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An Ultimate List Of Online Tools For Your Startup Growth


by Gaurav Sharma, digital marketing consultant at CG Trader. It is vital for startups to build their online presence to grow their business. Because almost everyone (and their mother) is on the internet now.

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The Value Of ROI-Driven Innovation

YFS Magazine

When you start demonstrating ROI, it opens up a new world for your business. Here's a look at eight reasons why ROI should be a priority. Grow Operations company culture innovation leadership ROI

How To Deal With Email After A Vacation

Feld Thoughts

As I’m already getting lots of out of office messages for people taking this week off, I thought I’d revisit an approach to how to deal with email after a vacation. In 2011, Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital came up with what, at the time, was what I thought was the best email vacation auto-responder in the history of email. Now, I have no idea if Josh invented this, but I’m going to give him credit for it. I evolved this in 2014 when I took a one-month sabbatical.

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13 Tips to Ensure Your Small Business Is Paid On Time and In Full

Up and Running

Making a big sale is exciting, especially for a new business. But getting paid late, spending time and money chasing overdue accounts, or worse yet, not getting paid at all, can destroy a business. If you sell B2B, chances are your customers are going to demand payment terms.

Gasoline Prices Soar


John Kemp from Reuters released a quality report today on the gasoline rise in America and national travel. In the US we have seen a shift to larger SUV style cars due to cheaper gas - in part. When gas surges customers trade in cars and buying habits transition to more fuel efficient cars.

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United Kingdom Economic Outlook July 2018


Outlook Remains Stable The economy appears to have regained some momentum in the second quarter following a weak first quarter, but growth is still mediocre at best.

Tech Marathoners: Sabrina Horn

deal architect

This continues a new series of interviews with tech executives who have seen the industry evolve over a minimum of two decades. They have helped analyze, envision, develop and take to market some of the most influential technology the world. Tech Marathoners series

How to Build a Top 1% Growth Team 3x Faster than Your Competition


Discover insider secrets on how to successfully build a high-performing growth team. How can you leverage CXL Institute, Kolbe tests and other online resources to genuinely impact your bottom line? Which skills truly matter for fast growth, and which are the nice-to-haves?

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The 5 Signs of a Struggling Startup, and How to Reverse the Trend

Up and Running

Entrepreneurs are actually proven to be happier and healthier than employees who work for someone else. It is uniquely rewarding to own and grow a business. That said, there are plenty of obstacles in the way. This is why failures are so common.

Local SEO for Lead Generation

Duct Tape Marketing

Local SEO for Lead Generation written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Podcast with Justin Sturges. Podcast Transcript. SEO tools and strategies are constantly changing.

How To Be Accountable For Your Own Success

YFS Magazine

When you prioritize accountability you take charge of outcomes that result from your actions. ??So So how do we become (and remain) accountable? Lead accountability leadership personal development

Top Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

The Startup Magazine

Everyone loves Twitter. It is a great way to share thoughts, news, and other information. But, what’s the point of sharing all your business’s important information if no one is seeing it? To fully take advantage of Twitters powers, you MUST have a following.

These 12 Apps Will Help Boost Your Productivity

crowdSPRING Blog

Every day, another app or service is unleashed on the world that claims to increase your productivity, corral your to-dos, or assassinate your procrastination.

Rock Your Business By Marketing It This Summer


by Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing and author of “ Virtual Assistant, The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA “. Summer is often a time when things slow down a bit.

Weekend Favs June 30

Duct Tape Marketing

Weekend Favs June 30 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week. I don’t go into depth about the finds, but encourage you to check them out if they sound interesting.

Want To Create Better Content? Take A Lesson From Great Comedians

YFS Magazine

Are you worried that you need to keep coming up with new material? Here's what comedians can teach you about content marketing. Grow Marketing & Sales content creation content marketing marketing

An entrepreneur’s guide to Aruba’s startup scene

The Next Web

Many people dream of building a business. Many others dream of living on a sunny island. But those who dream of doing both need look no further than Aruba. Located just 18 miles off the coast of Venezuela, the tiny Caribbean island has been making serious waves over the past few years.

