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We’re Overthinking Seed Round Signaling Effects

For Entrepreneurs

There is much hand wringing in the startup ecosystem about various forms of signaling between the seed and A rounds. Conventional wisdom, and advice, abounds: entrepreneurs should never include a venture firm in their seed round because it’ll scare other VCs off from pursuing the A. After all, the “insider” VC has more information and. Getting Funded Entrepreneur Funding Raising capital seed deals Venture capital

Keep A Real Job Until Your New Venture Shows Traction

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the big decisions every aspiring entrepreneur has to make is when to quit your current job to devote yourself fulltime to your new startup. Some of you are so committed to the new passion that you quit your day job early, and dedicate all your time and resources to the new venture.

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10 Attributes Of The Ideal New Venture Job Candidate

Startup Professionals Musings

In a corporate environment, the focus of a job interview has long been demonstrating your match to the skills and experience outlined in the job description. In my experience with startups, that is still necessary, but not sufficient.

7 Must-Dos Before Starting a Company

Up and Running

There are so many things I wish I’d known before I started my first company. Hindsight’s 20/20, but I wish someone had sat me down before I wasted a lot of time and money on a company I wasn’t ready to start.

What’s Great About You That You’re Not Willing To Look At?


by Brendon Watt, the Australian CFO of Access Consciousness. Have you found what you’re great at? Have you even started looking? Or, have you settled into living a life where you’re just working hard for the money? Growing up, I never really thought I would become much of anything.

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Dreamforce Keynotethe good and not-so-good

deal architect

I am not at the Salesforce event this week but changed my travel plans to make sure I could watch yesterday’s streaming of the 2 hour keynote. Some of it was predictable. Marc Benioff has an admirable loyalty to Hawaii, Cloud Computing, SaaS Industry Commentary

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7 Attributes Of People With An Entrepreneur Mindset

Startup Professionals Musings

As an angel investor and a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, I’m always disappointed to see founders who seem stressed out most of the time, and more annoyed than energized by the abundance of challenges they see in building their startup.

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5 Profitable Small Business Ideas For 2019


Today, starting your own business has never been easier.

Scaling from maker to manager

Version One Ventures

A few weeks ago I shared some important leadership lessons from Stewart Butterfield , including investing in your own growth to make sure that the founder scales as fast as the company. Growing with your start-up can be a very tough undertaking for a founder. It requires reinventing yourself dramatically in very little time. When you start your company, you will be a “maker” for most of your days, wearing a thousand hats and tackling whatever needs to be tackled.

Adopt An Entrepreneur Mindset To Enhance Your Career

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the big differences between an entrepreneur and an employee of a big business is that employees tend to have a very narrow focus on their job, while entrepreneurs have to keep the broader focus on business. Both want personal satisfaction and financial success. In fact, U.S.

Inforumpeeling an onion

deal architect

I wrote last week that I was looking forward to getting an update on Infor’s verticals – hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, retail and others. At Inforum in Washington this week, I only got a detailed briefing about the Retail vertical. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

6 Ways To Prepare Yourself For The First Step In Your Entrepreneurial Journey


by Chris Bray , founder and CEO of Bray Innovation Group . Without Netscape, would Google exist? Had MySpace not paved the social platform pathway, would Facebook’s app be a smartphone staple? Probably not.

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Home Office Essentials for Entrepreneurs

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One of my favorite perks of entrepreneurship is the ability to set my own schedule and work from anywhere. I’m able to balance the need for quick “alone time” focused on my projects with the need to be around other entrepreneurs for high energy support.

7 Keys To Improving The Odds On Your New Idea Success

Startup Professionals Musings

In my experience, consummate entrepreneurs tend come up with more startup ideas than they can ever implement, and some of the ideas may not even make business sense. But how does any entrepreneur know which ideas to implement, and which ones are best left behind?

Think Differently About Success

The Startup Magazine

The ability to create success starts with a mindset that aligns with taking action, learning rapidly and adapting to change. Successful people think differently about success. It’s not all about your IQ or the kind of car you drive.

Secrets To Success: What This Maverick Turnaround Expert Learned From An Extraordinary Six-Year-Old


by Rick Miller, author of “ Be Chief: It’s a Choice, Not a Title “ Years ago, I volunteered at a rehabilitation facility in Morristown, New Jersey, working with a gifted physical therapist in a 100-degree heated pool.

How My Failures Made Me A Better Business Mentor

YFS Magazine

You might wonder how my failures as an entrepreneur relate to mentorship. Believe it or not, they have a lot more relativity than you may imagine. Lead business mentor mentorship personal development

Investing Outside Of Silicon Valley: Now More Than Ever (Where “Ever” = 2013)

Hunter Walker

Homebrew is making more investments outside of Silicon Valley than we have in our history! That statement might be more dramatic if our firm was founded in 1983 instead of 2013, but speaks to a handful of changes in seed investing.

Startup App Intro: Politiscope – Politics in the Palm of Your Hand

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How many times have you been sitting at a dinner table or watching the news and someone mention’s a politician by name and you have wondered who they are talking about? Or, maybe you’ve heard the name but have no clue as to their stance on certain issues.

How Top-Industry Leaders Achieve Success By Finding Inspiration Where Others Don’t Look


Inspiration can be found nearly anywhere. Many people focus on the individuals who have built a mega company from a concept they came up with in their garage, but there are more success stories out there than Steve Jobs’ and Steve Wozniak’s.

3 Work Smart Secrets For Entrepreneurs With Chronic Health Issues

YFS Magazine

Chronic illness and pain shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing your dreams. In fact, it should be the very thing that motivates you to make them a reality. Lifestyle health and wellness lifestyle

SaaS Data Planning: A Start-to-Finish Guide to Implementation


Data is the life blood of any SaaS company. Data will empower you to make better decisions and help you grow faster. However, few companies make the most of their existing data or get access to the data they need.

Do I Need to Use Bank Accounts with Profit First?

Mike Michalowicz

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What Is A Proof Of Value Model?


DasCoin uses a unique Proof of Value model for the distribution of its crypto token assets. What this means is that if the users want to obtain the token of the DasCoin network then they have to prove that they have submitted some value to the network.

Can You Trademark A Website Domain Name?

YFS Magazine

Is your website domains eligible for trademark protection, just like your brand name? Here's a look at what every entrepreneur needs to know. Business Law Grow company website domain name online business trademark

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To Innovate: Learn, Scaffold, Ideate

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Innovation is Learning. For many years I kept the concepts of innovation and learning in separate boxes. I thought innovation was creating new things of value, and, learning was understanding new things. I always suspected there was a closer connection.

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The Best Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

The Startup Magazine

No matter what kind of office environment you’re involved in, your colleagues will play the most important part in a working day. You’ve got to make sure that everyone is happy and willing to get the work done.

5 Project Management Mistakes That Slow You Down


Project managers have a lot on their plate. They’re responsible for getting complex projects down in short periods of time, and they also have to manage the employees below them. This can easily get overwhelming, leading to ineffective mistakes and problems.

Blockchain Technology Is Building A Traceable Revolution

YFS Magazine

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain represent a new gold rush. As new blockchain startups push for recognition it’s possible to get a bit lost. Finance Grow Technology blockchain technology

The future is keyless: Introducing Nexkey

K9 Ventures

Ah, the morning pat down: wallet, check; phone, check; keys, check. That’s been my routine for decades. That’s probably been your routine for decades as well.

Raising Capital For an E-Commerce Startup

The Startup Magazine

In 2015, the e-commerce industry was estimated at $1.6 trillion, making the startup dream a profitable reality. Getting into e-commerce is a great way to start your own brand , especially with many ways to do business online.

Are Your Business’ Marketing Efforts Without Lift-Off? Here’s Why.


View From The Saddle: Business Lessons I’ve Learned From Riding Horses

YFS Magazine

Stay loose, don’t fight the horse, and make sure to look around and enjoy the view every once in a while. The ride will be over sooner than you think. Lifestyle Plan business lessons lifestyle starting a business


3 Tips to Protect Your Business

Rembrandt Communications

(As seen on Little PINK Book). Look forward to happiness and health in the years ahead. International Day of Older Persons is October 1 st , and according to the United Nations site , “almost 700 million people are now over the age of 60,” and “by 2050, 2 billion people, over 20 per cent of the world’s population, will be 60 or older.”. With this in mind, are you taking appropriate precautions to live a happy and healthy life when you get older, or is your business slowly killing you?

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5 Fall Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs

Up and Running

As fall replaces summer, I know I become tempted to curl up with a window view of the falling leaves, a cup of tea, and a good book. It’s a great way to enjoy some “me time.”.

The Best Cold-Emailing Tools For Startups


Cold emailing is a challenge, and anyone’s who’s tried email outreach as part of their marketing strategy knows this well.

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How to deal with negative employees in the workplace

The Startup Magazine

Running a business is hard work. You’re constantly looking for a balance between productivity and happiness for your employees; even though the two are often linked. Unfortunately no matter how hard you try there is often one employee that has a negative approach. Source: Pixabay.