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The Fatal Flaw of the Three Horizons Model and How To Fix It

Steve Blank

I’m a big fan of McKinsey’s Three Horizons Model of innovation. (if if you’re not familiar with it there’s a brief description a few paragraphs down.) It’s one of the quickest ways to describe and prioritize innovation ideas in a large company or government agency.

Money Doesn’t Solve Problems. People Solve Problems.

Feld Thoughts

One of our favorite VC firms to work with is True Ventures. I’ve made many investments over the years with both Jon Callaghan and Tony Conrad, and I love being a co-investor with them. Recently, Tony told me a great Jon Callaghan quote. “Money Doesn’t Solve Problems. People Solve Problems.” ” I’ve learned this lesson 7,345,123 times. Every successful company I’ve been involved in had a least one near-death experience.

Manage the Clock

Feld Thoughts

I used to be chronically late to everything, both personal and professional. In my twenties, before cell phones, I was one of those people that others referred to as having “Brad time” which did not correlate with the actual time in the world.

Baby Boomers May Be Your Biggest Startup Competitors

Startup Professionals Musings

Contrary to what you might guess, the highest rate of entrepreneurial growth over the last few years is not Gen-Y upstarts, but Boomers over the age of 50, now called encore entrepreneurs.

Done Right - a book review

deal architect

I was in Shanghai, China recently. As I have told my friends, I ended paying a “tourist tax” everywhere. Moneychangers, gypsy taxi drivers, tour guides who took me to pearl and silk stores where I am sure they got a

China 295

10 Workplace Safety Tips For Office Employees


Workplace health and safety is a crucial component of office environments, for both the employer and the employee.

Book: The More You Hustle, The Luckier You Get

Feld Thoughts

James Oliver, Jr. has written a fun book that is part memoir, part advice, for what he calls Parentpreneurs (entrepreneurs who are trying to raise kids.) He’s got a website with a bunch of history about him, his journey, and the book.

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A brief history of the 21st century: The Enterprise Tech chapter

deal architect

People in our industry like to call themselves futurists. My glasses don’t allow me to look that far out. My books have, however, forced me to become a pretty fair historian. In The New Polymath I looked at Renaissance Men. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

Is Your Company A Courage Brand?


by Ryan Berman, author of “ Return on Courage : A Business Playbook for Courageous Change ” and founder of Courageous. Captain obvious alert: Courage is something we take quite seriously at Courageous.

Sphero’s Contribution to

Feld Thoughts

Last month, Amy and I matched all of the Colorado first time projects. So far, 103 projects have been fully funded, with a total of $25,722 donated. We still have plenty of matching dollars out there, so we’ll continue to run this match for a while.

5 Startup Intangibles That Can Energize Your Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Some investors seem to focus wholly on the strengths of the management team, or a sustainable competitive advantage, and in reality these are the core attributes for every funding equation.

Four Smart Ways Business Leaders Can Prioritize Work And Home Life

YFS Magazine

Your ability to prioritize work and family time takes practice and fine-tuning. Make it a life priority, and then find a system that works for you. Lifestyle lifestyle work-life balance


5 On-The-Go Dental Health Tips For Busy Professionals


by Dr. Nammy Patel, DDS of Green Dentistry and author of “ Age With Style: Your Guide To A Youthful Smile & Healthy Living “ In a fast-paced business world, people often don’t have time to stop for lunch, let alone take care of their teeth.

My Mom’s Haiku Project

Feld Thoughts

I love a Haiku My mother is an artist Haikus in winter. My mom has started a haiku project. She takes haikus that friends write and turns them into a collage. Following is a haiku I wrote after my mom sent me an email asking me for one. Yes, I was in Charlotte, North Carolina at the time.

Your New Venture IP Portfolio Sets Investment Value

Startup Professionals Musings

A large portion of your competitive advantage and your potential value to investors is the size of your intellectual property portfolio. When someone says Intellectual Property (IP), most entrepreneurs think only of patents.

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You Are Your Own Pilot – Jackie Camacho-Ruiz

The Startup Magazine

As you may know, I’m a licensed sports plane pilot. My insides are doing happy loop-dee-loops as I wait excitedly on the runway to take off. As I start to taxi slowly, then pick up speed at an exhilarating rate, the wind begins to lift me slowly and I rise higher and higher.

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6 Proven Methods To Build A Powerful Brand Awareness Strategy


To survive among powerful corporate organizations, small businesses need to double the efforts in order to have a memorable impression on their target audience. If to believe the Marketing Rule of 7, a prospect needs to come across the brand’s message at least 7 times to take an action.

Welcoming Dorothy Ren to the NextView Team

View from Seed

I’m very pleased to announce that Dorothy Ren has joined the investment team at NextView! Dorothy will be based in our New York office and will be focused on expanding our relationships with high-potential founders and operators in the New York startup community.

