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Unsettled and Disgusted

Feld Thoughts

I arrived home from Australia yesterday. David Cohen and I spent the week there together to learn more about the various startup communities in Australia, to spend some time with the team that is leading Techstars Defence in Adelaide , and to watch an amazing Federer / Wawrinka semi-final. I didn’t find out about Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees and Visas (the nicest thing I could come up with calling it) until arriving home Saturday mid-day and hearing about it from Amy.

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How to Optimize an Affiliate Marketing Program for Profitability


Bo Bennett once said, “Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.”. Of course, affiliate marketing has this mysterious aura about it. Many of the top search results for the term are focused on what it is and whether you can make money from it.

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8 Disciplines for Transforming Ideas Into Businesses

Startup Professionals Musings

Entrepreneurs are people who dream up new ideas, and then commercialize them into new businesses. Most people believe that the hard part is coming up with the idea, and the easy part is turning it into a business.

Forever Broke - 15 Things Holding You Back From Becoming a Multi-Millionaire

Inc Startups

Forever Broke - 15 Things Holding You Back From Becoming a Multi-Millionaire


It's Not The Ink, It's The Think: 6 Effective Data Visualization Strategies

Occam's Razor

Ten years, and the 944,357 words, are proof that I love purposeful data, collecting it, pouring smart strategies into analyzing it, and using the insights identified to transform organizations. In the quest for that last important bit, I am insanely obsessive about 1. simplification and 2.

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This Page Intentionally Left Blank

Feld Thoughts

For some strange reason, I woke up thinking about one of my favorite things to discover in a book or an article. I know there’s deep meaning in the notion that it was the first think that floated up to my consciousness when I awoke this morning. Like any good zen koan, I’m going to let it roll around all day. In the mean time, I look forward to my digital sabbath on Saturday to put the thought into practice and just do nothing.

This Is How to Optimize Your Business Blog: 14 Powerful WordPress Plugins

Up and Running

Content marketing has all but replaced traditional marketing, making branded blogs a necessary element of any business strategy.

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7 Ways To Be Your Best In Business When Pressure Hits

Startup Professionals Musings

We all face pressure in our lives, but there’s nothing like that of an entrepreneur facing customer crises and the competitive challenges of a new business. Don’t believe the myth that all you have to do to get rich is bring up an ecommerce website, and the money rolls in while you sleep.

5 Reasons Investors Should Keep Their Eyes On Omaha, Nebraska


by Mark Hasebroock, Founder and Managing Partner, Dundee Venture Capital. Here’s a word association game: what do you think of when you hear “Omaha, Nebraska”? If you answered “cornfields” or “Warren Buffet,” you’re probably in good company. But not for long.

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AVC and Feld Thoughts Communities Rally $100,000+ For The ACLU

Feld Thoughts

Sunday morning Fred Wilson put up the following blog post: A $20,000 Match Offer On ACLU Donations Today. It came after a flurry of emails that started with one from me at 7:41am. “Inspired by Chris Sacca, Amy and I are considering doing an ACLU grant with a 100% match” We were all distressed by Trump’s executive order on immigration, which Fred wrote about in Make America Hate Again and I wrote in Unsettled and Disgusted.

5 Mistakes I Made When Starting My Business (So You Don’t Have To)

Up and Running

It is daunting to start your own business—very daunting. There are a hundred and one things that can go wrong, and inevitably it will the thing that you’re least expecting.

Don’t Let Your Business Dreams Die Full Of Potential

Startup Professionals Musings

As an advisor to early-stage entrepreneurs, I see a lot of dreams, but not so many business results. I’m always excited by the dream, and disappointed by what I perceive as a lack of courage in many people to take the actions required to realize the dream.

Read 200 Books This Year by Making This One Tiny Change to Your Routine

Inc Startups

A little math proves you do have enough time to change your life with books


Helluva Lifestyle Business You Got There

Bryce Dot VC

Unicorns and venture capital go hand in horn. Or so the story goes. Have a billion dollar idea, raise a little bit of money, show a little traction, raise a lot more money. Rinse and repeat. You can’t compete with out it! They say. You can’t scale without it! They say. Weaponized balance sheets have become the competitive strategy of this anabolic age. Anything less makes for a less ambitious business owner running a “nice little lifestyle business”. But there’s an interesting trend brewing.

14 Defining Traits That Could Make or Break Your Success As an Entrepreneur

Up and Running

Here at Palo Alto Software, I interview a lot of successful entrepreneurs. Sometimes, I learn how they hit upon a great business idea. Other times, I learn about their experiences with startup culture , or how they conquered a challenging new industry.

