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Startup Stock Options – Why A Good Deal Has Gone Bad

Steve Blank

A version of this article first appeared in the Harvard Business Review. VC’s have just changed the ~50-year old social contract with startup employees. In doing so they may have removed one of the key incentives that made startups different from working in a large company.

Why diverse teams make better business decisions

The Next Web

Probably one of the most well-known brand fails in the past few years was Pepsi’s 2017 ad featuring Kendall Jenner.

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The Five Keys to Effective Board Meeting Agendas

Board Effect

If you’re going to take time out of your day to attend a meeting, whether it’s a formal meeting or an informal meeting, you’ll want it to be as productive as possible. Meetings that lack a solid structure can easily get off track and amount to a lot of talk with no action.

5 Startup Cost Realities Most Founders Underestimate

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Flickr by Phil Gyford Starting a new venture still costs real money, even though the entry price has come down dramatically in last few decades.

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Tom Bogan – The Importance of Being Agile

deal architect

Tom Bogan is CEO of Adaptive Insights, a company whose business planning cloud automates previously manual planning tasks—for finance, sales, and workforce planning—and supplements those capabilities with enterprise-scale reporting and analytics. Tom joined Adaptive Insights when it was at $40

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Formlabs Form 3, 3L, and Digital Factory

Feld Thoughts

Formlabs Digital Factory is happening on May 7th, 2019. If you are into 3D printers, this is shaping up to be a key event of 2019. The speaker list is epic and one you don’t want to miss.

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6 Tips to Boost Workforce Engagement and Motivation

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Wikipedia The challenge for all of us in business is to improve competitiveness by improving employee productivity and reducing costs.

Rob Enslin, turnaround artist

deal architect

SAP briefed me, under NDA, on Friday night about Rob Enslin leaving. At that time, I was also staring at a fairly hostile email from another vendor exec in response to a request they become more open in their analyst. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

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Why You Can’t Get Serious About Productivity Unless You Optimize How Your People Use Your Space

Both Sides of the Table

I fund startups for a living and before that I ran two software startups that I founded. I’ve spent countless hours looking at historical finances, budgets, forecasts and future projections.

How to tell the difference between a good interviewer and a good hire

View from Seed

The last thing you want to do is go through all the time and energy of finding and hiring a new employee only to find out, after you’ve extended the offer, that they’re not a good fit. It happens all of the time.

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10 Wins From Driving Multiple Concurrent New Ventures

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Flickr by watsonsinelgin With the cost of entry at an all-time low, and the odds of success equally low, more and more entrepreneurs are starting multiple companies concurrently.

SAP Nation 3.0 excerpts: Chapter 4 A Massive Pivot

deal architect

My new book is now available to buy here in print version, and in the Kindle eBook version. As with my earlier books, I am excerpting roughly 10% of the 400 page book in a series of posts on my. SAP Nation, the book


To Succeed As An Entrepreneur, Cultivate Resilience

YFS Magazine

Entrepreneurship is inherently challenging. There’s no doubt that resilience is at the heart of every exceptional entrepreneur. Editor Picks Lead leadership mental health personal development

3 Tips for Navigating Stakeholder Relationships Every New C-Suite Executive Needs To Know


by Alisa Marie Beyer, CEO, LemonTree Partners. Congratulations! You’ve just been promoted into the C-suite executive position of your dreams, and you’re undoubtedly proud and excited. You’re also undoubtedly busy. New executives always have a lot on their plates.

7 Lessons From A Long-Time Mentor On Value And Impact

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Flickr by World Economic Forum As a long-time mentor and advisor to new business owners, I can attest to both the need for mentoring, and the satisfaction that comes from watching an aspiring but tentative entrepreneur grow into someone capable of changing the world.

SuiteWorld Redux

deal architect

Oracle sent me the video of the product session at SuiteWorld which could not be webcast live when I wrote the post Unfair to NetSuite? Of the 7 webcast keynotes I watched at Oracle MBX/MCX and at SuiteWorld this was. Cloud Computing, SaaS

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There Are Two Types Of Entrepreneurs – Both Can Benefit From An Aligned Hustle

YFS Magazine

There are two types of entrepreneurs and both can grow their businesses in an intentional way. Here are three tips to living richly for both camps. Lead entrepreneurial mindset mindset personal development

Do You Believe In My Words?


by Dannie De Novo, author of “ Get in a Good Mood & Stay There “ As a coach on the principles of success and personal awareness, I am often asked what the secret to success really is. Is it hard work? Is it persistence? Is it talent? Well, yes… and no.

