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Innovation at Speed – when you have 2 million employees

Steve Blank

Success no longer goes to the country that develops a new fighting technology first, but rather to the one that better integrates it and adapts its way of fighting… Our response will be to prioritize speed of delivery, continuous adaptation, and frequent modular upgrades.

Framework Benchmarks Round 15


What better day than Valentine's Day to renew one's vow to create high-performance web applications? Respecting the time of your users is a sure way to earn their love and loyalty. And the perfect start is selecting high-performance platforms and frameworks.

Why Female Founder Office Hours is So Important

Both Sides of the Table

If you haven’t yet heard about Female Founder Office Hours it is an initiative you should be aware of whether you’re male, female or any other gender identify.

8 Strategies For Regularly Reinventing Your Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Sometimes entrepreneurs are so focused on making change happen for customers that they forget that continually changing themselves and their company is equally important.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Feld Thoughts

Amy arrived home from Africa yesterday evening around 6pm. She had been gone for 12 days and, while she had an awesome trip, we missed each other terribly. She arrived home to a bunch of early Valentine’s Day stuff like a hot bath.

Kenya 112

Forecasting Models: What You Need to Know

Up and Running

Whether your business is brand new or it’s been around for a while, you’ve probably thought about putting together a financial forecast. Most lenders and investors will expect it to be part of your business plan.

The Breakthrough Presentation that Stole the Upfront Summit

Both Sides of the Table

If a picture is worth a thousand words then you already know that Chamillionaire is having a great time with his new startup Convoz. He’s here on stage with Snoop Dogg and they had just dialed in Shaq to record a live video for his platform. It was just announced today on TechCrunch.

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What Every Business Owner Should Know About Budget Management

YFS Magazine

Budget management is essential for financial success. In order to develop a solid and simple budget variance for your business, work through the following four steps. Finance Grow budgeting money

SoCal Stunners: Why Homebrew Has Gone South

Hunter Walker

There’s a question we ask ourselves when investing in a startup outside of the Bay Area: is their location a positive for the company?

The Real Reason You Should Audition for Shark Tank

Up and Running

Many people dream of owning their own business. There’s nothing quite like being your own boss and running an operation the way you want to. However, this dream comes with a big cost.

Take Your Idea To The Next Level With A DIY Prototype

Startup Professionals Musings

These days, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, pitching their latest and greatest new idea, and looking for someone to give them money. Angel investors, like me, have long figured out that asking to see the prototype is a quick way to separate the ‘wannabes’ from serious players.

5 Critical Factors for Optimizing Luxury Ecommerce Sites


Selling high-end goods, services or experiences isn’t the same thing as selling the low and mid-tier alternatives. And in the 1990’s, Ford Motor Group learned that the hard way.

Are You Guilty Of These 5 Leadership Mistakes?

YFS Magazine

Here is a look at five leadership obstacles I've encountered as an entrepreneur and how I overcame them. Lead leadership personal development

Addition by Subtraction

“Dangerfield eliminated everything from his act but the setups and punchlines” Alex Halberstadt’s essay on Rodney Dangerfield is a masterclass on how to improve by reduction.

How To Win Key Decision Points With Today’s Customers

Startup Professionals Musings

Today’s customers are much more in control of their buying decision, as they have more choices and more information than ever before.

YouTube: Right or Wrong for Your Small Business?

The Startup Magazine

Nearly all businesses from small to large have a Facebook account. Most also use Twitter. Your business probably does, too. But, the social media discussion is often limited to Facebook and Twitter with a little Instagram and Pinterest thrown in. There’s another player to think about.

Voluntary Quits 2017


Quits, layoffs and discharges, other separations, and total separations, January 2007–November 2017 From the BLS: The number of total separations, which is the sum of quits, layoffs and discharges, and other separations, was 5.2 million in November.

Splitting the difference

47 Hats

I’ve always been a tripolar guy: on one hand, being a developer, making a living writing code for various companies. On the other hand, writing: either full books like The Web Startup Success Guide , posts like the one you’re reading or content for various startups.

7 Strategies To Enhance Agility In The Face Of Change

Startup Professionals Musings

Most small businesses have now forgotten the last recession, and are back to “business as usual.” They don’t realize that business as usual is gone forever. With social media and smart phone apps, real product information spreads at astounding speeds.

Agile 110

25 Entrepreneurs Reveal What They Love About Running Their Business


Being an entrepreneur or business owner has its share of ups and downs. While the downs can be pretty low the ups always seem to triumph for a true entrepreneur at heart. Milestones are what entrepreneurs and business owners work towards.

