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Harnessing the power of strategic partnerships

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Just as with humans, isolation puts businesses at risk. Therefore, fostering relationships with other persons or companies can be viewed both as a lifeline and a sure route to success.

Not Just A Buzz Phrase: How Disney’s Mission Drives Its Continuing Success


by Michael G. Goldsby and Rob Mathews, authors of “ Entrepreneurship the Disney Way “ Have you ever found yourself thinking that a mission is just a buzzword, and a mission statement is nothing more than corporate fluff? If so, you are not alone.

7 Strategies To Accelerate Creativity In Your Company

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Within the startup realm, there is a big difference between having an innovative product versus an innovative business. Some startups have a new technology, but stick to a tried-and-true business model. Others take an existing product, and give it new life with a creative business model.

Robin Hauser’s Film Bias at the Boulder International Film Festival 2019

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Amy and I are long-time supporters of the Boulder International Film Festival. The 2019 fes tival starts soon and runs from February 28 to March 3rd. Bias , one of the documentaries that we helped fund, is making its Colorado Premier and showing on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 10:00 am.

The One Thing That Great Leaders Understand

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One Thing That Great Leaders Understand I was scanning Twitter this past week and I came across these great Tweets by Michael Seibel at Y Combinator. When I was young I thought management was about distribution/delegation of responsibilities.

Forged by fire

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Dennis Howlett writes about the "current levels of public angst among independent industry analysts at the state of enterprise software". He cites Raven Intel, Josh Greenbaum, Upper Edge, Brian Sommer, Jarret Pazahanick and me pointing to different problem areas in. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) Industry analysts (Gartner, Forrester, AMR, others

10 Clues That A New Business May Not Be Your Passion

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People who get stressed managing their own lives don’t make good entrepreneurs. Small businesses require multi-tasking, work prioritization, and decision-making, with no assistants or help from specialists. That’s why Fortune 500 executives usually don’t survive as startup CEOs.

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This is the Dumbest Op Ed I’ve Read in a While

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I understand that Adam Grant is a fairly popular professor at Wharton and has a book that some people loved called “Originals” (for me it interesting but not mind blowing, and I have some first-hand knowledge of some of its inaccuracies).

Simple Ways To Make Money Online


If you dream of staring your own business where you can make a regular income online, you are in luck. Thanks to advanced technology, it has become far easier for people to earn an income on a part-time or full-time basis from the comfort of their own homes.

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7 Job Qualifications For Intrapreneurs In Any Company

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Every mature company I know is looking for more innovation from within. They are painfully aware that tenure on the list of S&P companies is shrinking – from thirty-three years back in 1964, down to twenty-four in 2016, and predicted to be just twelve by 2027.

Meet RVR from Sphero

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Sphero has announced RVR , a go anywhere, do anything programmable robot. It launched on Kickstarter today and is available , along with a bunch of other fun pre-order options. Over the last eight years, Sphero has made a bunch of different robots.

Who Should be on Your Startup Board?

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One of the things that founders have the most angst about is whom they should have on their board and at what stage of the business.

Next-gen Enterprise Apps

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I am reviewing the latest typeset draft of my next book. While much of the content is focused on SAP, its customers and its competitors, sprinkled throughout the book are glimpses of a rapidly changing enterprise apps market. Anshu Sharma. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

5 Indications That Your Work Culture Needs Attention

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Whether your company is a startup or a mature business, the last thing you need in the office is a toxic work culture. Yet, according to a recent study , more than half of tech employees see their current office culture as toxic.

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How To Get A Job In Venture Capital

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My partner Seth Levine has written several posts over the years on the topic of how to get a job in venture capital. His 2019 post, titled creatively How To Get A Job In Venture Capital is excellent. Things have changed in the last decade since his 2008 post titled How to get a job in venture capital (revisited) , which was an update from his 2005 post titled How to become a venture capitalist. All three posts are worth reading. Following is a teaser for each of the key points Seth makes.

Major Benefits Of Outsourcing To Commercial Cleaning Services


If you have started a small business recently, then you might be struggling to keep your office or building as clean as possible. This is where you should consider commercial cleaning services as a solution to your problem.

Startup Boards

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Startups that are backed by professional financial investors almost always have a Board of Directors that consists of some set of founders, investors and sometimes independent directors.

10 Ways To Highlight The Credibility Of Your Website

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Smart people only visit and buy from credible and memorable websites. In the past, if your startup had a website presence, the company was credible by definition. In today’s world, a website is necessary but not sufficient for credibility. Dreamers and gamblers have found out that if the website isn’t validated as credible, it’s probably a scam, and everyone loses.