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Amazon: A true success story

The Equity Kicker

For about three weeks I’ve been meaning to write about the amazing success that is Amazon.

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9 Surprising Reasons Why Coffee Is Really Good for You

Inc Startups

Coffee has some pretty remarkable things going for it. Time for another cup


10 Keys To A Business Culture That Can Adapt Quickly

Startup Professionals Musings

As an entrepreneur, you have to improvise and adapt quickly to survive and thrive in the face of the unpredictable challenges of the market. But this improvisation a not a comedy, although there are some distinct correlations, in relation to reacting, adapting, and communicating.

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Capital Factory, a Google for Entrepreneurs Partner, Continues to Expand in Austin


Capital Factory has come a long way since it launched its collaborative coworking space on the 16th floor of the Austin Centre downtown in May of 2012. The technology accelerator, which bills itself as Austin’s center of gravity for entrepreneurs, has grown to become one of the largest tech entrepreneurial hubs in the country. This […] The post Capital Factory, a Google for Entrepreneurs Partner, Continues to Expand in Austin appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

How Sam Mizrahi Is Bringing Old World Elegance To A Modern City


They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same is true of what could be called the “new Toronto”.

5 Ways Science Shows That Your Brain is Keeping You From Success

Inc Startups

Your brain might be keeping you from success. Find out how to reverse that trend


7 ways to make sure someone doesn’t steal your brilliant app idea

The Next Web

It’s been quite a while since the very first mobile app was developed. Yet, the prospects and idea of trying out a new app still excites users. This accounts for leading mobile app stores teeming with millions of apps and an overwhelming amount of app downloads every year.

Book Short: The Checklist Manifesto

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Atul Gawande’s book The Checklist Manifesto is a wonderfully engaging summation of how the world has become so complex, and how to use checklists — yes, a simple to-do checklist — to manage the complexity that underlies modern professions.

What Is Your Personality, How To Navigate Opposites?


By Larry Kendall, founding partner of The Group, Inc, author of “ Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results. “ Have you heard of the Golden Rule? Treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s a pretty good philosophy for business and for life.

Democratic National Committee Asks a Question on Twitter, Immediately Regrets It

Inc Startups

If you don't have a good idea what the answer you'll get might be, think twice about asking a question on social media

The Secret to Business Growth

Duct Tape Marketing

The Secret to Business Growth written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. There are countless books, websites, and even podcasts dedicated to the topic of business growth. (Or Or its second cousin twice removed – growth hacking).

9 Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber-Attacks

YFS Magazine

Now is the best time to start thinking about the digital security of your business. Here are 9 smart ways to prevent cyber-attacks. This article 9 Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber-Attacks appeared first in YFS Magazine. Back Office Grow cyber-attacks cybersecurity data security technology

3 Essential Tips For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses To Manage Holiday Returns


by Spencer Moore, EVP of Sales at Speed Commerce. Peak season 2016 was one for the record books. Total e-commerce sales reached a whopping $91.7B, representing an 11 percent growth when compared to 2015.

Starbucks Responds To Trump's Immigration Ban With A Controversial Move

Inc Startups

When should a CEO get involved in a political situation


ATX Seed Ventures Invests in GoCo’s $2.5 Million Round


ATX Seed Ventures announced it is the lead investor in GoCo’s $2.5 million financing round. Other investors included Guardian Life Insurance and Salesforce Ventures., based in Houston, is a software startup that provides an all-in-one Human Resources platform focusing on small to medium sized companies. Its founders, Nir Leibovich, Jason Wang and Michael Gugel […] The post ATX Seed Ventures Invests in GoCo’s $2.5 Million Round appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

User Experience Design Tactics for Product Managers

The Product Guy

In our a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Marc Wendell, lead a conversation around “UX Design Tactics”. We are always looking for more product mentors from all around the world. Signup to be a Mentor Today! View the live stream…. About The Product Mentor.

Knowing When it’s Time To Fold


by Paul Oberschneider, author of “ Why Sell Tacos in Africa? “ Frankly, I’d rather be persistent than dogged. Being persistent means that if your idea isn’t working you don’t give up, but you do learn from it, change the way you are doing things and try again.

16 Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now!

Inc Startups

Motivation is what gets you started, good habits keep you going


UT at Austin Professors Present Early-Stage Pharmaceutical Startups


By LAURA LOREK Founder of Silicon Hills News The StARTup Studio put on by the Innovation Center at the University of Texas at Austin had a decidedly pharmaceutical focus during its January presentations. Three professor-led startups presented a variety of ideas including a traumatic brain injury treatment drug, a peptide sequencing platform to combat bacteria […] The post UT at Austin Professors Present Early-Stage Pharmaceutical Startups appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin