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So you just raised your B round, now what?

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In case you missed our posts from the previous weeks, we have been summarizing what founders should focus on at each stage of their startup’s journey. Priorities and strategies change as a company grows – starting with finding product-market fit after a seed round to figuring out distribution between Series A and Series B. And that brings us to the B Round. After raising your B Round, it’s all about building the organization. We have found that this is usually the toughest phase for founders.

Can a revolutionary concept be too late to market?


Too many startup businesses, especially in the technology world, are built upon brand new concepts that have not yet been proven in the field against products from other companies that already have revenues flowing.

What Is Your 2019 Won’t Do List?

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In the world of entrepreneurship, there are endless things to do. Tasks, to do lists, new initiatives, new projects, and P1s. Leaders spend a lot of time planning, especially in the context of “we have to grow more, do more, and get bigger.” ” Lately, I’ve been suggesting to a few of the CEOs who I work with to make a “2019 Won’t Do List.” ” While this is a high-level list of things not to do, it can be on multiple dimensions.

7 Keys To Business Relationships That Lead To Success

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Investors invest in people, not ideas. Customers buy from people, not companies. Employees rally for a great leader, not a brand. As an entrepreneur, you need relationships to succeed. That means relationships with team members, investors, customers, and vendors.

5 Social Media Trends To Watch In 2019


by Rachel Strella, founder of Strella Social Media. As 2018 nears its conclusion, business owners and marketers should be thinking about what they can do to make their companies more successful in the New Year.

5 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Online Personal Brand

YFS Magazine

Your online presence contributes to an impression in the minds of consumers about your brand. Here are a few simple steps to improve it. Branding Grow Marketing & Sales brand strategy branding personal brand personal branding

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Matching All Colorado First Time Projects

Feld Thoughts

Amy and I decided to match all of the funding for first-time projects in Colorado on We are doing this through a gift from the Anchor Point Foundation and will be running it through the end of 2018.

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Losing More Business Than You’re Winning? Try This.


by Laurie Richards , co-author of “ Ready, Set, Go! “ Why do so many new business pitches fail, and what can business owners do about it?

I Have A Few Business Ideas – Now What?

YFS Magazine

If you have several business ideas, where do you start? Here are the essential first steps for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a business. Plan business planning starting a business startup advice

Foundry Group Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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Inspired by our friends at Techstars and their Techstars Holiday Guide , we thought it would be fun to highlight some of our direct and partner fund portfolio companies this holiday season.

8 Guiding Principles For Pursuing A Winning Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

Every entrepreneur has an idea for transforming a market with innovative new technology, or transforming society with a new process. But unfortunately, most of these ideas fail at the execution level, or are not truly innovative.

Smart Hiring Practices For Any Startup


Getting a startup off the ground is no small feat. To make a fledgling business thrive, entrepreneurs need a combination of smarts, ingenuity and risk-assessment abilities.

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How to Create a Marketing Campaign that Stands Out


Plenty of us have witnessed a marketing campaign gone wrong. Remember that recent Pepsi commercial featuring Kendall Jenner trying to settle a Black Lives Matter protest with a can of Pepsi? I just remember thinking (as I gagged), “How did that actually make it to market?!”.

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It’s the second week of December, which is about the time that all of the predictions for 2019 start occurring. Last week’s announcements of the confidential S-1 filing of Lyft, Uber, and Slack helped prime the pump for some of these. By the way, did anyone other than me think it was a strange turn of events that companies are now announcing their confidential S-1 filing? Fred Wilson’s post Thinking Ahead To 2019 is worth reading.

8 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Business Crises Ahead

Startup Professionals Musings

Most entrepreneurs see their new venture as a fun adventure, until the pressures of a cash flow crisis, or a manufacturing quality problem, or a major customer satisfaction problem hits.

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Do You Have A Mission That Matters? 3 Key Tips For Creating Truly Inspiring Business Mission And Vision Statements


by Ken Burke, author of “ Intelligent Selling: The Art & Science of Selling Online “ Your vision and mission statements are the heartbeat of your entire business. Your business was likely born out of an audacious dream. Vision and Mission statements invite others to share that dream.

The 2018 State of Conversion Optimization Report


To assess the State of the Conversion Optimization Industry in 2018, we gave a 26 question survey to 701 people who work in the optimization space.

The Moment Your Realize You Aren’t Comfortable With What Your Wrote

Feld Thoughts

I just spent the last 30 minutes writing a blog post around a simple phrase that I like. I built out my thought process around it, used a handful of examples, and then filled in some additional ideas. I was proofreading it when I decided to go try to find the original source of the phrase. The first page of Google’s results surprised me. There was nothing on the phrase I liked, but there was a wall of vitriol and controversy around a phrase that is close but had a few different words in it.


5 Lessons For New Venture Founders From Great Chefs

Startup Professionals Musings

I realized a while back that creating a new company for the first time is a lot like whipping up a great dinner entrée for the first time – you need a recipe, even though it may look simple. You know the basic ingredients, and you can visualize the results you want.

Exhibitions And Gift Fairs: Everything A Small Business Owner Needs To Know


When you run a small business, chances are that you operate mainly from one set location. If you run a brick and mortar store, you will sell goods to customers who walk through your doors, browse your stock and displays, and hand over cash or pay by card on a face to face basis.

A Manager’s Guide To Effective Meetings

The Startup Magazine

As a manager, it’s important to maintain communication with your employees. Though it may be tempting to fire off an email every time you have news to share, there are certain advantages that come from conducting staff meetings.

Apple to Expand in North Austin with a $1 Billion Campus with 5,000 More Jobs


Apple Thursday announced a new $1 billion campus in North Austin with 5,000 additional jobs. Apple also reports the 133-acre campus, which is less than a mile from its existing facilities, could grow to 15,000 employees and is expected to make Apple the largest private employer in Austin.

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Top 10 Technology Trends To Watch

YFS Magazine

Technology is embedded in everything we do, improving the ways we live, work, and experience the world. Here's a look at 10 technologies to watch. Technology technology technology trends

What We Can Learn From Successful Dating Startups


Dating startups are always a bit risky investment because most apps that hit the market rarely offer something really game-changing. While the classic approach introduced by Tinder still works for some less explored niches, it’s unlikely that a Tinder-like app will attract a lot of users.

Easy Ways To Cut Costs On Your Small Business

The Startup Magazine

In order to make your small business a success and have it last a long time, you need to manage your finances effectively. In the beginning, you will need to pay for a lot of things and this can add up to quite a lot of money.

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Google Analytics 360: The Features Worth $150k a Year


For many, Google Analytics 360 is a black box. Marketing and sales collateral from Google is spartan, and common refrains about key features—like unsampled data—seem unworthy of a six-figure bill for most sites.

How To Use SEO To Build Your Brand

YFS Magazine

SEO encompasses all the methods you can use to ensure the visibility of your website on search engines. Here's how to build an SEO-friendly brand. Uncategorized branding digital marketing search engine optimization seo

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Outlook For Property Investment Remains High Despite The UK’s Uncertain Future


There is a strong consensus that the outlook is positive for investing in the UK , despite ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit negotiations. CEO of Market Financial Solutions, Paresh Raja, said there is still uncertainty surrounding the UK’s leave from the EU.

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Choosing the Right Startup Team

The Startup Magazine

The startup team serves as the foundation of any new business. Therefore, it’s crucial for all entrepreneurs to understand how to build one with skill and discernment. Here are some helpful tips for anyone seeking insight into this vital aspect of the enterprise-building process. Source: Pexels.

NETWORKING: The Intro vs The Vouch (and why the difference matters a whole lot)

Hunter Walker

My tweets autodelete after 30 days, so when one starts a good discussion, I try to expand/archive it here. . NETWORKING: The Intro vs The Vouch. So the “intro w/o vouch” is a double-opt in that looks something like “hey, I know you were looking to hire a BizDev lead.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Business Coach

YFS Magazine

Entrepreneurs desperately need skill development and the self-awareness of habits, traits and decisions that impact their companies. Lead business coaching leadership life coaching personal development

Why It Is Better To Deal With SEO Resellers Than SEO Providers


If you or your company has clients that are asking for SEO services, then you’re going to try to meet this need. Chances are, you may not have enough SEO expertise on your own. Hence, taking on the task by yourself can be a steep learning curve.

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The Mindful Entrepreneur: Three Strategies for Success

The Startup Magazine

To start a company is to believe in yourself. It takes a great deal of self-confidence to swallow the risk and forego a job with a salary. We entrepreneurs all believe in our own potential to create a company that will last.

12 Entrepreneurs Reveal What They Look Forward To in 2019


Every new year brings with it a new form of excitement and anticipation. The reason is that every new year brings about a “newness” for lack of a better term when we are able to start fresh and erase those things that we did bad or things we have been thinking about doing.

5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Know About Association Health Plans

YFS Magazine

Association health plans (also called AHPs) allow small businesses to band together to buy insurance. Here are 5 important things you should know. Lifestyle health and wellness health benefits health insurance lifestyle

10 Tips For Growing A Trade Contractor Business Start-up


Contractor businesses are the trades involved in a building construction. The specific jobs of contactors are preparation of site, plumbing, doing electrical works, and many others. For one to get a contract in a construction site, he/she ought to have specialized in specific activities.

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Can online learning take your startup to the next level?

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One of the essential things a startup owner has to do is read and research widely. The information they gain helps to steer them in the right direction in regards to finding more clients for their business. Previously, people could only find reading material in physical educational institutions.