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3 Sales Tips for Startups – Creating a Burning Platform

Both Sides of the Table

This is part of my ongoing series Startup Advice. Many entrepreneurs who start technology companies are product people, technologists or savvy business people who worked previously for a larger company. Most start-up entrepreneurs have little or no sales experience. I know I didn’t.

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Ardent 2: Get Out of My Building

Steve Blank

Some of the most important business lessons are learned in the most unlikely ways. At Ardent I learned many of them with a sharp smack on the side of the head from a brilliant but abusive boss. Not a process I recommend

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Founders Make the Best Startup Marketing Leaders

Startup Marketing Blog

Founders Make the Best Startup Marketing Leaders. CEOs often ask for my advice on the ideal candidate profile to lead their ongoing customer growth efforts once we've completed the key steps to unlocking growth

How Language And Math Intersect: Chinese v. English

Thinking About Thinking

Following my 1+1= post, here’s another post about numbers. But, this post is less about numbers and more about the words used to articulate those numbers. Below, you will see a comparison of the actual words used to say the numbers represented on the left. The first set of words is the number represented in the English language, and the second set of words is the number represented in the literal English translation of the Chinese language. So the sequence is (#, English, Chinese).


Startup Metrics


A post by Fred Wilson pointed me to Dave McClure's Startup Metrics presentation. This is a great presentation and one that I'm going to point out to startup / early stage company CEOs.

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Networking Events in Los Angeles and Southern California


Great post by John Shiple. He talks about a bunch of the different networking events that occur in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California. In his post, he mentions the following events / event organizers, and you should visit his post for a bit more on each of them.

Don't Get High On Your Own Supply

"Lesson number two: don't get high on your own supply" -- Elvira Hancock. At betaworks we try to (over) simplify some key principles (no business development, for example) to operate our businesses, and look for inspiration

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Once again, here is a list of some of the more popular posts on this blog. The two most popular posts remain this one on term sheet negotiation and this one on venture debt, although this one on convertible debt is giving them a run for

Financial Modeling for Startups-- How Much Will It Really Cost?

Seed Stage Capital

I came across this blog entry from Christine Herron of First Round Capital detailing the costs of starting web wunderkind (acquired by Intuit for a handsome $170M). Christine does a great job of breaking out Mint's costs by

Hard to Evaluate Knowledge Workers


Some Dilbert backup on why it's hard to Evaluate the Performance of Knowledge Workers


How To Wind Down Your Company – New Series

Ask The VC

Of the most popular posts that Brad and I have created are our series on Term Sheets , Compensation , and Mergers and Acquisitions. One of the subjects that we've wanted to tackle has been the dissolution of companies. It's never fun to think about failure, but it happens a lot. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten around to it yet, so it was with great joy that my friend Roger Glovsky elected to write the series himself.

Ardent 1: Supercomputers Get Personal

Steve Blank

Last month on an east coast college tour with my daughter, I found myself in North Carolina for the first time in nearly 24 years. I had last been in Chapel Hill on a winter's day in 1986, traveling with the VP of Sales of our new

New Space & Updates for Isaac Business Services


(The inside foyer of my new office space in downtown Columbus) I haven't posted for over a week (which is unlike me because I try to post at least once a week) so I am deeply apologetic to you my precious readers. I've been so engrossed in planning my business and helping others plan theirs, that I've lost track with you guys but I am back with updates. Before I go further, I must advise that if.

Software Development Companies in Southern California


I've helped organize the Los Angeles CTO Forum for almost 10 years. As part of doing that, I've had the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of different chief technical officers from different kinds of companies over those years. This is a private group of CTOs who are responsible for software development within their companies. They are generally the senior most person responsible for custom software development, database design, database administration, web development, etc.

Gordon Gekko 2.0: Flipping is GOOD. (aka Memo to Jason Fried.

500 Hats

clarification: i was a private angel investor in Mint's A round back in early 2007, when i was also doing some marketing consulting for the company. i was not directly involved in the Founders Fund investment in Mint's C round a few

The VC Gender Gap - Are VCs Sexist?

Seeing Both Sides

I find the preponderance of males in VC an annoying and stubborn phenomenon. When I first entered the start-up game as an entrepreneur in the mid 1990s, I didn't think much of the "VC gender gap" as there were plenty of women executives around. In fact, between one third and one half of the executive teams at my two start-ups (Open Market and Upromise) were women.

Cracking The Code: Impact of the recession on SaaS.

Cracking the Code

Impact of the recession on SaaS Sales&Marketing productivity. The SaaS 13 Index representing the 13 major public SaaS companies has recovered very strongly (up 82.36%) since the beginning of the year, outperforming

Answers.OnStartups: Community Q&A For Startup Entrepreneurs


I’m a big fan of a site called Stack. Overflow. It’s a surprisingly useful Q&A site for posting programming. questions, and getting answers from the community. The site has been immensely. successful and is now often the first place I go to find answers to those vexing. questions.

Glenn Kelman has some good reasons i might be wrong - Master of.

