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Investor VCs and Operator VCs

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The Venture Capital business is full of great firms that were founded by entrepreneurs/operators who became investors mid/late career. From Gene Kleiner and Tom Perkins in the early 70s to Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz at the end of the 00s, this is the iconic model of the venture capital firm and the formula that built Silicon Valley into what it is today.

8 Unconscious Biases Shape Your Business Decisions

Startup Professionals Musings

Every boss and decision maker is convinced that he or she is able to look objectively at any problem, and make an unbiased decision. Some typically worry about biases in their team, but rarely think of themselves as a source of bias.

7 Easy and Effective Customer Segments to Target in Facebook Ads


Facebook ads, when utilized properly, are among the most effective targeted marketing efforts in the industry. However, it’s often the case that companies are leaving money on the table when it comes to Facebook ads.

The Very Best Digital Metrics For 15 Different Companies!

Occam's Razor

The very best analysts distill, rather than dilute. The very best analysts focus, when most will tend to gather. The very best analysts are display critical thinking, rather than giving into what’s asked.

Being Public

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Two former USV portfolio companies had tough earnings calls last night. And you look at that and you might say “why would any company want to go public?” ” But here is the thing. Being public is about being transparent, accountable, and owning up to the issues and dealing with them. I think it makes companies better. If you are losing your biggest customer, you have to tell the world and deal with the consequences.

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3 Proven Methods for Women Entrepreneurs to Overcome Funding Gaps

Up and Running

It’s no secret that women have traditionally been paid less than men, but it can also be challenging for women entrepreneurs to find funding for startups. Statistically, women earn only 7 percent of venture capital investments overall.

8 Ways To Inspire Lifetime Loyalty From Key Employees

Startup Professionals Musings

It’s a whole new world out there in the workplace. Millennials want work that matters, and don’t care for hierarchies. Boomers are coming back to work, but because of their experience, they may be insulted by constant feedback.

How to Get Organizational Buy-in for Conversion Optimization


Testing in an enterprise is truly a team sport. If a testing program was a football team, its lead would be the QB. They can set the tone and direction, but without the support of a good offensive line, they’ll be scrambling to get any real results.

6 Quick Tips To Boost Your Brand On Twitter And Instagram

YFS Magazine

Engaging with your customers has never been easier (or cheaper) than it is now — if you know how to use social media to your advantage. Grow Marketing & Sales instagram marketing social media social media marketing twitter

The Biggest Marketing Challenges for Small Businesses

Duct Tape Marketing

The Biggest Marketing Challenges for Small Businesses written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. I’ve written about marketing for small business for years and spend enough time with business owners that some might consider me an expert on the topic.

8 Characteristics Of Paradigm-Shifting Entrepreneurs

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What sparks paradigm-shifting innovation in any business? It’s a special mix of entrepreneur and company, regular in every respect except for having the courage and foresight to make an idea happen that was supposed to be impossible.

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10 Things Entrepreneurs Wish They Had Done Before Starting a Business

Up and Running

There’s nothing quite like having a mentor to guide you while you undergo the process of starting a business.

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How I Overcome The Anxiety Of Entrepreneurship

YFS Magazine

It's time to take a deeper look into the toll that anxiety can take in business. Here's how to move forward to attain the success you deserve. Lead health and wellness managing stress mental health personal development

How to Make the Perfect Startup Pitch

The Startup Magazine

The perfect startup pitch helps entrepreneurs separate their companies from a growing amount of competition. Startup activity in the United States increased in 2016, continuing an upward trend that began in 2015 , according to the Kauffman Foundation.

When To Enlist A Board Of Directors Or Advisory Board

Startup Professionals Musings

Many entrepreneurs I know are confused by definition and need for an Advisory Board versus a Board of Directors.

5 Obvious Signs Someone Has True Leadership Ability (Ask Any Employee)

Inc Startups

True leadership is hard to come by nowadays. But when you spot someone with these skills, you can't deny it. It's what every employee wants.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?

YFS Magazine

Thinking of starting a business? You just might have what it takes to be an entrepreneur if you can identify with these 10 traits. Plan entrepreneurship advice starting a business startup lessons

Why You Should Use Localisation in a Globalised World

The Startup Magazine

Sushi – a food that has reached its tentacles around the world and is now served in over 20,000 restaurants outside Japan, can be considered a truly successful global product.

