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New Normal: A conversation with Lou Von Thaer of Battelle

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I have been doing video interviews with a number of CIOs, software executives and practitioners about acrobatics they have been seeing in various vertical sectors during the COVID-19 crisis and the "New normal" they can expect as the economy wakes. Global and Vertical extensions Leadership during Crisis New Normal COVID-19 Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

10 Steps To A New Venture That Can Change The World

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As a startup advisor in this age of the entrepreneur, I see many more startups, but innovation is still hard to find. The most common proposals I hear are for yet another social networking site ( 200 on Wikipedia ), or another dating site/app ( over 1500 in the USA ). Startups which display real innovation, such as alternative energy sources and new medical treatments, are still rare. In my experience, finding real innovation in existing company environments is even tougher.

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5 Stress-Reducing Tips To Build Immunity During Pandemic


by Julie Potiker, author of “ Life Falls Apart, But You Don’t Have To “ It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and stressed out during these uncertain times, but numerous studies have shown that stress weakens the immune system. The emotional reality of this moment in history is putting us at risk just when we most need to protect our health.

Is the Lean Startup concept of MVP dead?

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“After the crash, venture capital was scarce to non-existent. Most of the funds that started in the late part of the boom would be underwater). Angel investment, which was small to start with, disappeared, and most corporate VCs shut down. VC’s were no longer insisting that startups spend faster, and “swing for the fences”. In fact, they were screaming at them to dramatically reduce their burn rates. It was a nuclear winter for startup capital.”

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Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

Supporting the ParentPreneur Foundation

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Amy and I, through our Anchor Point Foundation , recently provided the seed grant to the ParentPreneur Foundation. Founded by James Oliver, the ParentPreneur Foundation empowers Black people to be the best parents and entrepreneurs possible providing them money, tools, resources, and social capital. I’ve known James for several years.

7 Tips To Getting A Bank Interested In Your Startup

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Many entrepreneurs are convinced that banks are not worth the effort for startups, especially early-stage ones that still don’t have a revenue stream, or collateral to back up their financing needs. A question I get from time to time is “Can I ever expect any backing from my bank for a great opportunity?” The short answer is that some banks will help, if you do your homework.

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The impact of Covid-19 on Global Venture and the Case for Israel

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A new report on global venture capital investment volume shows that H1 2020 investments in startups reached $129 billion (this includes all stages as well as CVC activity). It’s a 6.5% decline from H1 2019 ($138 billion), but the impact on VC funding is less than originally projected. It appears that VCs got comfortable doing deals over Zoom. Source: Crunchbase. On a regional basis H1 2020 VC investment activity shows varied impact: Europe down 20% ( Source ) ? US down 10% ( Source ) ?

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Eric Ries’ Foreword to The Startup Community Way

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My new book with Ian Hathaway, The Startup Community Way , is officially out. When I saw the Kindle download first thing this morning, I felt a moment of unbridled joy. Writing a book is extremely hard. I’ve now written seven of them, all about startups and entrepreneurship. My next one, which I’ve been working on for a year with Dave Jilk (my first business partner), combined entrepreneurship and philosophy.

5 Due Diligence Tips Before You Invest In A Startup

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After you have heard a few startup success stories, like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, you may be tempted to invest some money yourself, maybe by pooling your funds with other investors who claim to have a great track record. My advice is to leave the investing in startups to the professionals (or friends and fools). First of all, despite a few visible blowout successes, the odds of a payback from investing in startups is very low (that’s why VCs look for 10X returns to cover failures).

All In Or Out? How Business Owners Can Deal With COVID’S Cloudy Future


by Michael Sipe, author of “ The AVADA Principle ” and founder of 10x Catalyst Groups. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, small businesses have reopened across the nation but certainty and optimism are a long way from being restored. Spikes in infections in many states, double-digit unemployment, consumer and lender concerns, and steep economic challenges in the wake of a long shutdown make it difficult to forecast if and when many companies will fully recover.

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How to Navigate the Digital Era of Startup Culture

YFS Magazine

Industries are continuously evolving. And you can’t make intelligent decisions you understand how your whole industry is changing. Technology recommended technology

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective VCs

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Chances are, you’ve read or at least heard about the book “ The 7 habits of highly effective people “ First published in 1989 and with over 40 million copies sold, It’s one of the bestselling non-fiction books in history. For the 30 year anniversary, the publishers kindly sent me a copy of the new edition with fresh insights from Stephen R. Covey’s son, Sean Covey.

7 Costs To Consider Before Taking Your Startup Public

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Despite the fact that the number of IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) for startups have continued to stay low, I still hear it touted often as the preferred exit strategy. I suspect the exuberance for an IPO is still being driven by the highly visible successes of a few companies several years ago, including Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter. Everyone dreams of becoming a billionaire overnight.