500 Hats

Glenn Kelman is a friend and experienced entrepreneur i respect. He presents several reasons i might be wr. wrong. Well, i guess it has happened once or twice before. COUGH

A large batch of videos, slides, and audio

Startup Lessons Learned

I've been trying very hard to avoid turning this blog into a travelogue. Normally, I try to make my post-event writeups more than just a transcript, by including reactions and comments. On this speaking tour, that's been simply

IZEAFest at SeaWorld Recap

Florida Venture Blog

After attending IZEAFest @ SeaWorld last weekend, I was planning to share a summary of the event here. However, I see that Convention News TV has already created a very nice video detailing the event, including clips from speakers such as Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan), Aaron Brazell (@technosailor), Rae Hoffman (@sugarrae), and others. IZEA and other […]. aaron brazell chris brogan conventions izea izeafest rae hoffman seaworld sponsored guest posts sponzai sugarrae technosailor

Slides from performance and KPI webinar

Watching Websites

We had a good discussion about performance and its impact on KPIs like analytics and conversion with Strangeloop this week. Here are the slides, available for download or viewing, on Slideshare. Impact of web latency on conversion rates

SlideShare launches AdShare, LeadShare: Performance-based social.

500 Hats

Over the past 3 years i've been (in order) a user, fan, advisor, and investor in SlideShare. I was first introduced to the product via a TechCrunch blog post, and i've been hooked ever since. Since October 2006 i've posted more than 60

Friday Random Ramblings…and Some Good Weekend Reading

Ask the Angels

Interesting post on Jason Calcanis’ blog this week (also picked up by Ben Kuo and SocalTECH ) with further thoughts on Angel groups charging startup companies to pitch. All of his posts on the topic are not only good reading, but accurately describe what goes on within some Angel groups (e.g., These pay-for-play scams remind me of the “modeling agencies” that charge people for representation, acting lessons and to have their headshots done.).

IZEAFest at SeaWorld Recap

Florida Venture Blog

After attending IZEAFest @ SeaWorld last weekend, I was planning to share a summary of the event here. However, I see that Convention News TV has already created a very nice video detailing the event, including clips from speakers such as Chris Brogan ( @chrisbrogan ), Aaron Brazell ( @technosailor ), Rae Hoffman ( @sugarrae ), and others.

Cracking The Code: Laughing Out (c)Loud

Cracking the Code

Laughing Out (c)Loud. A funny video of Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle on Cloud Computing. It was taken at a Churchill Club event last month. But does Larry hate cloud computing that much or is he hiding a potential future

Scott Cook - Wisdom

Will Price

On Monday, Widgetbox and I were invited to attend and present at Intuit's inaugural entrepreneurship day. Intuit's founder, CEO, CTO, and senior management hosted twenty plus companies to share ideas on innovation and to explore avenues of partnership. For me, the highlight proved to be an impromptu talk by Scott Cook on lessons learned from 28 years with Intuit.


New Study: Market Structure is Causing the IPO Crisis

Pascal's View

I’ve been speaking publicly for over one year about the disastrous impact of the capital markets crisis in accelerating the demise of small emerging company IPO’s. To be clear, this process began over eleven years ago and, in my view, it is the single most important issue for the venture capital community because it jeopardizes an entire generation of innovative American companies.


IZEAFest at SeaWorld Recap

Florida Venture Blog

After attending IZEAFest @ SeaWorld last weekend, I was planning to share a summary of the event here. However, I see that Convention News TV has already created a very nice video detailing the event, including clips from speakers such as Chris Brogan ( @chrisbrogan ), Aaron Brazell ( @technosailor ), Rae Hoffman ( @sugarrae ), and others.

First Season of Fringe


I’ll start off by saying that I don’t watch TV at all. When I say that, I mean I never, ever, watch TV. EVER. I’ve mentioned that before and I’ve had people say “Oh yeah, I don’t really watch TV either. Maybe an hour or so, but that’s it.” ” Well that’s not what I mean [.]. Everything Else


Venture Cyclist: Saluting Techstars Boston 2009

Venture Cyclist

This summer I had the privilege of being a mentor at the Techstars Boston inaugural program. Techstars is a bootcamp for first time entrepreneurs and their startups. Participants apply and are chosen from the pool during the

The Unofficial Cool Parent Test

Thinking About Thinking

Are you a cool parent? It all depends on whether or not and under what circumstances your teen has “friended” you on Facebook. The following ranking is principally based on real experiences of parents I know. Here we go from the most cool (1) to the clearly not cool (10): Your teen sought you out and invited you to be their friend on Facebook. Kudos to you, you’re cool. You’re in the top 10%. You signed up with Facebook and invited your teen to friend you.

The curse of prevention

Startup Lessons Learned

Beware! I have detected a secret virus in your CPU. Due to an interaction effect between your hardware, solar flares, and quantum flux, this virus will crash your computer and erase your hard drive sometime soon

Bidsketch Sales Website


This weekend I got to work on the Bidsketch sales website. I’ve made decent progress so far; in fact I could possibly be done with the sales website by tomorrow night. I’ll still have to set up WordPress on my production server, but that shouldn’t be too bad. I figured I’d show an early screenshot [.]. Before Launch