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Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

Both Sides of the Table

Today Factual announced that it raised $25 million from Andreessen Horowitz & Index Ventures. Let me explain. Storage. We raised $16.5 Processing.

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How David Garland built a community of 100,000 followers in 24 months

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Two years ago I started my website The Rise To The Top in October 2008. Of course, like many of us, I really had no idea what I was doing. Zippo.

Invest In The Mess

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

There's a front page story in the NY Times today about the hyperactivity in web startupland. They quote from a few posts I've made on this blog and I think Jenna and Evelyn did a nice job with the story. The thing that's clear from reading the story is the hyperactivity is in the early/seed stage market and the late stage market.

How To Become Legendary- 23 Things Michael Jordan Taught Me About Entrepreneurship


If you know me personally, or even digitally , then you know that I am a physical fitness and athletic enthusiast. Have the courage to fail. DON'T.

How to Detect a Toxic Customer

Software By Rob

A month ago I received a sales inquiry via email for my invoicing software package. The prospect asked if we could complete the questions he had attached in a spreadsheet: I will need the attached questions answered in order to proceed as I can’t get them all answered off your website. And that’s when it started to get good. Toxicity.

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Going Down? Q3 VC Investments in US Tech Drop 14%

VC Cafe

T he latest VentureDeal quarterly report is out (see pdf) and it suggests that VC activity in tech has slowed down in the third quarter. million.

Ten Crowdsourcing Trends for 2011

crowdSPRING Blog

Crowdsourcing is fundamentally changing business, government, non-profits, education, research, and other sectors. This trend is rapidly accelerating.

Jeff Immelt on Leadership

Will Price

The Sunday NY Times ran a very good piece on GE. The article centered on GE's strategy to focus future growth and profits on manufacturing vs. financial services. GE Capital used to deliver 50% of GE's profits, however, the recent financial crises led GE to return to its roots. The article also touched on his leadership style. I loved this quote.

3 Essential Tips for Sales in a SaaS model

Guy Nirpaz

SaaS forever changes how software is developed and delivered to customers. This shift is well understood, frequently discussed and represents a major shift in the way software is built by vendors of all sizes. Often less discussed is the impact the service model has on the way software is sold. Selling SaaS is different. Business Insights Sa saas

Israeli Startups Look to New York, and increasingly Shanghai

VC Cafe

Meir Brand, Google’s GM in Israel said Israel should start thinking more strategically about its future rather than just reacting to threats.

Tracking Every Release

Code as Craft

We spend a lot of time gathering metrics for our network, servers, and many things going on within the code that drives Etsy. It’s no secret that this is one of our keys to moving fast. We use a variety of monitoring tools to help us correlate issues across our architecture. Change to application code (deploys) are opportunities for failure.

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SaaS Economics – Part 2: Scaling the Business

For Entrepreneurs

Discusses the cash flow trough that happens to SaaS, or other subscription/recurring revenue businesses when they decide to scale their business by ramping sales and marketing. Provides an Excel spreadsheet model and PowerPoint slide deck that can be used by readers to model their own data.

How to Build an Amazing Corporate Culture

Growthink Blog

Reed Hastings, CEO and Founder of Netflix, was recently named Fortune's Business Person of the Year. read more. Dave Lavinsky

What’s your entry strategy?


Investors are fond of asking entrepreneurs about exit strategy. After all, Investors get in in order to get out or exit. And these days the predominant exit is to be bought by another company. So, getting a sense of who would buy you and why is a logical part of the investment decision. . That’s how important exit strategy is. .

Be Sure Your Startup Has a Clear Value Proposition

Startup Professionals Musings

To address this gap, I’d like to discuss a basic value proposition definition below. The customer’s problem and the pain that it causes.

The Null Hypothesis

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Those who have been in my classes know that I often bring in knowledge from other disciplines to add to our understanding of the process of entrepreneurship. One concept that all aspiring entrepreneurs should pay attention to comes from statistics. It is the null hypothesis. your hypothesis is to refute the null hypothesis. Rather than trying to.

Why Being a Young Entrepreneur is a Good Thing

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

When you start out as an entrepreneur at an early age, you find that one of the things that stands in the way of your entrepreneur success isn’t the world, but it’s you. Yes, you. As a young entrepreneur, you often split your focus between two ideas: You’re too young to know better. You’re too

Turn it up to Eleven!


