August, 2006

Excellent Analytics Tip #7: The Adorable Site Abandonment Rate Metric

Occam's Razor

How many metrics can you call adorable? Site abandonment rate is an adorable metric, to me : ), for these reasons: Money, money, money baby.

Pincus Back at Tribe + Orkut Growing Like YouTube?

Entrepreneurship Blog

Mark Pincus is returning as CEO to I don't know Mark personally but I have been reading his blog for about 10 months now and I really enjoy it so I'm happy that he seems to be happily back doing something that he loves.

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PayPerPost: The Consumer Generated Advertising Revolution Has Begun

Florida Venture Blog

Well it's been over a month since PPP launched and the blogosphere hummed with PPP-related class warfare between the elite and mainstream bloggers.

I could have danced all night

Venture Cyclist

One of my other hobbies is Israeli folk dancing. Last night I went with my daughter, Hannah, to the famous MIT folk dancing club (see, for example, the wonderful novel " Paradise Park " by Allegra Goodman). I hadn't been dancing since June, and I had missed it.

Christine: Open Data Standards Redux

the challenge of open data standards is working its way back to the forefront of attention. at foo, a group of us sat down to discuss openly owned repositories of data, and how we could gather momentum around a summit-style dialogue to

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Free Energy or Almost Free Publicity?

Florida Venture Blog

Given the investment potential growing in Florida and elsewhere for alternative energy, and a personal curiosity about Nikola Tesla , I've been digging into the energy space for awhile now.

Final Prep

Venture Cyclist

Final prep for the Hazon NY Ride. what's on my mind (* Updated Dec 2011 with fixed link for Food articles) Checklists for what we need to have with us on our bikes Checklists for the day bags (in the support van) Checklists for checklists ;) Any extra rain gear Extra inner tubes Camera batteries Energy bars (check out the food articles ) Hex keys (Allen Wrenches) What have I forgotten Wish us luck Please sponsor Hannah or me for the Hazon 2006 New York Bike ride. Cycling

Christine: Growing Numbers of Women at FOO Camp

environment: foo camp, hosted by tim o'reilly at the gorgeous o'reilly media campus in sebastopol. caveats: i counted by skimming over the photos taken at the door; it's entirely possible that not everyone stopped to get their photo

Carbon Footprint

Will Price

Update: Andrew Fife sent me a link to TerraPas s , a cool service that allows you to offset your car's carbon emissions for less than $80 a year. Very cool idea. The VC industry recently added a new sector of investment: clean energy. New funds are being raised and new opportunities explored in generating clean energy. As individuals, moreover, Americans are beginning to explore their contributions to carbon dioxide emissions.

When All Else Fails.Manipulate The Data - Startups and angels.

Tim Keane

I saw that on a t-shirt worn by a bartender at the Milwaukee Irish Fest last night. I have no idea why. But I liked it and it got me thinking about entrepreneurs and investors. Who is responsible when investors

SpiralFrog: Too Much Management

Entrepreneurship Blog

Fred Wilson wrote a post about Universal offering their entire music catalogue free, but with DRM, through a new startup called SpiralFrog. Mr. Wilson thinks the idea sucks because he would rather pay for media without DRM than get it free with licensing restrictions. SpiralFrog's is using an ad supported model and if they are not too restrictive with the DRM or too over-the-top with advertising, I think the idea could be quite popular.


That WikiSucks

Florida Venture Blog

SiliconBeat had an interesting article about how China is drawing talented people away from Silicon Valley.

The Importance of Being Ernesto

Venture Cyclist

In Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest", my favorite quote comes when Algernon eats all the cucumber sandwiches before tea with his aunt, Lady Bracknell, and then chastises his butler, Lane, for not having any to serve once Lady Bracknell arrives. Lane, cleverest of them all, reports that there were no cumcumbers in the market that morning, "not even for ready money".

Christine: A Winning Business Plan: Bottlecap Porn

There was a terrific, tongue-in-cheek exercise at FOO Camp this weekend called "" Here's how this bit of entrepreneur improv works: - Fill a grid with buzzwords - Break up into teams - Pick two words (2 minutes) - Come up

The High Cost of Optimism

Will Price

The Standish Group , which analyzes IT projects, reported that in 2004 only 29% of IT projects succeeded, down from 34% in 2002. Cost over-runs from original budgets averaged 56%, and projects on average took 84% more time than originally anticipated. Put another way, 71% of projects did not succeed, 44% came in on budget, and only 16% came in on time. Another study examined 210 rail and road projects and found that traffic estimates used to justify the projects (i.e.


Listening to Entrepreneurs - Startups and angels: Along the way to.

Tim Keane

The consistent feedback each semester during my "New Venture Formation" graduate class is that the guest speakers were the highlight of the course. So I was pleased when someone sent me this link to a terrific collection of

Kiko Sells for $258K

Entrepreneurship Blog

The Ebay auction for Kiko the online calendar has ended with a final selling price of $258,100. This is by no means a big exit, but frankly it is much bigger than I was expecting. When I checked in on the auction a couple of days ago it looked like they were going to struggle to even get their asking bid of $50k. It certainly isn't what the team was aiming for but at $258K it looks like their investors will even make a little bit of money on the deal


Even Calacanis loves PayPerPost?

