December, 2005

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Cap Table Hygiene

Will Price

Venture capitalists are very much tabla rasa investors. One frequently hears about deals with "no hair," "plain vanilla terms," and good hygiene. Conversely, deals that come with cap table challenges (too many investors, too much prior preference, or onerous terms granted to a prior round) are often dead on arrival.

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the vc in me.: Personalized Storytelling: Monetizing User.

the vc in me

As I expressed in a previous post, users are generating content more than ever - even teens are blogging (I believe the latest stat shows over 30% maintain blogs) - and of course all ages are posting photos and increasingly

Florida Venture Capital Conference Presenters Announced

Florida Venture Blog

Merry Christmas! Florida Venture Forum just anounced their Christmas present to some worthy Florida technology companies -- presentations at the Florida Venture Capital Conference at Sawgrass. FVCC is always a great conference with good networking, presenters and golf.

Christine: How to Pitch an Investor

I recently read a great post from Google's Chris Sacca on how to propose partnerships. It's a healthy perspective for emerging businesses looking to develop a partnership with well-established companies. In fact, it's incredibly similar

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Silicon Beat

Will Price

Thanks to Matt over at Silicon Beat for recently profiling my blog. Silicon Beat is part of my daily routine and the site and reporting are consistenly good sources for the latest in the technology and start-up world. Matt's reference to Hummer Winblad suggests that the firm has been quiet of late. It is worth noting that Hummer Winblad has been an active and successful software investor through three major technology cycles: PC, client/server, and the Internet era.

iPod: Just an MP3 Player?!?

Florida Venture Blog

OK, so now my 7yo daughter has asked Santa for an iPod. She was sly in getting our OK because she started with requests for the cute little iDog (fodder for "iDog: Just a Speaker with Lights?!?" blog). When we mentioned the iDog is meant for connecting to an MP3 player (and she didn't have one), she corrected us to say she thinks it requires an iPod. In that short exchange, iPod went to the top of her Santa list.

Absurd Athleticism

Will Price

Watch this Russian video for some incredible footage. It is sad to see such talent amidst such poverty. Hopefully, the market is efficient and Hollywood talent scouts are on their way

Burnham's Beat: Is RFID Application Oriented Networking's Killer App?

Burnham's Beat

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Formula 409A: Cleaning Fluid or Gunk in the Works?

Florida Venture Blog

It looks like Brad is about to take on another ugly topic with a deep dive series. Proposed IRS Regulation 409A has gotten a lot of venture capitalists, board members and entrepreneurs spinning the legal meter before January 1, 2006. It relates to calculating fair market value for granting stock options and here's a taste of how Brad and friends are thinking about it: "IRS Regulation 409A really sucks.

New Tampa Firm to Fund Distressed Healthcare Companies

Florida Venture Blog

I don't know the distressed PE business, but more risk capital for area entrepreneurs is better than less. HealthEdge Investment Partners, LLC claims $20M closed and more to come. Dingle and Anderson said the firm will make investments of $5 million to $10 million in existing companies that have revenue of $10 million to $100 million. They are looking for companies that are struggling but not failing."We're We're not doing start-ups," Dingle said. We're not rolling the dice on those."The


Seen on SoutheastTechWire.

Florida Venture Blog

This bodes well for our local IT providers. Go get 'em. o IDC: Ga., Texas and Fla. Expected to Have Highest IT Spending in 2005-2009 Atlanta -- Georgia, Texas, and Florida are expected to have the fastest growth rates in business IT spending over the next five years, according to a new study by the technology market research firm IDC. The three states -- the largest in the country -- accounted for 30% of total spending on business IT within the U.S. last year.

Will Mutiply Fly?

Florida Venture Blog

I felt it appropriate to start this Florida Venture Blog with some kudos to Peter, Michael and the rest of their team at -- a Florida, blog-related story of serial success. I first met those guys in the late '90s when they were building and allowed me to stop compiling fantasy baseball stats from USA Today for my league. It was a life saver that my league still uses.

Florida Venture Blog - Untitled Article

Florida Venture Blog

The KangaRua has landed. Let's get to know each other, Join FVB , my venture capital blog community! kangarua

Hip Hop Web

Will Price

While listening to Tupac in the car today, it struck me that web 2.0 and rap music have a great deal in common. The democratizing effect of "two tables and a microphone" allowed people without instrumental training to create wonderful music. Similarly, today's web tools are enabling thousands of web users to create content and applications without deep knowledge of programming languages and technology.

How to respond to Nigerian Spam Mail

Will Price

The ingenuity and implicit humor found in Nigerian spam mail inspired a close friend of mine, Mike Flynn, to send this incredicle response. This could be the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Well done Mike. Re: Next of Kin Dear Paul, By a most uncanny coincidence, I am also soliciting a barrister, preferably a national of your country, who worked with Shell development.

New Web Site

Will Price

Hummer Winblad launched our new web site yesterday. The site provides a great overview of the firm , timeline of investments since founding in 1989, and our process. For those of you who know the firm well know that John's dog is a key member of the team. See if you can find an overview on our honorary senior canine leader

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