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Trinity: A Mindset & Strategic Approach

Occam's Razor

Some of you have heard me speak at a conference , I always have a deep passion and excitement when I talk about the “Trinity” I wax and wane about it and go on and on about how fantastic the “Trinity” is.

That WikiSucks

Florida Venture Blog

SiliconBeat had an interesting article about how China is drawing talented people away from Silicon Valley.

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Christine: Burning Man Gets its Own Mashup

beatmaps, an event listings mashup, just posted a neat burning man mashup. this tool combines google satellite maps with burning man's schedule of events, a user-generated tagcloud, etc. registered beatmaps users can add themselves

Happiness vs. Purpose

Venture Cyclist

Yesterday, my wife and I had a comical exchange on a deep topic. Dorit started "I don't want my children to be happy, I want them to have a purpose in life." I replied "I don't need my children to have a purpose, I want them to be happy," then I paused and said "of course, you need a purpose to be happy, otherwise it's all pretty aimless." Dorit looked at me and more or less said "doh!" She was running ahead of me in expressing that the pursuit of happiness as an aim itself is self-defeating.

Listening to Entrepreneurs - Startups and angels: Along the way to.

Tim Keane

The consistent feedback each semester during my "New Venture Formation" graduate class is that the guest speakers were the highlight of the course. So I was pleased when someone sent me this link to a terrific collection of

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AOL Search Data Web Interfaces

Florida Venture Blog

Well it didn't take long for the published AOL search data to get a web interface. In fact, there have been many appearing in the past 24 hrs. The following is a short list that is sure to be obsolete upon posting: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] After playing with the various interfaces, it seems like everyone is taking a first-order approach to the data: searching for a specific term, a specific userid or a combo of userid and term.

Where to Learn About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Blog

Yesterday I posted on 3 great events over the next 10 days. However, in Silicon Valley there are many great organizations that host events designed to teach entrepreneurship, how to build great businesses and raise capital. These events occur almost every day of the week and virtually every topic an entrepreneur could face is covered at some point. Here is a list of several that I've found to be especially helpful.

PostApp's WidgetBox Service

Will Price

Rafe Needleman of Cnet wrote a wonderful overview of PostApp's WidgetBox service. The public beta will start in a few weeks and I encourage all of you to sign up. Read Rafe's blog post to learn why PostApp will play a key role in the future of web publishing

Web 0

Wicked Nasty

Venture Cyclist

I went out on a ride with Hannah this afternoon. A couple of young teenage boys passed us and one commented to the other (about my recumbent) "that bike is nasty!" Hannah assures me this is a complement - although not as much of a complement as "wicked nasty" would have been. We rode 5 miles and Hannah is starting to get the hang of gears. However, the jinx struck her gears - the front set won't change up from 1 to 2, so back to Wheelworks with her bike again tomorrow.

Part-Time Job Complete

Spencer Fry

Yesterday was the last day of my part-time job working as a teaching assistant for a Yale Summer Programs class. When I took the job I had many reservations about how much time I would be able to commit to the job being that I'm working

3 Great Events over the Next 10 Days

Entrepreneurship Blog

Over the next 10 days there are 3 great events taking place in Silicon Valley that anyone interested in entrepreneurship should consider attending. Tomorrow night (Wednesday, August 9th) is the 5th Stirr Mixer. The Stirr Mixers are highly social events that take place at the Blue Chalk Cafe in downtown Palo Alto. They bring together lots of entrepreneurs and investors in a friendly atmosphere. The events also feature 60 second elevator pitches from several preselected startups.