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The Challenges That A Start-Up Face


The odds are against most new businesses starting in the UK. According to the ONS , more than half of businesses fail within the first three years of operation. And that was before challenges like COVID-19 were even being considered! To stand the best chance of survival, budding entrepreneurs might look to the example set by those who’ve previously enjoyed some success.

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26 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips and Tricks of Staying Motivated


When the going gets rough in business, you’ll need motivation to keep moving. Motivating yourself can be hard but practicing consistent habits such as reminding yourself of why you started can be a major boost. A network of friends and partners can also serve as a great assurance and reminder that you’re not walking. Here are the various ways entrepreneurs and business owners stay motivated in business. #1- 1- A morning routine of checking my daily revenue. Photo Credit: Robert Farrington.

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Book and Podcast Suggestions for This Weekend

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The week after George Floyd was murdered, I decided to read a book a week by a Black author. I went online and found a bunch of lists that had popped up. I bought about 25 books, all in physical form, and piled them up on my reading table near my couch. On Saturdays, my primary activities of the day are reading, running, napping, and being with Amy. Two weeks ago, I read Ibram X. Kendi’s book How To Be An Antiracist. Last weekend I read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book Between the World and Me.

7 Personal Strategies That Define Great Entrepreneurs

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As an angel investor in startups, I’m a believer that smart investors invest more in you as the entrepreneur than the next billion dollar solution you are pitching. Yet I find that most of you find it hard to make the case that you can be the next Elon Musk or Bill Gates. I’m not looking for words, but examples of how your habits and attributes have produced results, even before your startup.

5 Reasons A Unifying Vision Is The Key To Successful Remote Working


by Joe Curcillo , author of “ Getting to ‘US’: Discover the Ability to Lead Your Team to Any Result You Desire “ As of the end of 2019, there were over 26 million people who worked at home on an average day, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That number jumped by millions during the pandemic, and many of those people will continue working remotely well into the future. In fact, some industry experts predict that the future of business is working remotely.

Amazon SEO Isn’t Google SEO: 6 Differences That Matter


Did you know that Amazon has surpassed Google as the go-to search platform for shoppers looking for products? This may come as a surprise to many readers. (I’ve I’ve certainly never heard anyone use “Amazon” as a verb.) Yet the data backs this up. When customers have a specific product in mind, more turn to Amazon search than Google. If you’re porting over your SEO “best practices” from on-site product pages to Amazon product pages, you’ll struggle.

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Tim Ferriss Podcast: The Art of Unplugging, Carving Your Own Path, and Riding the Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster

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Tim Ferriss did one of his very long-form (150 minutes) podcast with me last week. I met Tim for the first time in 2007 and we’ve been friends since, although we’ve spent relatively little time together in person. Like many of my friends, I have a very comfortable remote relationship that has a lot of emotional intimacy in it. While many humans find this difficult, I never have and enjoy it a lot. I think this comes through nicely in the podcast.

Better Zoom Meetings

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My partners and I hold weekly Monday meetings and about once a quarter, we do an extended, six or seven-hour version. Before COVID-19, we’d end the day with a dinner and a chance to socialize and decompress after a long day of portfolio updates and strategic planning. And, of course, before COVID we’d all be in person.

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7 Proven Tips To Fail Proof Your Startup Conveyancing Business


Regardless of the popularity of buy and sell sites nowadays, the fact is that when it comes to complicated transactions involving large sums of money, people still prefer to go to the experts. However, that doesn’t mean that starting a conveyancing business is set for automatic success. As with any industry, you’ll need to learn and apply different tricks in order to achieve success in conveyance. Here are some tricks: 1. Make Sure You’re on the Registry.

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Nudge Marketing: From Theory to Practice


It’s summer in the UK. Two cigarette disposal bins are erected on a littered street. One bin is marked Ronaldo, the other, Messi. The bins encouraged smokers to vote for the best football player with their cigarette butts. After twelve weeks, cigarette litter dropped by 46%. In the United States, a similar experiment reduced cigarette litter by 74% in six months. Instead of yelling at smokers to “clean up your butts,” the bins implied the desired behavior in an easy and fun way.

How Smaller Businesses Can Beat Big E-Commerce Brands

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As a startup or small business, competing with larger corporations, whose monthly marketing spend exceeds your annual revenue, can be downright scary. Grow Operations e-commerce ecommerce tips recommended

8 Alternative Funding Options for Small Businesses

Up and Running

Available funding for businesses is changing, and the current state of the economy can make seeking and obtaining loans seem like a nightmare. If you’re struggling to get a bank loan, or you don’t like your current options, there are alternatives to traditional loans that are likely available to you. What is alternative funding? Simply put, alternative funding is gaining financing for your company outside of traditional bank loans to gain capital.