Meet Four Women Changing The Face of Global Tech

YFS Magazine

It's refreshing and exciting to witness female-led innovation in an industry with a glaring gender imbalance. Here's a look at four women in tech to watch. Grow People Technology female entrepreneurship technology women entrepreneurs women in tech

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How To Start A Consulting Business


by Katie Lundin of crowdspring. Navigating the transition between a salaried employee and running your own consulting business can be tricky. If you’re ready to take the leap, we’re here to share 4 of the 10 steps you’ll need to know to get started.

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Should All of Management Attend Board Meetings?

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Should All of Your Management Team Attend Board Meetings? The age old question for every startup is whom to involve in the board meeting.

Why You Are More Likely to Succeed as an Entrepreneur Later in Life

The Startup Magazine

Magazine recently reported that the average age new entrepreneurs open their first startup is 40. While the media tends to publicize those who have become an entrepreneur in college or shortly thereafter, nearly all findings show that entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed later in life.

Four Highly Effective Ways Leaders Can Empower Their Teams

YFS Magazine

The most successful founders and CEOs respect each team member and inspire them to do good work. As a result, employees feel valued and appreciated. Lead leadership managing employees personal development team building

Marketing Strategies Your Business May Be Overlooking


Businesses don’t get very far without a stellar marketing strategy backing them every step of the way. It’s what gets their name around town and beyond, and truly gives them a presence in the public conscious.

How to Use Social Media for Market Research


Social media isn’t a perfect source of market research: It’s not a representative sample and, for small businesses, it’s simply too small of a sample. But for large organizations, it’s still a critical one. Because it includes your most passionate fans.

Starting Out on Your Work-at-Home Journey? Do These 6 Things Before You Forget

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According to Census data reported by Quartz at Work , a home office was the principal place of business for about 5.2% of U.S. workers in 2017, up from just over 3% in 2000.

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DivInc Partners with Notley Ventures


DivInc, the Austin-based early stage accelerator for women and people of color, on Thursday announced it is partnering with Notley Ventures. In addition, Notley is making a major philanthropic investment in DivInc.

The SEO Trends Watchlist For 2019 – A Simplified Guide


Regardless of the niche, nature of commercial activity, budget and other concerns, websites will have to focus on SEO, or Search engine optimisation to remain visible and accessible to the target audience.

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Want To Become A ‘Best Place To Work’? Focus On Five Things

YFS Magazine

By YFS Magazine. This wasn’t our first time on a 'Best Places to Work' list. How did we get here? Develop a winning workplace with these 5 tips. Company Culture Grow company culture employee retention leadership workplace development

Branding Tips that All Startup Founders Can Use

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Starting a company is not all about the financial side of the story. You need to invest time and many other resources into transforming the startup in a successful company. The goals you set will influence how things develop in the future, so you need to have the big picture in your head.

The Defense Innovation Center Officially Opens at Capital Factory in Austin


By LAURA LOREK Publisher of Silicon Hills News Athena Security showed off its gun detection system at the official opening of the Defense Innovation Center Thursday at Capital Factory.

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6 Leadership Habits CEOs Need To Develop


by Mark Green , author of “ Activators: A CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done “ Bad habits can be hard to break, and for business leaders who have them, they can be deal-breakers.

For Successful Entrepreneurs There’s a Positive Side of Bad Boss Experiences

YFS Magazine

By YFS Magazine. Entrepreneurs that find success have one shared experience: at one time in their career they have reported to a bad boss. Lead leadership management skills personal development

Investor Perspective: How to Write a Killer Business Plan

The Startup Magazine

Startups with a solid business plan and great pitch deck have a far greater chance of gaining investment. In this essay by one of Mercia’s Fund Principals, Ian Wilson, Ian talks about the sorts of things he and the team are looking for when plans come to them for review. Republished with permission.

SKU Accelerator Selects Seven Startups for its Seventh Cohort


By LAURA LOREK, publisher of Silicon Hills News Austin is known as a high-tech hub of innovative startups. But it’s also the birthplace of many consumer-packaged goods like Siete Family Foods, a Mexican-American food brand, that just landed $90 million in funding.

It All Impacts – Just Be Nice


by Bruce Hodes, CEO of CMI Teamwork Chicago and author of “ Front Line Heroes “ Our planning session was occurring and there he was. A Hilton employee quietly entered with copies in his hand. He was the red headed front desk guy who told me he would make copies.

Three Questions with Bala Subramaniam

Version One Ventures

I recently caught up with my good friend Bala Subramaniam , who is the Head of Fulfillment at Instacart. You may remember Bala’s talk on supply-demand equilibrium at our data-driven marketplace meetup back in May 2017. Bala is a seasoned product, business, and technology leader.