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Back to biking

Venture Cyclist

The folks at Wheelworks had found the 5th gear problem to be a bent cog, which they fixed. So, I got back on my bike today and cycled 19.5 miles (the two digit accuracy of the device prevents me from claiming 20 miles). I am still very new on the bike (total of only just over 100 miles).

Floyd Landis Caught Doping

Entrepreneurship Blog

After completing one of the greatest comebacks in Tour de France history to take the lead on the last day of competitive racing, Floyd Landis has been caught doping.

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Christine: Three Common Architectures for Blog Community

today's blogher workshop on blog community architectures, led by nancy white of full circle associates, elicited a set of common community templates: one blog, one blogger. someone fills a niche, and people congregate around her/him

Open Source - What is the Model?

Will Price

I flew to Portland really looking forward to learning more about open source business model and execution best practices. OSCON’s Executive Briefing included panelists from Red Hat , MySQL , Digium , and other leading open source companies.

Biking, blogging, 'bsessing

Venture Cyclist

The combination of biking and blogging allows for a certain amount of obsessing. Based on various articles I read on the internet I find that by watching my resting heart rate (pulse while lying in bed immediately after waking), I can discover if I how fast I am recovering from workouts and how well I am building cardio strength. I can also track my heartrate during the day after a ride to see how fast it returns to normal.

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More on Google numbers

Venture Cyclist

In a recent post , I suggested you find your Google number (search for your name on Google, and look for the number of the first entry that refers to you, as opposed to others with your name). A couple of friends noted that the entire first page of results is about them. Here are some further ego-surfing suggestions. What is your Google sur-number? Search against just your surname to see where you show up. What is your Google job-number? Search against your job title. This is a tough one.

Venture Capital Success: Luck vs. Gut

Entrepreneurship Blog

Paul Kedrosky sparks an interesting debate with himself in two separate posts over whether or not successful venture capitalist have a keen gut instinct (7/21/06) or are just plain lucky (12/3/05).

Christine: Charlene Li and Marnie Webb on Tagging and Tracking

Marnie Webb and Charlene Li exposed the seamy underbelly of tagging at BlogHer 2006. Tags both increase discoverability and enable readers to find others with shared interests. When you tag your own blog posts, you add yourself to an

Tim O'Reilly's Big Ideas

Will Price

Tim O'Reilly opened OSCON 2006 with a list of big ideas. A core theme of the conference is how to think through the future meaning of open source and how the concepts of open source apply to web applications. While many of Tim's ideas are well understood, they are interesting to think through and apply to the changing nature of opensource - which as a concept is moving away from solely source code to also include hosted applications and/or user-driven phenomena such as Flickr, Youtube, etc.


Flushing Buffers

Venture Cyclist

At the end of many a meeting (or in the middle of long ones), I get to hear various euphemisms as people rush to the restroom. In the high-tech world, there may be some self-amused comments about flushing buffers, especially when the rush to the restroom is to be followed by more to drink. Advice to cyclists is always to "drink before you are thirsty" because thirst is a delayed reaction, and if you are thirsty you are already on the way to dehydration.

Swapthing Widget: Want to Trade Books?

Entrepreneurship Blog

Given all of the recent buzz about Chris Anderson's new book titled " The Long Tail ," I decided that I probably should get around to reading it. Yet, it frustrates me that I have so many business related books, which I've already read, that despite being in excellent condition are merely sitting on my shelf gathering dust.

Christine: The Nostalgia of Pins in a Map (or, More Google Effluent)

while trolling through derek scruggs' blog today, i found a link to one of the most common counting habits for obsessives: where have you been? douwe osinga, one of google's european engineers, has this hack posted on his web site

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Will Price

I will be at OSCON in Portland starting tonight through Wednesday. Matt Asay is leading a great day tomorrow , and I look forward to a good discussion regarding business models, licensing strategies, and best practices for building open source companies. Some of Matt's thoughts on secrets of successful open source companies can be found here. If you will be at the show, please ping me. I will write more on the conference later this week

The longest Starbucks order

Venture Cyclist

I was in Starbucks today, and ordered my favorite cold drink: a medium skim decaf iced mocha (light on the ice). Starbucks aficionados will know that there is no such thing as medium (it is Grande), and I probably have it in the wrong order, but I feel this is the situation in which the customer always wrong. It always seems like such a mouthful to order and, as usual, I wondered what the longest Starbucks order is. Of course, I am not the first person to think of this.

Venture Capitalists that Fail

Entrepreneurship Blog

Silicon Beat has an interesting article on the failure of Worldview Technology Partners that provides some interesting insight into why venture firms fail. Especially interesting are the comments that discuss one of the firms general partners. I think understanding how venture capital firms work and why they fail is important for entrepreneurs that are trying to raise capital.

Stop Giving Bad Advice

Spencer Fry

I read a hell of a lot of entrepreneur blogs, because they're more often than not very inspiring and informative. However, in the past few months I've seen a drastic decline in the quality of advice people are dishing out

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Techdirt: India Says No Thanks To The $100 Laptop. It's kind of a "Let Them Eat Cake!" " response -- which kind of makes sense, given our recent trip to India

Stuck in 5th gear

Venture Cyclist

My bike workouts are stuck in fifth gear as I reported in Saturday's post on Tired Legs. This prompted a helpful and encouraging comment from Brad Feld , as well as a call from a close friend and marathoner John Sinclair. The takeaway seems to be that how I feel during a ride will include some degree of randomness, and that the rest periods are as important as the workouts.

Tired legs

Venture Cyclist

Dorit (my wife) is very sympathetic. Yesterday she assured me that when she swims she sometimes feels like she's flying through the water, and at other times that she is about to sink from the moment she gets in the pool. She shared this with me because I was feeling pretty lousy after a (mere) 17 mile ride on Thursday, which was not that much more than my previous max of 14 miles.

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The dangers of relying on collective intelligence revealed! Wikipedia Celebrates 750 Years Of American Independence Founding Fathers, Patriots, Mr. T. Honored (From The Onion -- hilarious


Failure to Land Advertising Contract

Spencer Fry

You know when you're really down in the dumps and you just don't know what to do? Well, that's how I feel after working three hard weeks and failing to come to an agreement with a company that we were trying to advertise with

Selling Advertising Scares Me

Spencer Fry

I receive a lot of email and instant messages from people wondering why I don't run any advertising based businesses. Well, in all honesty: it scares me. I'm big on having a steady source of income and the advertising industry doesn't

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A VC: Scars From The Last Bubble. Fred has a good posting on some of the downsides of having managed through the bubble bursting. I wrote about this (a little bit) last year in Ratcheting Up is Hard to Do ([link] but Fred's posti