase shift) in several parts of The Startup Community Way. P rogress is uneven, slow, and surprising.

5 Startup Stages And The Right Investors For Each One

Startup Professionals Musings

Time is too precious to waste trying to close a deal with the wrong investors at the wrong time. Luckily, not all investors are looking for the same thing, so it pays to know what type of investors are most interested in what your startup brings to the table.

Digital Acceleration

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Tamas Hevizi interviewed me about what I have learned about digital transformation in the business acrobatics interview series I have been running in the last few weeks. Below is a discussion about digital acceleration during the crisis in the US. digital transformations Globalization and Technology New Normal COVID-19

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The impact of Covid-19 on Global Venture and the Case for Israel

VC Cafe

A new report on global venture capital investment volume shows that H1 2020 investments in startups reached $129 billion (this includes all stages as well as CVC activity). It’s a 6.5% decline from H1 2019 ($138 billion), but the impact on VC funding is less than originally projected.

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5 Reasons A Unifying Vision Is The Key To Successful Remote Working


by Joe Curcillo , author of “ Getting to ‘US’: Discover the Ability to Lead Your Team to Any Result You Desire “ As of the end of 2019, there were over 26 million people who worked at home on an average day, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Time to Build Robots for Humans, Not to Replace


Thinking about the future of robots and autonomy is exciting; driverless cars, lights-out factories, urban air mobility, robotic surgeons available anywhere in the world. We’ve seen the building blocks come together in warehouses, retail stores, farms, and on the roads. It is now time to build robots for humans, not to replace them. We still h ave a long way to go. Because building robots that intend to work fully autonomously in a physical world is hard.

Eric Ries’ Foreword to The Startup Community Way

Feld Thoughts

My new book with Ian Hathaway, The Startup Community Way , is officially out. When I saw the Kindle download first thing this morning, I felt a moment of unbridled joy. Writing a book is extremely hard. I’ve now written seven of them, all about startups and entrepreneurship.

5 Due Diligence Tips Before You Invest In A Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

After you have heard a few startup success stories, like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, you may be tempted to invest some money yourself, maybe by pooling your funds with other investors who claim to have a great track record.

New Normal: A conversation with Rob Enslin of Google Cloud

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I have been doing video interviews with a number of CIOs, software executives and practitioners about acrobatics they have been seeing in various vertical sectors during the COVID-19 crisis and the "New normal" they can expect as the economy wakes. Cloud Computing, SaaS Global and Vertical extensions New Normal COVID-19 Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

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Can You Navigate The Hard Yards of Entrepreneurship?

YFS Magazine

The reality is that entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination. The destination is a fixed dot, while the journey connects the dots. Lead leadership personal development recommended starting a business

How To Get Jobs In The Beauty Industry: 7 Helpful Tips


The value of the beauty industry as of last year is estimated to be around 532 billion dollars. That’s a lot of people and companies making a living off of makeup, skincare routines and products.

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26 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips and Tricks of Staying Motivated


When the going gets rough in business, you’ll need motivation to keep moving. Motivating yourself can be hard but practicing consistent habits such as reminding yourself of why you started can be a major boost.

How To Write An Email Intro Request

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Multiple times a day, someone in my network asks if I’ll make an intro to someone else. I’m almost always happy to do this and, if not, I will explain why. I like to do opt-in intros, where I ask the person on the potential receiving end of the intro if they are open to the intro. Most of the time people say yes. Sometimes they say no. Very occasionally they don’t respond to me.

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7 Costs To Consider Before Taking Your Startup Public

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Despite the fact that the number of IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) for startups have continued to stay low, I still hear it touted often as the preferred exit strategy.

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