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Are Best Practices Your Best Bet For Success?


by Juliana Stancampiano, author of “ Radical Outcomes: How to Create Extraordinary Teams that Get Tangible Results “. As an entrepreneur or executive, chances are you’ve spent your share of time in working groups and presentations at which speakers and consultants talk to you about “best practices.”

Do entrepreneurs really have common character traits?

NZ Entrepreneur

Researchers have been trying for decades to establish the most common character traits of entrepreneurs.

Leader Insights: Building a Startup Culture of Prosperity and Success

The Startup Magazine

Below, The Startup Magazine provides an essay from Anna Svirelkina, Chief Operating Officer of BlockShow, the global blockchain technology conference.

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7 Delusions About Business Ethics Limit Future Growth

Startup Professionals Musings

New entrepreneurs tend to focus only on getting the product right, and assume that the right culture and ethics will come later simply by hiring good people. In fact, they need an early focus on developing their moral compass, as well as setting the right ethical tone.

The Elephant In The Room: How To Confront Difficult Business Scenarios

YFS Magazine

Confrontation is hard for everyone. Get over it. If you can learn to identify and tackle the disagreements you will be successful in all you do. Lead health and wellness leadership mental health personal development

How to CEO Podcast Interview – Han Jin CEO of Lucid


The world has changed. You can crash and burn or you can get the right tools and information now and change your life, your business and the lives of your employees. In this episode of How to CEO , I welcome Han Jin, the co-founder, and CEO of Lucid. Han Jin and his partner created Lucid in 2015.

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Friday Funism – “Doable Deal”

View from Seed

One of the key conversations that happens during NextView’s evaluation of an investment is the “debrief” after the partner meeting , where the entire partnership gets the opportunity to interact with the founding team and dive deeper into the business. . During the debrief, we would discuss not only aspects of the company (i.e. team, market, product, stage/traction) but also the potential deal itself (i.e. how much the company is raising, valuation expectations, round/syndicate dynamics, etc.).

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Growth Zone: An Interview With Teespring CEO Chris Lamontagne

YFS Magazine

Teespring CEO, Chris Lamontagne shares his thoughts on the future of technology, social commerce, turn around strategies, and leadership. People Success Profiles Business Growth growth strategy leadership personal development

Sell More Faster

Feld Thoughts

When we started Techstars in 2006 we had one core goal in mind – helping entrepreneurs succeed. While it started as an experiment with one accelerator in Boulder, we now have about 50 accelerators annually around the world funding 500 startups a year.

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Micro funnels: What They Are and How to Use Them


Lead generation is vital for any business. Once you’re generating some leads, the next logical step is to improve the conversion rate. Depending on your niche, there are different tactics and methods for improving conversions. One you may not have heard of is creating and optimizing micro funnels.

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6 Myths On Starting A New Business That Can Kill You

Startup Professionals Musings

Starting a new business is fraught with challenges, and none of us has the bandwidth to kill them all.

Should Brands Build Long-Term Partnerships With Influencers?

YFS Magazine

Two-thirds of marketers experience difficulty in selecting influencers for their campaigns according to a study by TapInfluence and Altimeter. Grow Marketing & Sales branding Influencer Marketing marketing sponsored marketing

Do More Faster, 2nd Edition on Give First

Feld Thoughts

In 2010, David Cohen and I wrote a book titled Do More Faster. It was filled with stories and advice from founders, investors, and mentors from around the first two years of Techstars. This was the first book I wrote. David and I learned the joy and pain of writing a book.

The Complete Guide to Writing Product Descriptions That Convert


Most product descriptions are awful. Or worse, non-existent. Product copy and product descriptions seem like such minor parts of a website in the grand scheme of conversion optimization , so many brands brush it off.

7 Traits Of Today’s New Business Innovator And Model

Startup Professionals Musings

In the beginning all businesses are just people playing out an idea. It’s never the other way around – there is no idea so big that it doesn’t need people to make it succeed. Investors know this, hence the saying “Bet on the jockey (founder), not the horse (idea).”

How To Define A Vision And Mission For Your Startup (And Why You Should)


You might have an elevator pitch prepared for your business. You might even have a financial forecast in place. But do you know what your startup’s vision is? What about its mission? . These terms are often confused, and tend to serve as afterthought additions to your company’s business plan.

Time To Confess: Exposing My Dirty Little Business Secret

YFS Magazine

This has been the highest challenge throughout my entrepreneurship journey. Lead leadership personal development scaling

Want to Build an Amazing MarTech Stack? Avoid These 12 Mistakes


You want to do amazing marketing. You want to empower your team, collect the right data, create unique content, automate funnels, personalize communication, report with ease, act on insight, and achieve the snowball effect.

