January, 2022

2022 will be MASSIVELY different!

deal architect

Welcome back. Hope you had a relaxing break and are ready for a hectic, very different 2022. Actually, “very different year” has been our annual guiding principle and reflects Deal Architect’s business model. Every year our revenue stream varies and. Industry Commentary

The Semiconductor Ecosystem – Explained

Steve Blank

The last year has seen a ton written about the semiconductor industry: chip shortages, the CHIPS Act , our dependence on Taiwan and TSMC , China, etc. But despite all this talk about chips and semiconductors, few understand how the industry is structured.

Taiwan 342

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7 Keys To A Long-Term Career View As An Entrepreneur

Startup Professionals Musings

Is it possible to be successful in business and not fulfilled?

Nine Reasons Why Your Company Should Create A Mentoring Program in 2022


According to Bert Thornton and Dr. Sherry Hartnett, a mentoring program might just become your secret weapon in navigating uncertain, chaotic times and coming out on top. Here are nine ways mentoring can help you meet the challenges of 2022.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

A Very Short peak into the Metaverse

VC Cafe

The term Metaverse went from relative anonymity to almost 100% exposure in October last year.

Israel 170

Game On: Will gamers embrace the blockchain boom?

View from Seed

The concept of ownership in games has been on a spectrum since the first arcade game hit the American mainstream in the 1960s. Since then, consoles, computers and mobile devices have continued to redefine the gaming experience and power dynamic between creators and players.

Flash 156

More Trending

What’s Plan B? – The Small, the Agile, and the Many

Steve Blank

This post previously appeared in the Proceedings of the Naval Institute. One of the most audacious and bold manifestos for the future of Naval innovation has just been posted by the Rear Admiral who heads up the Office of Naval Research.

Agile 269

6 Strategies For Luring Investors To Your New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

Fundraising is brutal. Actually, according to Paul Graham of Y-Combinator fame, “Raising money is the second hardest part of starting a startup. The hardest part is making something people want.” More startups may fail for that reason, but a close second is the difficulty of raising money.

5 Things To Keep In Mind About Networking — And No, It’s Not A Numbers Game


Building a network is about the quality of connections and not a numbers game. It’s about the amount of time you spend with your colleagues. It’s about creating a win-win scenario for each of the people in your sphere.

Stephen Braverman: An Entrepreneur Success Story

The Startup Magazine

The financial world has seen some very successful people in the past few decades. One such person is Stephen Braverman. Steve conquered the financial world over the last decade with some of the most creative ideas that changed the market.

It’s Back & Better Than Ever! Announcing NextView’s Everyday Economy Virtual Accelerator

View from Seed

With two successful accelerators under our belts, we’ve proven that going back to basics with smaller cohort sizes and zero demo days works.

Burning Platform: Sustaining Digital Transformations

deal architect

In the 67th episode of Burning Platform, we host Dion Hinchcliffe, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in digital strategy, the future of work, and enterprise IT. Burning Platform digital transformations

Save the Date! the 5th Lean Innovation Educators Summit

Steve Blank

SAVE THE DATE for the 5th Lean Innovation Educators Summit on The Role of Educators and the University in Building Sustainable and Innovative Ecosystems February 3rd, 2022 from 1 to 4pm EST, 10 to 1pm PST Join me, Jerry Engel, Pete Newell, and Steve Weinstein as well as educators from universities around the world for this upcoming event.

Lean 250

How To Prevent Gaps in An Innovative Startup Strategy

Startup Professionals Musings

Everyone in the business world has heard of the classic bestseller by Geoffrey A. Moore titled “ Crossing the Chasm ,” but most entrepreneurs have no idea how it relates to them.

What it Takes To Back Multiple Funds In One Year


Diane Yoo explores the most crucial aspects necessary when looking to back multiple funds in the same year. The post What it Takes To Back Multiple Funds In One Year appeared first on Young Upstarts. Professionalisms Diane Yoo investing managing a fund venture capitalist venture investor

The Road to Success with Lead Generation in Digital Marketing

The Startup Magazine

The majority of purchasers base their purchasing decisions on online research. This is one of the reasons why having a successful lead generation plan can help you increase your revenue through sales and marketing strategies that cater to changing consumer behaviors.

2022 predictions for AR/VR, Metaverse tech and gaming

VC Cafe

We all know intuitively that forward-looking predictions can be wrong, or self serving, but we love them any way. It’s enough to look at the predictions from 2019 (that didn’t see Covid coming…) to understand how big trends can missed due to an unpredictable sequence of events.