3 Benefits of a Hard Money Loan

The Startup Magazine

A hard money loan is just a loan based on assets. People who tend to go for this type of loan are real estate investors who want to buy a property, refurbish it, and sell it. It can also be used by entrepreneurs starting a business if they have other assets.

Five Years After it Went Private, Dell Technologies is Going Public


Five years ago, Austin’s top technology company, Dell went private in a deal valued at $24.4 billion. And Monday, that same company, now known as Dell Technologies, announced that it is going public and its stock will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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5 Tips To Secure The Best Domain Name Possible

YFS Magazine

As someone who has secured several great domain names over the years, follow these tips and you might create a nice little portfolio of domains as well. Grow Marketing & Sales company website domain name marketing online marketing website development

Inside Amazon’s plan to dominate advertising business in 2019

The Next Web

Amazon’s unrelenting efficiency, obsession with automation, and brutal pricing strategies have helped it disrupt or dominate industry after industry, which began with books way back in 1997.

5 Reasons to Have Your Property Evaluated

The Startup Magazine

When it comes to buying or selling a house or any other property, it is always important to figure out its real value. The reason is that you get an accurate measure of the value of your property or one that you want to purchase.

Has Blockchain Fever Died Down In 2018?


There has been a lot of speculation around cryptocurrencies and this has in many ways obscured the fact the blockchain, the open-source and decentralized ledger that drives these digital currencies has the potential of radically transforming how ownership is verified.

Getting You First Product Management Job

The Product Guy

Excerpts from our conversation with The Best Product Person of 2017, Melissa Perri. Watch now and see why she is counted amongst the ranks of the best in product management. More to Come. The Best Product Person (TBPP) is the leading international award honoring excellence in Product Management.

From The Editor’s Desk: 3 Tips To Create Compelling Content

YFS Magazine

Compelling content connects with your reader and informs your audience. Here's how to bring structure and awareness to your own content. Grow Marketing & Sales content creation content management content marketing marketing

4 Marketing Mistakes You Can Easily Turn into Marketing Masterpieces

The Startup Magazine

Everybody makes mistakes. When it comes to marketing, especially social marketing, few get it perfectly right out of the gate. The trick is to make mistakes you can learn from and correct. There is a fatal variety of mistake from which there is no return.

5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Reclaim Your Personal Life And Improve Your Work Productivity


by Katie Lundin of crowdspring. Striking the right balance between your personal life and work is hard. But, getting your work-life balance right is vital for your health, happiness, and quality of life.

Best Thing About Being in Product is…

The Product Guy

Being in product management can have its ups and downs. But when you really dig in there can be found the BEST. See what product expert, Jordan Bergtraum, has to say on this topic. product management expert product manager

Tech Marathoners: Sabrina HornPart 2

deal architect

We ran yesterday Part 1 of the interview with Sabrina Horn. Part 2 below focuses on her view of the future of the industry and marketing trends What she is proudest of I alluded to it earlier. I think my. Tech Marathoners series

Why you need to become your own boss…

The Startup Magazine

We’ve all been there, dreaming of the day we can quit our jobs and become our own boss. But this thought doesn’t have to remain a dream – with some careful planning and the right mindset, you can be your own boss in no time and live the working life you have always wanted.

Are You Really Doing All That You Can To Make Your Business A Success? Let’s Explore.


When it comes to your business, you will have your very best intentions at heart to ensure that you do all that you can to make it a success. Or do you?

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Amazon Launches Warriors@Amazon Group in Austin


Amazon’s Austin Tech Hub on Monday launched Warriors@Amazon. The group is comprised of Amazon employees who have served in the military and those still serving in the Guard and Reserve and all Amazon employees who support them.

Co-marketing: What is it, and what can it do for your business?

The Next Web

How can we make our company grow faster than the day before? That thought crosses my head on a daily basis. I’m the Head of Marketing at company whose business model is B2B2C, so our success comes down to how well our partner companies are doing.

How to offer secure checkout to your customers

The Startup Magazine

If there’s one thing that customers want from an online shopping experience, it’s to feel that their information is secure. Although most of us are now used to buying goods and services online, many people are still concerned about internet security. And in fact, shoppers are right to be worried.