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10 Attributes Of The Perfect Partner For Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

As a long-time business advisor and angel investor, I’m a believer that “two heads are better than one” in building a new business. Very few entrepreneurs have the range of skills and experience to be the solution creator as well as business creator, or operational as well as sales leader.

5 Creative Ways To Boost Employee Morale In A Remote Setup


Remote team management can be challenging. Here are five creative ways you can boost employee morale while in a remote work setup. The post 5 Creative Ways To Boost Employee Morale In A Remote Setup appeared first on Young Upstarts. Others managing a team remote team remote work


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How To Maximize Business Software To Boost Growth And Success

The Startup Magazine

After interviewing 2,000 CIOs, Gartner predicts that enterprises will spend an additional $110 billion on business software. According to a report on SaaStr, business software spend will reach $669 billion in 2022. Software is no longer a nice-to-have item for your business.

How Blockchain can Benefit the Companies?


Blockchain technology is a distributed database that allows for secure, transparent, and tamper-proof transactions. Transactions are verified by all nodes on the network, which makes it difficult for hackers to hack into the system.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

8 Aspects Of Team Well-Being Drive Business Results

Startup Professionals Musings

Every entrepreneur and business leader I know realizes that it takes a dedicated team to build and run a successful business, and nurturing that team is one of your most important priorities.

Finding The Right Investments To Make Your Portfolio LGBTQ Friendly


Looking to put together an investment portfolio that is LGBTQ friendly? Focus on companies with inclusive policies, says Carlos Legaspy, the author of "Going for Broke". The post Finding The Right Investments To Make Your Portfolio LGBTQ Friendly appeared first on Young Upstarts.

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Six Top Guidelines when Hiring a Lawyer

The Startup Magazine

If you ever need any legal representation, choosing a qualified attorney is essential. Law is very complicated; therefore, make sure you trust the right experts. Law is diverse; hence identify your lawyer depending on your type of case.

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8 Management Mistakes Which Will Defeat Your Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Even entrepreneurs who have built many startups, or sold their last one for millions of dollars, know they make occasional people leadership mistakes. They know leadership is all about managing their own complicated, illogical, and fallible human foibles, as well as the people they depend on.

4 Things To Know Before Starting A Hotel Business


Starting a hotel business can be fun and inviting, provided you understand what it takes to succeed in the industry. The post 4 Things To Know Before Starting A Hotel Business appeared first on Young Upstarts. Others hotel business starting a business


The opportunities for creative automation

VC Cafe

Six months ago I published a post on VC Cafe titled, the state of creative automation , diving into vertical applications of AI on content creation of all sorts; from text (GPT-3 and the likes) to Synthetic video (powered by companies like HourOne).

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5 Things to Avoid When Getting Your Startup Off the Ground

The Startup Magazine

Many businesses are started each year, and many fail as well, often in their first year. How can you avoid being one of those statistics and be the business that comes out of the gate strong and remains there?

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7 Keys To Creating A Productive Business Team Culture

Startup Professionals Musings

In my experience, the right team culture is critical to every business and startup success, so every business leader wants to know how to create it. In reality, I’m convinced that none of us can “ create culture ” directly, but we can create an environment where the desired culture emerges.

Fundamental Tips To Operate A Successful Startup


Launching and running a startup is challenging. Here are some essential tips that can guide you through launching a successful startup. The post Fundamental Tips To Operate A Successful Startup appeared first on Young Upstarts. Others startup advice

27 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being an Entrepreneur


Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had.

Why it is Important to Invest in a School Management Software

The Startup Magazine

Nowadays school management systems have become an essential part of an academic institution’s operations. Management systems undoubtedly have so many important functions that help ensure the smooth operation of any institution that uses them.

5 Stages of Disruption Denial Cause A Startup Dilemma

Startup Professionals Musings

How many times have investors heard startups start their pitch by touting that their technology is “disruptive?”

Tips To Better Lead Your Remote Team In 2022


Ian Fraser, co-founder and CEO of The Go Game shares tips and tools for engaging and managing remote teams to create a strong company culture and an even stronger team. The post Tips To Better Lead Your Remote Team In 2022 appeared first on Young Upstarts.

Keep Your Personal Burn Rate Low To Maximize Your Options

Hunter Walk

Why ‘Living Below Your Means’ Is One Key To Success & Happiness. $0 0 per year. That’s what my business partner and I decided that we wanted in salary from our newest venture fund.