Florida Venture Blog

This parody was too fun to pass up; especially as a test of PPP's charity donation engine. Don't thank me Red Cross , thank PayPerPost. Viva la Revolucion! Let's get to know each other, Join FVB , my venture capital blog community! payperpost

VC:VC Closing the Deal

Venture Cyclist

Once a VC firm makes a decision to invest in a startup, it provides a termsheet outlining the basic economics of the deal. For an investment of some number of dollars, the investors will end up owning some percentage of the company. Termsheets include a bunch of other terms (you can find links to some of my favorite articles on this stuff here ), and can be as short as a page or two, and as long as 20 pages.

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Christine: Five Dos and Donts for the New News Media

Going through my FOO notes, I noticed that many conversations sparked ideas that were relevant to participatory media. Here's a quirky list of do's and don'ts that reveal some of the best practices being used by others in the New News

Company Culture and Politics

Will Price

Business school alums often come back to campus and tell students that Organizational behavior proved to be the most valuable course(s) they took. When I studied at Kellogg , I never understood why. I often meet with people who ruefully state, "my company is too political;" "there is no transparency where I work, things happen, people come and go, and no one knows why;" "I don't understand how decisions get made, things seem so random."

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Making Ends Meet

Spencer Fry

Until just recently, I haven't really spent the time to calculate the amount of money that I spend on living expenses, food, entertainment, and so forth. I decided that I ought to get around to doing this being that I'm now 22 and


Lake Tahoe

Entrepreneurship Blog

I drove up to Tahoe for a couple of days late last night and I'm staying at Stanford Sierra Camp on Fallen Leaf Lake. I think Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I honestly can't decide whether I love it more in the Winter for skiing or more in the Summer for cycling and hiking. Its a big dilemma in my life right now.


Viral Porn Trojan Horses

Florida Venture Blog

OK, so the provocative title was a sellout, but it's a real topic -- stay with me. One of my favorite entrepreneurs (and good friend), Scot Wingo, has a great post at eBay Strategies describing a recent shooting-fish-in-an-eBay-barrel phishing scheme. The exact way their doing it and ways to avoid are covered.

Food 4 bikes

Venture Cyclist

Excuse the title - this is the fourth posting on this topic. Chocolate flavor PowerBar Performance Energy Bar First bite: Not entirely disgusting. Definitely seen a chocolate flavored chemical during processing. Last bite: Still not entirely disgusting, although pretty hard work. Nutrition info: 230 cal, 20 from fat. 2g=3% fat, 0.5g=3% 3% sat fat. 45g carb 3g fiber. 1og protein. 95mg sodium.

Christine: R&D Technologies for Data Visualization

researchers maneesh figrawala and fernanda viegas walked through some amazing technologies that they've been cooking up in their labs for data visualization. as a data junkie, i was totally mesmerized. the wikipedia analysis was an

Pat Your Head and Rub Your Tummy

Will Price

Young start-ups need two things to survive: customer orders and funding. The challenge, however, is that customers and venture investors often decide to "buy" based on very different messages. To succeed with customers, start-ups need to articulate clear, focused value propositions.

Purchasing Domains

Spencer Fry

I'm sure that a lot of you purchase domains all of the time. I do too. However, I normally purchase them through people on forums or that I meet over MSN, AIM, etc. I've never purchased a domain from a domain broker before


Where to Learn About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Blog

Yesterday I posted on 3 great events over the next 10 days. However, in Silicon Valley there are many great organizations that host events designed to teach entrepreneurship, how to build great businesses and raise capital. These events occur almost every day of the week and virtually every topic an entrepreneur could face is covered at some point. Here is a list of several that I've found to be especially helpful.

AOL Search Data Web Interfaces

Florida Venture Blog

Well it didn't take long for the published AOL search data to get a web interface. In fact, there have been many appearing in the past 24 hrs. The following is a short list that is sure to be obsolete upon posting: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] After playing with the various interfaces, it seems like everyone is taking a first-order approach to the data: searching for a specific term, a specific userid or a combo of userid and term.

Cyclists ride on their feet

Venture Cyclist

I guess cyclists ride on whatever is most sore. whatever is ailing me is what gets the attention. As I noted last Friday , my feet had been bothering me. The suggestions from Wheelworks seemed to be right on the mark. I rode 22 miles today with my new insoles, and making sure to keep my shoes loose, especially over the front of my feet (where I was feeling it). It really made a big difference and I think I have licked this one.

Christine: Good Morning from FOO!

sleepy fooers in the dawn of the new day. note my stylish earplugs, an absolute necessity for making it through the night on the floor at foo camp. when surrounded by hundreds of sleeping geeks, you can bet that at least a dozen will be

Happy Birthday Disk Drive

Will Price

Today's WSJ's Technology section ran a fascinating overview of the disk drive. The disk drive was invented fifty years ago by IBM. The first drive, called the RAMAC (random access method of accounting and control) weighed in at one ton, the disks were 24 inches in diameter, and had 5 megabytes of storage capacity. According to the article, the capacity limit related more to the marketing department's view that no one could use more than 5 MBs than to a purely technical limit.

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How Partnerships Can Work

Spencer Fry

Most of you who know me well know that I run my major businesses with a partner. This wasn't always the case up until about four years ago, but since then I've found that it's just a lot easier and really makes sense in the end