Stress And Relaxation Tips For Entrepreneurs

YFS Magazine

In life’s most stressful moments, we find out what we’re really made of. Here are five simple steps for dealing with stress. Lifestyle health and wellness managing stress personal development

Nima Peanut Sensor Pre-Order

Feld Thoughts

Less than a year after releasing its first product, Nima announced its highly anticipated peanut sensor is now available for pre-order , adding an allergen to its connected food sensor platform. If you have a peanut allergy, Nima is a must have.

Antonio Centeno: How This US Marine Turned Entrepreneur Earns Over $1 Million Teaching Men How To Dress Better Using YouTube by Yaro Starak

[ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] I met Antonio Centeno at the first ever Youpreneur conference in London, hosted by Chris Ducker. Antonio was seated next to me, one of the only men dressed in a suit, and we immediately struck up a.

16 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Side Hustles


Side hustles serve to support our main income streams. Some of them also end up becoming the main income stream if it turns profitable. They mainly sprout out of a simple idea or hobbies.

How to Reach Ideal Customers with Facebook Ads

YFS Magazine

Anybody can use Facebook advertising and generate business from it. It’s simply about learning how to do it, and taking the time to master the craft. Grow Marketing & Sales facebook Facebook advertising ideal customers marketing social media social media marketing target audience

Oracle Launches Startup Cloud Accelerator Program in Austin


Watch out Austin there’s a new accelerator in town. Oracle, based in Redwood Shores, Calif., on Tuesday, announced it’s launching a residential Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program in Austin. The Austin program is Oracle’s first residential accelerator program in North America.

Cloud 80

5 Tips For Being Productive While You Quit Smoking

The Startup Magazine

Deciding to quit smoking is only the first step in actually stopping. However, it is a very important step and anyone who takes it should be commended. The problem with quitting is that things suck before you see the benefits of a smoke-free life. Challenges.

20 Entrepreneurs Explain The Hardest Thing About Running Business


Running a business is a no walk in the park. It’s coupled with challenging endeavors that can push us to the verge of giving up. Despite these challenges, it still remains a worthy venture in the long run. The results you get make us forget the hardships we’ve been through.

How to Create Effective Content Without Adding More to Your To-Do List

Duct Tape Marketing

How to Create Effective Content Without Adding More to Your To-Do List written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Content influences not only all aspects of our marketing but of our entire business as well. Content is not something you can take lightly.

What Weekly Pick-up Games Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

YFS Magazine

Consider the role that money plays in our lives as solopreneurs. Money is like the score in my Tuesday night basketball game.?. Lifestyle business lessons Finance lifestyle money

The Changing Venture Market In 3 Images

VC Adventure

Want to visualize how the venture funding market is changing? Look no further than these 3 slides (from a presentation put together by our friends at Greenspring ). I don’t think much commentary is needed here. Average round size at Series A is increasing dramatically.

Monday Motivation: Dear Hard Work [VIDEO]


This is the month for love and we are focusing on hard work and hustle aka Project Work Ethic. This motivational video is for entrepreneurs and startups to start their week off on the right foot. Dear Hard Work, I used to hate you. When you call my name, I heard of running away from you.

Video 78

Stop Networking and Start Focusing on Relationships That Matter

Duct Tape Marketing

Stop Networking and Start Focusing on Relationships That Matter written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Podcast with Scott Gerber. Podcast Transcript. My guest for this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Scott Gerber.

How To Change Corporate Culture In 6 Steps


by Andi Simon, author of “ On the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights” A company’s culture plays a significant role in how successful that company will be over the long haul.

H-E-B Buys Austin-based Favor


Favor, the startup delivery service based in Austin, just got bought by one of the largest grocery companies in Texas, San Antonio-based H-E-B. Under the deal, Favor will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of H-E-B and it will continue to operate as a separate brand led by Chief Executive Officer and President Jag Bath and all […]. The post H-E-B Buys Austin-based Favor appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin San Antonio

Seven Ways To Guard Against Workplace Discrimination

The Startup Magazine

There are a number of ways that workplace discrimination can rear its ugly head. From issues involving race or religion to problems with sexual harassment , business owners need to take steps to safeguard against discrimination in the workplace.

Impact of Tax Reform (U.S. Outlook February 2018)


• One year into Donald Trump’s presidency, the economy has maintained solid growth momentum in what has so far already been the country’s third-longest economic expansion on record. In a bid to better assess what 2018 holds for the U.S. economy, we polled our global network of analysts. Of the sample of economists from international and local economic institutions we contacted, 95 answered the survey. This special report includes the highlights from our poll. •