3 Tech Solutions That Make An Entrepreneur’s Day More Manageable


by Bob La Loggia, founder and CEO of AppointmentPlus. When you’re starting a business, focus is the name of the game. Every entrepreneur knows this — at least in theory. Most are keenly aware of the need to invest their precious time in activities that generate the highest ROI.

5 Unmistakable Signs That You Are an Inspired Leader

Inc Startups

Leadership requires first connecting to, then inspiring, others. Here's how to do it.

EverlyWell Lands $2 Million More in VC Funding


EverlyWell, the Austin-based healthcare testing platform, announced Wednesday that it has received $2 million more in venture capital funding. The company, founded two years ago by Julia Cheek, the company’s CEO, has received $5 million in total funding. NextGen Venture Partners led the round with participation from Jack Novak, SoGal Ventures, Full Tilt Capital and […] The post EverlyWell Lands $2 Million More in VC Funding appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

6 Lifestyle Hacks To Become Your Best, Most Productive Self

YFS Magazine

Everybody wants to be more productive. Here's a look at the top 6 things I had to let go of to become a productivity ninja. Lifestyle health and wellness lifestyle personal development productivity

Three Ways To Turn Your Business Around By Learning From Facebook


by Mike Hoefflinger, author of “ Becoming Facebook: The 10 Challenges That Defined the Company That’s Disrupting the World “ Do you or your company need a turn-around?

Listening to Corporate-Speak Makes You Stupid, According to Science

Inc Startups

Biz-blab isn't just an annoyance; it automatically reprograms your brain to think less clearly. Productivity

CTAN is the Most Active Angel Network in the Country


The Central Texas Angel Network, known as CTAN, is once again one of the most active angel investment networks in the country, by number of deals done in 2016, according to the 2016 HALO report. The Angel Resource Institute, along with PitchBook, released the annual report last week. In 2016, the most active angel groups […] The post CTAN is the Most Active Angel Network in the Country appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Whats CRM anymore?

deal architect

Asked Josh Greenbaum, speaking for a group of analysts Microsoft briefed during CRM Evolution on Monday about updates to its Dynamics 365. What used to be a HR recruiters playground in LinkedIn a few years ago is becoming a salesperson’s. Enterprise Software (other vendors

These entrepreneurs don’t mind if you copy their best growth strategies

The Next Web

Behind every high-growth business, there is a stroke of a genius kind of idea that put the wheels in motion. If you talk to any entrepreneur, they’ll tell you that a great business idea without a tangible growth plan is worth as much as a car with an empty gas tank. You won’t get far.

These 2 Words Are the Real Secret to Success

Inc Startups

Whether you like it or not. Strategy


Will Initial Coin Offerings Fund the Future?

Version One Ventures

One innovation we have seen in Blockchain has been the rise of app coins as a way to monetize protocols and open source projects. Most launches were through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), basically crowdfunded app coin sales. And boy, has it taken off! In 2017 alone, ICOs raised more than $100 million in 15 deals. Cosmos Network raised $16.8 million in 30 minutes and Qtum raised $15.4. Most recently, Gnosis (a decentralized prediction market) raised $12.5

A new era in IT

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Max Hopper, writing in HBR in 1990 talked about the then IT “Hall of Fame” including SABRE, American Airlines’s reservation system, which eventually became a computerized reservation system (CRS), and Apollo, the other leading CRS, transformed marketing and distribution in. Industry Commentary

Why Our Executive Team Does Daily Standup Meetings


Another CEO with whom I trade notes on the craft of running a company asked me this question the other day, and I thought the answer would make a for a good blog post.

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'Lean,' 'Nimble,' and 'Innovative': Why Small Business Is (Still) the Backbone of America

Inc Startups

Small Business Week showcases the importance of American startups of all shapes and sizes. Wire: Small Business Week Edition

Things To Consider Before Hiring A PR Firm


by Rebekah Epstein, founder of fifteen media. I get this question at almost every DIY PR workshop I do: “How do I know if a PR firm is the right fit for me?”. Finding the right PR firm can be a lot like dating; it could just be a gut instinct that tells you that you’ve found the one.

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IRS Audits: 10 Common Myths Debunked

Up and Running

Many small business owners fear that their limited resources and do-it-yourself bookkeeping are a recipe for an IRS disaster. My team of tax experts and I work directly with hundreds of small businesses, many of whom are family business owners or sole proprietors just trying to make ends meet.