Is SEO Important For Every Business?


by Uday Tank. SEO – Search Engine Optimization was a term unknown to many people years back. Nowadays, with the advent of digital marketing, this term has caused the make and breaks of many businesses. SEO consists of the techniques, strategies, and actions that are involved in making your website popular in the search website results. As a result of this optimization, your page will rank higher, and ultimately more people will have access to it. SEO can be either on-page or off-page.

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Transform Your Business – 5 Simple Steps

Mike Michalowicz

Have you ever wanted to transform? Yourself? Or your business? Or both? Were you successful? Or, are you on the brink of a great transformation? Great! How are you planning on achieving it? (Is Is that crickets I hear?). How powerful would it be if you truly transformed? You CAN. Many of us have visions of transforming, but oftentimes don’t experience true transformation. We get stuck in this loop. This loop, better known as, ”being human”! We get grand ideas, we start thinking and planning.

Resume Coaching Resource

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If you’re not familiar with Energize Colorado , I’d encourage you to check them out. Energize CO is a volunteer organization working to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in Colorado. As part of this they just launched a pilot Resume Coaching program geared toward people whose jobs have been affected by COVID-19. This is a free resource utilizing volunteer recruiters from some of Colorado’s best companies and staffing agencies.

At last, the full promise of crypto networks is coming alive

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Since the early days, crypto has had four core promises: . 1) Enabling trust at scale. Transactions are executed by code, rather than a single gatekeeper like a bank or other financial middleman. . 2) Permissionless innovation. Crypto’s open source nature enables anybody to build on top of existing code. . 3) A decentralized governance model. Power rests in the hands of the owners of the crypto assets, rather than owned and managed by a single centralized institution. . 4) Better than free.

4 Things To Know Before Investing In A Mutual Fund


When you are looking to grow your personal wealth, you have many options that you can consider. Each of these options will carry with them a certain amount of risk, as there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to investments. That being said, with the right guidance and consideration, you could very well stand to gain a desirable return on your investment. One of the more popular investment options out there is that of the mutual fund.

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27 year old Shantanu’s startup talk ‘On Your Sparks’ grabs Ratan Tata’s attention

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The startup 'On Your Sparks' was started by Shantanu Naidu. It is an online talk especially in the Lockdown situation, mainly to help aspiring entrepreneurs. . Startups how is Shantanu Naidu related to Ratan Tata On Your Sparks Ratan Tata Ratan Tata and Shantanu Naidu Shantanu Naidu Shantanu Naidu business Shantanu Naidu startup startups for dog protection who is Shantanu Naidu young entrepreneurs

5 SEO Tips During The Pandemic

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The coronavirus has shut down wide swathes of our economy, but that doesn’t mean that business owners can stand idly by and wait for someone to rescue them. Those commercial entities which survive this public health crisis will be those which leveraged SEO to ensure they remained popular with consumers who are now stuck within the confines of their homes. Ignoring SEO is foolish in the best of times, but to do so these days is deliberate commercial suicide.

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How to Get Started in Influencer Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

How to Get Started in Influencer Marketing written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Podcast with Neal Schaffer. In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast , I interview Neal Schaffer, author of The Age of Influence: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your Brand. Neal Schaffer is a leader in helping educate executives and professionals on social media as well as in implementing successful social media strategies for businesses.

[Interview] Nir Bashan, Author, Entrepreneur, And Leading Business Coach On Creativity 


Nir Bashan is the founder and CEO of The Creator Mindset LLC, where he teaches business leaders how to harness the power of creativity to improve profitability, increase sales, and make work more meaningful. His clients include AT&T, Microsoft, Ace Hardware, NFL Network, EA Sports, and JetBlue. His creative work has been recognized with a Clio Award and an Emmy nomination.

Nykaa, FirstCry two of the three Indian startups to receive ‘unicorn’ tag in first half of 2020

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In the first half of 2020, only three startups have received a 'unicorn' tag, each one valued at over $1 billion against six startups in H12019. These three startups are - FirstCry, Pine Labs, and Nykaa. Growth Strategies Startups FirstCry FirstCry Unicorn 2020 Indian Startups 2020 Nykaa Nykaa Unicorn 2020 Pine Labs Unicorn 2020 Unicorn Startup Tag India

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This Is How to Conduct a Job Safety Analysis

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It is very important for businesses to properly conduct a job safety analysis. You can check out our guide here to learn more. According to official statistics , over 1,000 people die each year as a result of workplace accidents. Job safety should be of the utmost importance to business owners. Keeping the workplace hazard-free is essential for protecting the workplace safety of employees and visitors. To maintain the highest levels of safety, a job safety analysis (JSA) needs to be carried out.