10 Ways To Build Trust And Loyalty In Your Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Business trust seems to be in short supply these days. Perhaps it’s because we are reminded daily of scams on the Internet that result from unscrupulous businesses and people. Yet if you run a business, you know things won’t get done, and most customers won’t buy, unless they trust you.

International Student Success in Tech – A CTO’s Journey

The Startup Magazine

When International Technological University’s CTO Kranthi Lammatha was a boy in the Indian farming village of Kasipuram, he would walk nine miles to get to school every day and another nine miles to get back home in the evening.

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The Refrigeration Business Is Making Big Strides In 2019


When it comes to the refrigeration or the heating and cooling industry there has always been a lot of controversy surrounding Freon. Freon is that gas that allows refrigerators and air conditioners to cool. Without this gas, a refrigerator or air conditioner wouldn’t be able to lower cool.

10 Business And Leisure Travel Hacks For Female Entrepreneurs

YFS Magazine

Whether you're wheels up for your next conference, meeting or annual sabbatical, there are travel hacks that can make your trip hassle-free. Lifestyle Travel business travel global global travel lifestyle travel

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A Proven UX Research Process to Redesign Your Website


Website redesigns are a huge risk. You can throw away years of incremental gains in UX and site performance—unless you have a battle-tested process. But what does that process look like? And how do you know if your team—or the one you’ve hired—is focusing on the most important things ?

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Starting Up a Business? Do These Things First

The Startup Magazine

Many people say that no one gets rich working for someone else all their life. They continue that starting a new venture business is the way to go, and this is indeed what many of them do. While starting a business is not at all bad, it’s something that must be done with caution.

The Importance Of Intellectual Property Protection In Entrepreneurship


If you have ever come up with a unique invention, you may already realize how important it is to protect your intellectual property. Without this protection, any competitor can simply copy your work, put their own brand on it, and sell it as their own.

15 Entrepreneurs Share The Worst Business Advice They’ve Heard

YFS Magazine

We asked 15 entrepreneurs to share the worst advice they've received along with tips on what to do instead. Here's a revealing look at what they had to say. Plan business advice business lessons business planning startup advice

Nine Austin Startups Make the SXSW Pitch List


Five finalists and four alternates from Austin made the list for the 11th annual SXSW Pitch event to be held at SXSW in March. Two startups from Houston and another from Missouri City, Texas also made the finalist list. “We

How to Drive Cheap, Quality Traffic on Facebook

The Startup Magazine

Any marketing tactic that requires a small investment with an excellent return is worth its weight in gold. For today’s marketers, the social realm is the best place to create the leads you’re hoping for without a huge investment.

5 Tricks To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out


LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networking platforms in the world. It has over 500 million users worldwide making it the ideal place to connect with people who can elevate your career or business.

15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Make Bold Decisions


Entrepreneurship and decision making go hand-in-hand. Some decisions like firing employees require boldness which is not always a walk in the park. The decisions you make can make or break the future of a business hence due diligence is necessary before making bold decisions.

3 Ways To Get Free Press Coverage For Your Business

YFS Magazine

Invest some time in these free PR tools and you’ll realize you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars each month in PR agency retainers. Grow Marketing & Sales media outreach PR public relations publicity

Universal Manufacturing Corp: Tips for Successful Marketing in the Digital Age

The Startup Magazine

Showing one’s products to the right people is the foundation of maximizing sales. In fact, knowing how to advertise is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of long-term success. In 2018, this is further amplified by the fact that competition in every single market is fierce.

Going The Distance: Turning Your Business Into A “Mobile” One


If you are working at developing a business that goes places, arguably, the biggest impact any budding entrepreneur has now is to turn the company into one that covers, pretty much, the entire planet.

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Infinitum Electic Gets $1.8 Million in Funding to Improve the Electric Motor


Infinitum Electric has reinvented the electric motor. And the Austin-based startup announced Thursday that it has closed a $1.8 million Series A round of financing, led by Cottonwood Technology Fund, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Bootstrapping Relevance: Making Web Conversions Meaningful for Long Sales Cycles


Most hurricanes that reach the United States start off the coast of West Africa. Those storms join and split with other minor systems as they move across the Atlantic. Some dissipate into a mild breeze; others devastate coastal areas along the Eastern seaboard.

Entrepreneurial opportunities in the vaping industry

The Startup Magazine

Once every generation or so, a new window opens up for startup entrepreneurs who suddenly find themselves with an opportunity to create a profitable startup in a brand-new industry.

How Small Online Businesses Can Compete With Amazon


We’re still fresh on the heels of the holiday shopping season. This shopping season, which once counted on the effects of shoppers storming brick-and-mortar retailers on Black Friday, is now much more dependent on the sales from internet retailers on what’s dubbed Cyber Monday.