How Entrepreneurs Should Deal With Workplace Accidents & Injuries

The Startup Magazine

Entrepreneurs have endless tasks to manage. Workplace safety often tends to take a backseat. But mishaps and injuries are daunting for startups as they hit employee morale and company reputation.

One More Game raises $22M to build Spellcraft strategy game

Lightspeed Venture Partners

The post One More Game raises $22M to build Spellcraft strategy game appeared first on Lightspeed Venture Partners

Experts To Rely On In Your New Business


A wide range of experts can assist with some of the most crucial business-related tasks. Consider hiring some of these experts to lend a helping hand. . The post Experts To Rely On In Your New Business appeared first on Young Upstarts. Others experts outsourcing

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Monday Motivation: WHEN LIFE BREAKS YOU


This motivational video is to help CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners start the week off inspired to become great. Here are some takeaways from the video: The hard times sometimes can be the best times because you are going to build up something.

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How The Richard Yu Program Can Help You become a High-Performance CEO

The Startup Magazine

What does it take to be a high-performance CEO? Many people think that it’s all about working hard and putting in long hours. While this is undoubtedly part of it, there is much more to being a successful CEO than hard work.

How to Work Within Your Nonprofit’s Budget to Improve Performance

Board Effect

In a perfect world, every nonprofit board would have a budgeting expert in the boardroom. If that’s not the case for your nonprofit, your board members can still work on improving your nonprofit’s performance by using the best budgeting practices for nonprofits.

Celebrate The Earth By Replacing Your Paper Stacks With A Search Engine


Look ahead to a post-paper world? Replace your documents with a more eco and efficient solution in the form of a search engine, says Elizabeth Thede. The post Celebrate The Earth By Replacing Your Paper Stacks With A Search Engine appeared first on Young Upstarts.

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What Is “Kaizen” And How Can This Japanese Technique Help You Finally Make Money From Your Content by Yaro Starak

When I was 19 in university studying a business degree I learned about a concept called JIT – Just In Time.

Artist Nidhi Moghariya Confronts Patriarchy in the Art World

YFS Magazine

YFS Magazine YFS Magazine Nidhi Moghariya and her work are a welcome breath of fresh air amid the patriarchal dynamic of the art world. YFS Magazine YFS Magazine. People art art business art news recommended


Geography of The Great Resignation: What Is the Global Impact?

Board Effect

Much attention has been placed on The Great Resignation in the United States, but what does the geography of The Great Resignation look like in other parts of the world? Many questions remain since the emergence of The Great Resignation, especially since the pandemic seems to be waning.

How To Select Satellite Imagery For Business


As technology continues to advance, satellite imagery becomes increasingly available to a wide variety of industries. The post How To Select Satellite Imagery For Business appeared first on Young Upstarts. Others satellite imagery

How To Use Content To Attract Google Search Traffic And Sell To Niche Markets by Yaro Starak

Today I’m going to explain how you can use one content strategy to attract traffic from Google and use that same content to sell to specific sub-niches within your industry.

This Is How Successful Marketers Harness First-Party Data

YFS Magazine

YFS Magazine YFS Magazine Smart marketers know there is tremendous power in harnessing first-party data, as this data is unique to your business, data that you direct, collect, and own. YFS Magazine YFS Magazine. Grow Marketing & Sales big data data analytics data intelligence marketing

Local Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

Duct Tape Marketing

Local Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Podcast with Laura Nelson. In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast , I interview Laura Nelson.

Capitalizing On The Crazy Real Estate Market – With Or Without Upfront Cash


There are endless opportunities when it comes investing in the real estate market. It’s just a matter of figuring out which of these niches is best for you and your circumstances. The post Capitalizing On The Crazy Real Estate Market – With Or Without Upfront Cash appeared first on Young Upstarts.

Enlightened Loyalty

Start Up Blog

Loyalty in life matters. But one thing we should never be loyal to, is a corporation. Corporate loyalty is one of the most foolish decisions we can make, simply because companies, aren’t real. They are a legal-financial construct invented by humans to literally remove human oriented risk.

Innovating People Practices Through Benefits


Sometimes the work we do as CEOs, leaders, management teams is glamorous, and sometimes it’s not. But it all matters. One thing we tried to do at Bolster this past year is to really amp up employee benefits. The war for talent is real. The Great Resignation is real.

How powerful has new media advertising become?


We think of media advertising as either paid or free – placed by paying a fee or by a PR firm or by you at no placement cost, especially when you provide editorial content beneficial to the publisher. But now there’s new media….