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28 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips and Tricks of Staying Motivated


When the going gets rough in business, you’ll need motivation to keep moving. Motivating yourself can be hard but practicing consistent habits such as reminding yourself of why you started can be a major boost.

Everything You Need to Know About Finances for Your Startup


Getting a startup off the ground isn’t easy. Instead of focusing solely on your baby, as in the actual product or service that you’re selling, you’ll also have to deal with administrative headaches. Managing your startup finances is one of these necessary evils.

How To Choose The Best 401k Providers For Your Small Business


It is not easy as it sounds, and a lot of thought process and evaluation has to be taken in to account. To begin with, 401K is a pre-qualified retirement savings plan set up by employers towards the benefit of their eligible employees.

12 copywriting myths debunked with Momoko Price


How do you become a great copywriter? Do you blindly follow copywriting best practices and what people say online? I scoured the internet to find 12 things people say you must do and ran them past my friend, Momoko Price one of the best conversion copywriters out there.

Mental Health Hints for Entrepreneurs

Feld Thoughts

Recently, I read a well-written article in Fast Company by Jon Dishotsky titled We need to be more honest about what tech culture is doing to our mental health. In it, he had a list of lessons he has learned over the years. Look out for your wake-up call Create routines that prioritize mental health Work in line with your body’s rhythm Make time for silence Find space to unplug Give your emotions credit Cultivate (and listen to) your inner circle.

How to Form a Corporation

Up and Running

If you’ve decided to incorporate as a C corporation, S corporation, or B corporation entity, this article will outline all the steps you’ll need to take.

How To Get Actionable Feedback And Find Out What Clients Really Think


by Katie Lundin of crowdspring. Everyone knows that clients can offer priceless insight into your business. Your clients have a fresh perspective. They notice things that you don’t. They can tell you if you’re successfully meeting their needs. Or not.

Enhance your career with a PMP® Certification

The Startup Magazine

Project Management Professional® or PMP® is one of the significant and rewarding industry-recognized certifications for project managers. A PMP® certified individual can easily work for any industry regardless of its geographical location. The essence of a PMP® Certification is necessarily global.

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Austin is Becoming a Hub of Innovation for the Insurance Industry


Data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence are driving big changes in the insurance industry, And Austin is emerging as a hub of innovation with several new InsureTech startups.

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The Version One Promise to Founders

Version One Ventures

The venture capital market has become very noisy over the past few years, especially on the early-stage side. Not a day goes by that a new fund isn’t being announced. Entrepreneurs have an increasing amount of financing options – that’s good news, but it also makes it harder to choose the right partners for your journey.

What To Know When Starting Your Own Dentistry Practice


A person’s oral health can play a significant role in the quality of their life. With healthy teeth and gums, it’ll be easy for them to socialize with other people, gain a positive self-image, and seize more opportunities in life.

3 Versatile roles of a Scrum Master

The Startup Magazine

Today’s businesses require a faster go-to-market strategy, high-quality products, and high customer satisfaction. The scrum and agile practices help in achieving the organization’s objectives. A scrum master plays a unique role in an organization.


Midlife and the Great Unknown

Feld Thoughts

I don’t know whether it was Jerry Colonna or my therapist who recommended this to me, but I listened to David Whyte’s Midlife and the Great Unknown yesterday on my evening run. As part of my acceptance of midlife, which I define as the transition into the stage where you know you have fewer days to live than the number of days you have already lived, I’ve been exploring a bunch of different things. One of them is poetry, which has always been extremely difficult for me to read.


4 Tactics for Business Growth and Expansion

Up and Running

Since every company’s strengths and weaknesses (and threats and opportunities) are different, there really isn’t a cookie-cutter approach to recommend for successful growth and expansion.

5 Things To Remember When Dealing With Debt Collectors


Debt collection calls are not usually something you can wish for. It can be stressful knowing that you have an outstanding debt that ought to be paid and nowhere to turn to. Furthermore, most debtors believe that the use of threats will frighten you into paying them.

7 Tips for Giving Your Brand a Visual Identity

The Startup Magazine

One of the most interesting things about your brand is the fact that it appeals to your audience via various mediums. The cost of your products and their features appeal to their rational side, while your marketing is there to appeal to their emotional and impulsive side.

Quansight Futures is Raising a $20 Million Fund to Invest in Early-Stage Open-Source Tech Startups


Quansight Futures, based in Austin, announced the launch of a new $20 million early-stage investment fund focused on open-source technology.

Content is More Than Blog Posts – It’s the Voice of Strategy

Duct Tape Marketing

Content is More Than Blog Posts – It’s the Voice of Strategy written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch on Content as the Voice of Strategy.

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10 Tips To Create A Meaningful And Impressive Business Logo Design


Businesses in 2019 depend a lot on effective communication. They have expert marketers who make complex strategies so that people can engage with the company in various ways.

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