Mobile 143

Unpacking the “Great Resignation”

deal architect

There is a lot of talk these days about the “Great Resignation” wave. To start off with, its not just resignations, there also retirements and relocations. But people are not staying home watching Netflix or playing golf, many of these. Future of Work Micro-Capitalism Supply chains Venture Capital

Technology, Innovation, and Great Power Competition  – Wrap Up

Steve Blank

This article first appeared in West Point’s Modern War Institute. We just had our final session of our Technology, Innovation, and Great Power Competition class.

5 Tips For Startups Looking For A Great Solution Idea

Startup Professionals Musings

Potential startup founders are always looking for ideas to implement, when they should be looking for problems to solve. Customers pay for solutions, but there is no market for ideas. I’m often approached by people with a “million dollar idea,” but I haven’t seen anyone pay that for one yet.

Why DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) Marketing Is Looking Increasingly Relevant In The 2020s


Digital out of home marketing is looking increasingly relevant in the 2020s. Unlike traditional OOH advertising, DOOH is designed to use digital screens to display advertising.

Top Tips to Help You Use Data to Your Advantage

The Startup Magazine

Using data to your advantage is a brilliant way to give your business an edge. This article aims to explain how exactly you might want to go about collecting data and utilizing collected data will benefit your business. We’ll show you how you might want to use it once you have it.

What’s Your 2022 PR Plan?

Rembrandt Communications

The new year is here, and you are ready to be more successful than ever. You have personal and business goals set with the appropriate tactics and strategies in place to move forward. But, what about public relations and your 2022 PR Plan?

PR 130

Analyst Cam: Google Cloud – Industry Solutions  

deal architect

As we have moved to virtual briefings, I have increasingly been excerpting short video segments (with permission ) as part of my Analyst Cam series. This time it is Lori Mitchell-Keller, VP Industry Solutions at Google Cloud. Lori covers wide.

Cloud 212

2021 was a record breaking year for Israeli startups. What now?

VC Cafe

2021 was a banner year for Israeli startups, breaking new records in fundraising, new unicorns, and exits. But if we take out the rosy glasses, what are the risks ahead? What comes next?

Israel 128

6 Essential Leadership Practices Raise Accountability

Startup Professionals Musings

As an advisor to business executives and owners, I often hear discussions about employee accountability , almost always focusing on the negative.

The Ultimate Guide To Automated Software Testing


Software designers and programmers can make software testing more straightforward by using automated programs capable of detecting minor errors in code and potential bugs. . The post The Ultimate Guide To Automated Software Testing appeared first on Young Upstarts. Others software testing

Startup Secrets for New Entrepreneurs

The Startup Magazine

Do you want to give your new organization the best chance for success in a competitive, crowded marketplace? If so, it’s important to understand that there are no guarantees in the world of commercial businesses.

30 Entrepreneur Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name


The idea of exactly what your business is going to do usually comes first. Secondly, most often, is giving a title to your idea. What exactly is going to be the name of your business? Some people turn to their childhood for inspiration or a beloved family pet.

Naming 124

Analyst Cam: Tecsys Supply Chain execution

deal architect

As we have moved to virtual briefings, I have increasingly been excerpting short video segments (with permission ) as part of my Analyst Cam series. This time it is Guy Courtin, VP of Industry and Advanced Technology for Tecsys, a. Analyst Cam Supply chains Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

Fintech: the 21st-century assembly line

View from Seed

In my second blog post, I wanted to share a bit about myself and the intersection of three things that I am passionate about: cars, fintech, and marketing. As a kid, I was enamored with anything possessing an engine that could go fast (Fast and Furious is my favorite movie series). My fantasy as a kid was to work at the Audi HQ in Stuttgart, Germany, designing and building my dream car.

8 Growth Practices That Every Startup Needs To Follow

Startup Professionals Musings

Many new business owners I know have learned the hard way that you can never be everything for everyone. As a startup, you need to use your limited resources to excel at a few core things for your best customers, in order to stand out and get the momentum going.

Advantages Of Business Text Messaging


Here's a look at business text messaging and highlight why it needs to become part of your business's communication strategy. The post Advantages Of Business Text Messaging appeared first on Young Upstarts. Others business advice text messaging


Best Advice For Hosting A Corporate Event Safely

The Startup Magazine

Hosting corporate events is an integral part of running a business in the US. You have to organize them to stay visible and ahead in the competitive landscape. But a successful event is not only about connecting with your audience.

How Negotiations are Mutually Beneficial in the Age of eCommerce


Popular online shopping sites like Nordstrom, Best Buy, and other retailers give their store managers the power to share deals on prices. In addition, other retailers like Staples, Toys R Us, and Target offer price matching policies on their merchandise.

Analyst Cam: Salesforce Revenue Cloud

deal architect

As we have moved to virtual briefings, I have increasingly been excerpting short video segments (with permission ) as part of my Analyst Cam series. This time it is Meredith Schmidt, EVP of Revenue Cloud at Salesforce. She paints a. Analyst Cam