7 Whirlwind New Venture Partner Marriages To Avoid

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Pixabay Most entrepreneurs who start a company alone soon come to the conclusion that two heads are better than one – someone to share the workload, the hard decisions, and the costs. In a moment of crisis, you may be tempted to take on the first person expressing interest as a co-founder.

24 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An Entrepreneur


Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had.

Luisa Zhou Teaches People How To Start Online Businesses And Quit Their Day Jobs

YFS Magazine

This founder figured out how to replace her income, quit her day job and now she's teaching other aspiring entrepreneurs how to do the same. People business coach people

5 Small Village Franchise Business Ideas


Thinking about business opportunities, all we can dream about is of a good place in big city areas with tons of facilities and huge crowds to make maximum profits. But, in reality, business opportunities are not just restricted to big city areas.

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New, Small Business PR Academy Arrives!

Rembrandt Communications

News: Small Business PR Academy Opens for Pre-Registration. Entrepreneurs to get competitive edge via DIY public relations at Entrepreneurs can now pre-register for the new, Small Business PR Academy from Rembrandt Communications at

PR 130

6 PPC Tactics for Account-Based Marketing Campaigns


PPC campaigns continue to become increasingly well-targeted. More and more companies are using tactics like single-keyword ad groups ( SKAGs ) and single-product ad groups ( SPAGs ). While those tactics may have differentiated your campaigns in the past, they no longer do (or won’t soon).

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How The 2017 Tax Reform Bill Impacts Your Small Business This Year (And Beyond)

YFS Magazine

Eric Tyson, MBA, and author of Small Business Taxes for Dummies, reveals how the recent tax reform bill will impact small businesses this year and beyond. Finance Grow business taxes money tax prepration

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Make This Costly Financial Planning Mistake


by Wayne Titus, author of “ The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Well-Being “ As an entrepreneur, even if you’ve hired the right adviser to make your wealth grow, you are not done managing that wealth.

Cost 182

New, Small Business PR Academy Arrives!

Rembrandt Communications

News: Small Business PR Academy Opens for Pre-Registration. Entrepreneurs to get competitive edge via DIY public relations at Entrepreneurs can now pre-register for the new, Small Business PR Academy from Rembrandt Communications at

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Standardizing “Tribal Knowledge”: It’s Time for Your Company to Grow Up


After spending more than 20 years in Silicon Valley fighting my way through every conceivable obstacle, misstart, and product disaster, I’ve learned that knowledge can be an organization’s greatest asset.

5 Guiding Principles That Build Powerful Business Teams

YFS Magazine

Andrew Carnegie once said "No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it." Today, this idea endures. Lead leadership team building team development

Business and Education: How Nanodegrees Are Changing Things


Nanodegrees are the new face of education and career training. While a four-year-degree can never hurt, businesses are more interested in your on the job skills than whether or not you finished all your gen ed classes.

Form Analytics: What You Can Track and How to Track It


You spend plenty of marketing dollars trying to get someone to your form. But how much goes to waste at that stage? According to data from Formisimo, roughly two-thirds of those who start filling out a form never complete it. If you’re not tracking form analytics, you don’t know.

3 Ways that Social Media Marketing can help your business

The Startup Magazine

Marketing is an extremely important part of any business, as it is the department which helps to get the word out into the community about your products. The marketing team can also help land your business on its feet.

10 Perfect Travel Bags For Your Next Business (Or Leisure) Trip

YFS Magazine

Looking for the perfect travel bag––ideal for an overnight, weekend, or business trip? Here's a look at ten bags we love–for every budget. Travel business travel leisure travel luxury travel travel travel bags travel tips


How Small Businesses Can Leverage Big Data


Business intelligence (BI) technology is typically associated with larger companies with access to high end software and huge amounts of data, but BI is on the cusp of something new. With more affordable technology, this type of analysis is increasingly available to SMBs.