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How To Be A Leader When Machines Are Smarter Than You

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Image via Pixabay The majority of business professionals I meet these days accept that we are now deep in the digital age, where mountains of data are gathered on everything we do, online and offline.

Are MBA Founders More Diverse?

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Original research on gender diversity and fundraising amongst HBS founders. Historically, there has been a general bias against MBA founders — a skepticism around their grit and hustle.

The “Curse of Knowledge”: How Expertise Can Hurt Marketing


Marketers are intimately familiar with their industry and product. But that familiarity isn’t always an advantage. Often, they unknowingly overwhelm or confuse the same visitors they seek to persuade (with long, jargon-filled product pages, for example).

Techstars MetLife Looking for Companies Addressing Mental Health

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I’ve been open about my journey with depression and the importance of addressing and destigmatizing issues around mental health.

7 Steps To A Winning Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Image via Pixabay Most startups, and many big businesses, still don’t have a clue on how to use social media productively for marketing their business.

Bruce Cleveland: Part 1- Traversing the Traction Gap

deal architect

Bruce Cleveland, who many readers may remember from his Siebel days is now an investor and has a new book out, Traversing the Traction Gap. I had a long ranging conversation with him about the book and also about trends.

As The Leader Of Your Company, It Pays To Be Emotionally Intelligent


by Scott Schulte , vice president and senior benefits consultant at Sonus Benefits. Gone are the days of absentee leadership or CEOs who operate out of sight or behind the scenes.

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How To Practice As Well As Preach Being Accountable

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Image via Flickr by Cabinet Office It’s easy to say to people on your team that they must be accountable for their actions, but it’s not so easy to tell them how to do it. It’s even harder to give them the mindset of wanting to be accountable.

SAP Nation 3.0 excerpts: Chapter 2 The Enterprise Computing "Continent" in the 2000s

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My new book is now available to buy here in print version, and for pre-order in the Kindle version (will be released on Friday). As with my earlier books, I am excerpting roughly 10% of the 400 page book in. SAP Nation, the book


5 Easy Strategies For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign


Digital Marketers can’t get enough of email marketing, and for good reason too. Reports valued the ROI of email marketing at 44:1 in 2016 – $44 dollars of value for every $1 spent.

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Public Service Announcement: Don’t Look at the Web Today

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I used to think April Fools Day was interesting. Companies and people brought out clever web jokes, many of them subtle and almost believable. Some were entertaining, some were cringeworthy, but few were offensive. Now, the who thing is just extraordinarily annoying.

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8 Pragmatic Reasons Not To Wait For The Next Bubble

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Image via Pixabay According to The Washington Post and WSJ, the economy has been slowing down around the world, and the US will follow suit before 2019 ends.

UnLearning to Lead

Grasshopper Herder

If we want our company to achieve greatness, we have to empower our team members to be leaders in their own areas. That means focusing on the clarity of our mission and the capabilities of our teammates. The post UnLearning to Lead appeared first on Corporate Startup Miscellaneous Teamwork & Leadership Entrepreneur Innovation Mentor Retrospective Strategy teams

Spring Clean Your Device And Back Up Data Securely


by David Zimmerman, CEO of LC Technology International . Today’s electronics feature considerable amounts of internal storage. The average laptop boasts between 500GB and 1TB of storage, which is enough to hold thousands of photos, videos, and documents.

Direction You Look is the Direction You Go

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A friend from a long time ago, who I hadn’t heard from in a while, sent me an email with a wonderful nugget in it. I just got back from Oahu and had an interesting experience on Waikiki Beach. My son and I were boogie boarding and there were several people taking surfing lessons out in the waves with instructors. As the intrepid beginners got up on their boards and surfed one of their first waves, the instructors would invariably be shouting directives to them.

8 Career Advancement Principles Of Ownership Thinking

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Image via Flickr by Lyncconf Games Based on my own business experience of many years on both sides of the owner-employee role, I believe that one of the quickest ways to improve your employee career is to think like an owner.

Making features/functions sexy again

deal architect

I got excited this week when the Workday sent analysts a one hour video (sorry - don't have permission to share the video) which summarizes 500+ new features and 300+ new brainstroms in release 32. That release was delivered on. Cloud Computing, SaaS Globalization and Technology Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

5 Reasons I Love Boring Businesses


by Dan Abatte, co-founder of 81-c. Making it” is relative. In my 20+ years of entrepreneurship, I’ve seen a big change in how success is defined. Entrepreneurs nowadays want to boast about brand-name investors, huge rounds of funding, and a team of high-skill employees.

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Feminist Lab Symposium at CU Boulder #feministlabs

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On April 17th and 18th, the “What Is a Feminist Lab?” Symposium will take place at the University of Colorado Boulder. It is co-organized by Maya Livio, Lori Emerson , and Thea Lindquist. The event will examine the recent proliferation of labs, survey the lab landscape, and explore ways in which intersectional feminist approaches can be integrated into labs and the work they do. While I won’t be in town, the speaker list looks awesome.