Turn it up to Eleven! For some reason, I didn’t do this the very first year I started writing OnlyOnce, but on December 6 every year since then, I’ve marked the anniversary of Return Path ‘s founding here. In the midst of an otherwise fantastic year, this hasn’t been a particularly good couple of weeks for us.

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Cost 10

Social Networking (the Shorter Version) Past, Present, Future

Both Sides of the Table

This blog post originally appeared in serialized form here on TechCrunch. This version is the shorter, ADHD version. chuckle. The Past (1985-2002).

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How I Discovered And Changed One Of My Most Deep Rooted Limiting Beliefs by Yaro Starak

I currently have two coaches in my life and they both happen to have the name “Tony&#. I’m not working with these two Tonys personally, though it feels like it for me as they “talk&# to me every day. One is Tony Horton , who you may know as the leader of the P90X exercise training program. It requires real commitment.

Five Excellent Ways to Brainstorm for Success

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Ideas are what allow you to turn a dream into reality. But coming up with new ideas isn’t always the light bulb experience that others seem to have. In order to stimulate your brain, you need to have tools ready to capture your ideas and turn them into action steps. These five ways of brainstorming


The Lean LaunchPad – Teaching Entrepreneurship as a Management Science

Steve Blank

I’ve introduced a new class at Stanford to teach engineers, scientists and other professionals how startups really get built. Why Teach This Class?

Bashing the Competition

Instigator Blog

When pitching investors, don’t bash the competition. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend bashing the competition under any circumstances – when meeting with prospects, clients, or even internally. It sends the wrong message and positions the conversation around others and not you. They might not be. What are unfair advantages?

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Is it OK to Want to Make Money?

Both Sides of the Table

This past October I was honored to be invited by Steve Blank to speak at Stanford for their Enterprise Thought Leader (ETL) series. The truth is that I love Stanford, Palo Alto and the Bay Area in general. I grew up in NorCal and I formerly lived in Palo Alto. I disagree with all three of these. You can download the deck here. I pondered out loud.

Twitpitch: your startup in 140 characters

Fred Destin

We all know that the ability to condense a business down to its essentials is a requirement, from fundraising to allowing everyone in your company to elegantly explain what your company is about. Sequoia Capital puts as the ability to “summarize the business on the back of a business card”. And I’ve paid dearly for the evidence”. deanfankhauser ?:

Pulling Together a Pre-Launch Checklist for Your Startup


As you prepare to launch your product, there are a number of things you can do in order to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. Sponsor.

Flexible Focus #31: Mobile Mandala

Active Garage

Flexible Focus is Physical. One of the best ways to benefit from the Mandala Chart is to put it to use, engage in it physically. Where this is going.

Ten Tips to Make Your Startup Website Memorable

Startup Professionals Musings

Smart people only visit and buy from credible and memorable websites. In today’s world, a website is necessary but not sufficient for credibility.

Great reads on small business and entrepreneurship

crowdSPRING Blog

The fragmentation of mass media comes with its own set of benefits and detriments. Small business news. NY Times. American Public Media: Marketplace.

Big Opportunities for Startups Providing Big Data, Data-as-a-Service


The open database service Factual announced yesterday that it has secured $25 million in financing, led by Andreessen Horowitz and Index Ventures.

Data Backup: Ignore at your own Peril

Active Garage

About a year ago, I was the unfortunate victim of a robbery. At gunpoint. Right…no fun at all. Happiness. Anything can happen at any time.

Get Credible Market Research Without a Consultant

Startup Professionals Musings

Most startup founders know exactly what they want to design and sell, and they are personally convinced that everyone will buy one. Marty Zwilling.

2 horse race in mobile – iphone and android


I just caught this blog post from Seth Weintraub from Fortune on Android: Andy Rubin just Tweeted that Google (GOOG) is activating 300,000 phones a day. That passes Apple's (AAPL) iOS, that passes Blackberry (RIMM). That even matches any figures that Symbian has ever put up. Google is closing in on an astounding 10 million phones per month. Mobile

Which U.S. States Are the Most Entrepreneurial?


The website has posted a very interesting map with a breakdown of investment dollars over the course of the past year. The map caught the eye of Boulder-based venture capitalist Jason Mendelson - not surprisingly, as the map points to Colorado as one of the most entrepreneurial states. Sponsor. But Colorado is third, with $209 per person.