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10 Sage Quotes From $100M Entrepreneur Winners


Robert Jordan image via All the quotes come from entrepreneurs who have built and sold at least one $100 million company.

How to Configure Your Startup Team

Both Sides of the Table

I am fond of quoting that about 70% of my investment decision of an early-stage company is the team. Final startup grind from msuster. identify gaps.

Investing in and Joining the Board of

Feld Thoughts

We just announced Foundry Group’s investment in this morning. We led a $7m financing in the leader in digital dog boarding that connects dog owners with approved, reviewed, and insured sitters. is part of our marketplace theme , which now includes investments in SideTour and PivotDesk. I’m psyched to be an investor.

Better for whom?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

We looked at all the products in the space and thought, “We can do it better.” ’” Better for whom? A family of six? How-To

How Etsy Grew their Number of Female Engineers by Almost 500% in One Year

Redeye VC

At First Round Capital, we spend a lot of time and resources supporting our technical leadership from across our 170+ companies.

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Avoiding Undue Diligence: My Strange Approach To Angel Investing


In a few weeks, I'm going to write a $25,000 check to invest in a company that currently does not exist. There is no company. There's no team. Cheers.

What The Rails Security Issue Means For Your Startup

Kalzumeus Software. Patrick McKenzie (patio11) blogs on software development, marketing, and general business topics. Greatest Hits. About. by Patrick.

8 Key Actions for Entrepreneurs Needing Early Money

Startup Professionals Musings

In fact, most investors “require” that you already have some investment from friends and family before they will even step up to the plate.

Your Blog as a Startup: Tips to Manage Your Finances and Make Money Blogging

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Remember when blogging started? It was the late ’90s, and at the time bloggers were called diarists, journal writers or journalers.

CPA 54

Entrepreneurs Experience – Do It and Learn It

Steve Blank

In 2012, in partnership with Stanford University , U.C. Berkeley and NCIIA , Jerry Engel and I first offered the Lean LaunchPad Educators Class.

Evolution of a Founder: Lessons I have learned

About. Twitter. Subscribe. Om Says. About Me. Om Malik is the founder of GigaOM. He is a venture partner at True Ventures. His full bio is here. Scary?

Great Entrepreneurs Build Deep People Connections

Startup Professionals Musings

Entrepreneurship is more about building a business than inventing a product. They exchange more emails, texts, and tweets every day. Marty Zwilling.

Be an Optimist: How to Train Your Brain for Positivity

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Not a natural optimist? Use these simple exercises to train your brain to more easily pick out the positive. So what's the big deal? Do something nice.

Video 49

Signs You Need To Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

It’s tempting to think you can handle digital marketing yourself. Red Flags and Missed Opportunities. Are these sales profitable? Find Where to Invest.

3 Interview Tips for Hiring Outstanding Developers

Mashable. Mashable. Sign in. Follow @mashable. see more > Search. Social Media. Business. Entertainment. US & World. Lifestyle. Watercooler.

Venture Math 101


My good friend and professional instigator David Crow sparked some reactions last week with this 100% on the money tweet. VC Math 101. MKS: $ 292M.

How to Create a Positive Attitude

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A positive attitude is never automatic. You have to work at it! Here's how to become a master of the mind. Remember that YOU control your attitude.

Sales 49

10 Trends That Will Dominate the Tech Startup World in 2013

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

There will be a few obvious trends this year as well as a few surprising ones. Get Off the Trend Bandwagon. Big Data will Rise. Mobile Apps Will Boom.

Coding Horror: How to Hire a Programmer


Hiring 47

Everyone at Yipit is Now Learning to Code

Vinicius Vacanti

” - Marc Andreessen. Five years ago, I was firmly in Andreessen’s second group: the non-coders. I needed to learn to code. Interested?

Coder 46

The Case for a 25-Hour Work Week (This Is Not a Joke)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

One researcher says people should work less per week, but work more weeks total. Crazy or brilliant?

9 Things You Must Forget from Your School

Life Beyond Code

Good teachers can change your life – be it in school or outside of it. Here are nine of them: 1. Your report card will show how good you are.

A Problem With Gmail When The Machines Take Over

Feld Thoughts

In general, I love Gmail. While Amy likes to complain to me about how ugly it is, I don’t even see the UI anymore as I just grind through the endless stream of email that I get each day. My biggest struggle is figuring out how to keep up, without the email ending up dominating everything I do. Fortunately, spam is almost non-existent for me.

Email 44
Email 44

If It Weren't for All These Customers We Sure Could Run This Railroad!

Small Business Force

It was said somewhat in jest, but with enough feeling, that there was more than a little truth to it. No doubt! With smartphones, Skype, etc.,

9 Hidden Qualities of Stellar Bosses

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

What your employees see you doing matters. But often it's what they can't see that matters more. Good bosses look good on paper. and they forget.

Ecommerce is a slog — what’s your angle ?

Fred Destin

There a bold piece by Marc Andreessen in PandoDaily announcing the " death of retail ". I'll subscribe to that ! A simplistic primer. Buy Side Margin.

How To Get Refocused On Work

Mike Michalowicz

It happens to us all. We are working away, and then that email chime goes off. Here is what they shared: 1. Dance Like You Don’t Care. Try it.

Oman 41

The Art of Graceful Disagreement

Life Beyond Code

Disagreement is hard and graceful disagreement is an art that you MUST master. You don’t know how to disagree. No, that’s not the point.


Top 10 Influential Business Books of All Time

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These ten books changed the business world forever. However, there are a handful of business books that have literally changed the world. Nice, eh?

How to Use Personalized Content and Behavioral Targeting For Improved Conversions


500 different people go to Each one sees a different version of the home page. How come? It’s personalized! How it works? nobrainer.

The “I-just-got-bought-by-a-big-company” survival guide

Scott Weiss

It took almost six months for my former company IronPort’s acquisition by Cisco to close and it seemed like forever. Although I was still the CEO by name, I was essentially running a “puppet” government with every hire, major expense and strategic shift needing explicit approval from my soon-to-be-overlords. What to do? Most acquisitions fail.

How I negotiated my startup compensation

Youre reading Radical Transparency — a blog brought to you by the team at Keen IO. Michelle Wetzler. Follow @michellewetzler. Tweet. Me: “Cool.

Selling Face-to-Face Is Almost Obsolete

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The new salesperson is "plugged into" an industry rather than plodding from customer to customer. percent annual growth. Now you know why.

Sales 49

Announcing a Deal I’ve Wanted to Talk About for a Year

Both Sides of the Table

Let me not bury the lede. I first met Ethan in 2005. I was preparing to move back to the US from London after 11 years abroad. “No choice at all!”