Will Price

Feedburner is beta testing Feedburner Networks. A Feedburner Network is a collection of blogs clustered around a particular topic. Brad Feld details the new service on his blog and he has set up a Feedburner Network on the Venture Capital industry that you can subscribe to by clicking here. I am pleased to be a member of the Network and congratulate Feedburner on creating a useful new service around "channels" of content

34 miles

Venture Cyclist

I rode 34 miles this morning, on the Minuteman Bikeway. I started in Arlington Center (to avoid the hassles of crossing Mass Ave in two locations). The distance from Arlington to Bedford is 8.5 miles, so I went there and back twice. It was fun to see the traffic backed up on Route 128 when I crossed it. According to my trusty Garmin Edge 305 , I averaged 13.3 Going out (uphill) I averaged 12 mph, and coming back I averaged 14.8

Just Walking Away

Spencer Fry

There's this project I've been working on for just about two years now that's had its ups and downs. Things have gone really well for a stretch of time and then poorly the next. I've sunk over $100000 in funding the project over these


Jason Calcanis on How to Walk Away (via Rick Segal)

Entrepreneurship Blog

Rick Segal points to a very good 2 minute section of Dave Winer's podcast with Jason Calcanis and others. Jason talks about what to do when a business doesn't work out and I think he makes a lot of sense. As someone who's startup recently failed , I can attest that there are some situations, especially between founders, where emotions run too high to make a rational decision.

Hubpages Launches

Will Price

Hubpages , Hummer Winblad 's latest portfolio company, launched today. I profiled the company in a prior post and TechCrunch kindly wrote on the company and service today. Enjoy the site and good luck beating my Hubscore

Two flat tires

Venture Cyclist

Hannah and I headed out this afternoon for opportunity to bike on both sides of the Charles River, including the closed off section of Memorial Drive. Our friend Guy Sapirstein arranged to meet us in a parking lot near the river. This was planned to be Hannah's first ride of any consequence. When we arrived we found Guy already to go and unloaded our bikes. The first thing we found was Hannah's bike mysteriously had a flat rear wheel. Oh well.

The Ruler Has Returned

Spencer Fry

To quote the majestic Slick Rick the Ruler “Hauk, who goes yonder? The Ruler has returned!” Corny, but I couldn't come up with anything better. That's right; I'm back from my vacation. I'm quite a bit tanner, my skin is still salty from


65 VC Blogs OPML File

Entrepreneurship Blog

Ken King recently created an OPML file for all the blog that I pointed to in my post on 65 VC and Angel Investor blogs. He also uploaded it to Share Your OPML. I hope Ken's OPML file helps anyone who's interested in entrepreneurship follow all of these investor blogs. Thanks Ken

Food for bikes - 2nd installment

Venture Cyclist

As you may recall, I have started evaluating energy bars. The first article scored the Solo Chocolate Charger (4 points out of 5), Pria Double Chocolate Cookie Bar (perfect 5 points) and the awful GoLean Malted Chocolate Crisp bar (zero points). Here are the next three entries in my ongoing quest. two come in at 4.5 points out of 5, and one at 3.5. Not bad.

Thinking About the Giants in 2007

Entrepreneurship Blog

I sent the text below to a handful of friends who are SF Giants fans. One of them wrote back that it would make a good blog post. Its not so much that the Giants are out of playoff contention this year (because the NL West is sooo bad) as much as the Giants have a huge offseason coming up. 5 of the Giants 8 starting position players and their number one pither are free agents.

Motorcycles & The Environment

Entrepreneurship Blog

Matt Elke, a friend of mine, recently started what I suspect will be an interesting blog about his two passions, motorcycles & the environment. Matt is a grad student at UCSB School of Environmental Management and he is currently working on a watershed project in Chiapas, Mexico. Matt likes to do things his own way, which seems to provide him with his fair share of adventure. For instance, check out this post about riding to Mexico on his motorcycle.

Identity Theft: Michael Arrington vs. Seth Godin?

Entrepreneurship Blog

So there is a lot of mention about the use of identity theft related to malware and financial account fraud. There is no question that this is a big problem, but there are some precautions that one can take to lessen the risk. However, as I read the spat between Michael Arrington and Seth Godin that appears in the comments (#11 & #15) of a recent TechCrunch article , it dawned on me that it would be incredibly easy to hijack someone's identity in the blogsphere.