What Your Posts Really Say About You

Rembrandt Communications

What Image Do You Convey Via Social Media? Research indicates that you can decrease loneliness and depression by limiting the amount of time you are on social media.

Bruce Cleveland - Part 2 - thoughts on current enterprise market

deal architect

In Part 1, Bruce Cleveland talked about the framework in his new book, Traversing the Traction Gap. Here we talk about partnering and white spaces in the market. Most enterprise vendors now offer their own platforms. Could they use your. Analytics, Big Data Industry Commentary Venture Capital Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

Why Your Website Isn’t Bringing You As Many Visitors As You Want


If you build it they will come, right? Actually, in the world of the Internet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Simply building a website isn’t enough to ensure website success.

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Book: Catch and Kill

Feld Thoughts

I wasn’t able to sleep last night, so after doing the final copy edit on Do More Faster 2nd Edition, I started reading J.D. Lasica’s new book Catch and Kill: A high-tech conspiracy thriller. My brain was toast and my head was full of dripping dead virus goo, so I hoped some good mental floss would help pass the time. I finally crawled into bed at about 3am after reading about half of the book. Today was supposed to be the emotional warm up for the Knoxville Marathon.


5 Best Ways To Improve and Motivate Your Digital Marketing Team

The Startup Magazine

Did you know that The Average Consumer Attention Span Is 8 Seconds? Probably, Yes. Digital Marketing is everywhere and its knowledge is vital in this age of digitisation. This is the reason why so many companies have dedicated teams handling their digital marketing. Photo by Min An from Pexels.

Be like Bill and Warren and Elon.

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Michael Simmons writes about the 5 hour rule of many successful executives "Over the last year, I’ve explored the personal history of many widely-admired business leaders like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg in order. Industry Commentary


Ideas To Design A Flawless Social Media Marketing Strategy For A Startup


Are you new to the Australian business world? Do you want to figure out a way to take your business to the next level? Well, the objective is now achievable provided you figure out the essential aspects that can strengthen your business. For example, you need to realize the force of social media.

The Crash

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I woke up this morning with my eyes glued shut. That was pretty disorienting. I wasn’t a character in a Dean Koontz novel, but I was relieved when I realized that I had conjunctivitis, as I’m not sure what I would have done if my eyes were sewn shut with fishing line. After I sorted myself out, I remembered that I was supposed to be running the Knoxville Marathon today. I would have been just finishing up when I woke up, so I had a wave a sadness come over me.


If Facebook Disappeared Tomorrow, Would You Lose All Your Customer Data?

Up and Running

Having a worldwide audience at your fingertips is great, but if a social media platform is the gatekeeper of your contact list, do you really own that information? I would argue no. I understand why social media marketing is attractive to small businesses.

Unfair to NetSuite?

deal architect

For a fleeting moment I felt guilty I am not at SuiteWorld. Mark Hurd was talking about shipments from Shanghai and inventory allocations while in transit. I perked up at the webstream. But just as quickly he was talking about. Cloud Computing, SaaS

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How To Create A Great Sell Sheet


As an entrepreneur, you’ve created a product that you can be proud of. Unlike wannabe entrepreneurs, you took an idea from concept and executed it into a tangible item that you can sell. You’re already several steps ahead of entrepreneurs who managed to fail.

Strangeworks Aims to Bring Quantum Computing to the Masses


Quantum computing is still in its infancy. But in Austin, Strangeworks, founded by William Hurley, aka, Whurley, is spearheading a venture focused on making quantum computing applications accessible to everyone.

CXL Live 2019 Recap: Takeaways from Every Speaker


What a rush—24 speakers over three days at a picturesque resort. Add to that 400 old and new faces, plenty of conversations, live music, and more than a few beers. CXL Live is an experience.

An Unconventional Way This Company Killed Its Biggest Productivity Killer

YFS Magazine

When a startup suffers from multiple office distractions and a lack of team focus it's time to look beyond traditional office productivity methods. Company Culture Grow company culture employee motivation productivity workplace development

3 Security Considerations When Starting A Home-Based Business


There are many types of home-based business, and not all of them need home security. But if you’re operating an active business out of your home where you’re housing inventory, clients come and go, or employees are working in your home, a security system is critical.

The Modern Shape and Trends of Employee Culture


Peter Drucker (1909-2005), the late Austrian-born management consultant, once famously said that culture eats strategy for breakfast — i.e., while a sound business plan is excellent, nothing is more important than a company’s culture.

How to avoid a website redesign FAIL.


Should you redesign your website? Probably not. In this episode, Peep discusses reasons why people choose to redesign websites and how these reasons usually cause the project to FAIL or can fail due to poor management. Don’t think radical redesign, think evolution.

Create Your Own Business Website With 6 Simple Steps In Mind

YFS Magazine

Building a professional DIY business website has never been easier. Here's a look at six simple steps to keep in mind while creating your business website. Grow Marketing & Sales company website marketing website design website development

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