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“Nail It Then Scale It” - The New Mantra For Startups

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Steve Blank via Flickr by jdlasica I see more and more entrepreneurs who seem to have everything going for them – vision, motivation, passion, even a good business plan, product, and money, and yet they can’t close customers.

Repeat Founders and the Risk of a False Positive

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A number of blog posts recently have mentioned this, but we seem to be experiencing a rise in repeat founders starting new businesses and raising seed capital.

Diversity And Discrimination: Is Your Workplace Getting It Right?


From the largest corporations to small startups, diversity is a hot topic. Too often, though, employers are unprepared to support hires from all backgrounds, which is how we end up with superficially diverse workplaces that alienate women and minority employees.

University of Michigan Joins the Global EIR Network

Feld Thoughts

I’ve been working on the Startup Visa since I first wrote about it 2009 in my post The Founders Visa Movement. After a decade, it’s clear that our federal government has broadly failed us on this front. In 2015, I announced the Global EIR initiative to try something different. Today, I’m happy to welcome the University of Michigan to the Global EIR network.

6 Keys To Making Timely Changes To Save Your Business

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Image via Wikipedia Change is about the only thing constant in the world of startups. Despite their own focus on changing the world, they often forget that they too have to change rapidly and often as the market evolves.

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Slack S-1: Will ARPU Drive Long Term Value?

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Slack dropped their S-1 a couple weeks ago. Even before that, we all knew that it was among the most rapidly growing SaaS companies in recent years and a product used (and loved) by millions of people. But now we have a chance to really dig in and understand Slack’s business a bit better.

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[Interview] Bill Treasurer, Author Of ‘Courage Goes To Work’


Tired of managing “com fear table” employees — workers who are either too comfortable or too fearful to do things differently? Meet Bill Treasurer.

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5 Exciting Technologies That Need Your Execution Help

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DNA image via Wikipedia As a business advisor and technologist, I often think about the large array of opportunities for entrepreneurs as technology seems to be evolving faster and faster.

Friday Fun-ism: “Time Kills All Deals”

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This week’s Friday Fun-ism goes hand-in-hand with a previous, “ It moves slow until it moves fast.” The venture fundraising process for founders has a certain rhythm to it, and so a lot can be read into the timing and pacing of the conversations.

Surround Yourself With Climbers


How to Find Beta Testers to Validate Your Business Idea

Up and Running

You’ve got a business idea that’s been burning at the back of your mind for months, and it’s finally time to do something about it. The concept gets you excited—the butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms kind of excited, and you know that people are going to love it.

5 Steps To A Winning Assault On The Army Of Investors

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Image via Flickr by lumaxart Don’t charge the hill until you are “ready.” This probably seems obvious to military types, but I see entrepreneurs violating this rule all the time.

How to land new clients for your startup business

The Startup Magazine

Starting up your own business venture is never easy. But it is one of the most rewarding career moves you can ever do in your life. Having a good idea is one of the most important steps towards a successful business plan, as originality is always rewarded in the competitive, modern marketplace.

5 Risks Of Buying A Business And Profiting Off The Opportunities They Create


by LJ Suzuki of CFOshare. Why start from scratch when you can get a great deal on what someone else started? In today’s sexy startup culture, buying an existing business has lost its vogue.

4 Networking Tips for New Nonprofits

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Building a nonprofit from the ground up is a challenge. Newness creates a certain level of liability, which is evidenced by the fact that nonprofits—like startups—are more likely to fail closer to their founding.

6 Ways To Prepare Your Company For The Future Of Work

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Image via Pixabay It’s time to take the drudgery and dread out of work at your business. You don’t like it, millennials won’t put up with it, and current productivity levels at work continue to decline. Only 32 percent of American workers are even engaged at work today.

15 Ways To Become A Successful Consultant

YFS Magazine

Seismic changes in the workforce mean more and more companies need consultants. Here is a look at 15 tips to master the business side of consulting. Plan business coach business coaching business consultants consulting starting a business


My Secrets To Success For Leading As A Woman Entrepreneur In A Male-Dominated Industry


by Rene Banglesdorf , author of “ Stand Up: How to Flourish When the Odds Are Stacked Against You “ Aviation has long been thought of as a male-dominated industry, and rightfully so.

28 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business


Each business has a story. No matter if the business is a Goliath like Wal-Mart, or a local business owned by a couple or family, the business has roots in an idea. For each business owner, the story of their journey can range from monetary needs or the passion for a unique project.

7 Things To Know About Running Your Business

The Startup Magazine

Thinking of starting a business or already up and running? There’s much to learn and know about running a business, and the effectiveness of how it’s run will determine whether it survives – not just whether your product or service meets a need in the marketplace.

10 Empowering Quotes From Successful Mompreneurs

YFS Magazine

Consider these powerful words from successful female business owners who balance the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur. People female entrepreneurs mompreneur mothers day women in business

My Secret Weapon For AI Investing Revealed


by Alex Bates, Managing Director at Neocortex Ventures. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”. Your network is your net worth.”.

MassChallenge Texas Selects 74 Startups for its Austin Accelerator


MassChallenge Texas announced it has accepted 74 startups into its latest program in Austin which kicks off in June. The startups hail from five countries, 14 states and five industries, said Mike Millard, managing director of MassChallenge Texas.

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How to Handle the Starting Budget for Your Nonprofit Startup

The Startup Magazine

Kind-hearted people and groups are out there, trying to do the best they can for their fellow human beings through organizations like nonprofits. Most have wonderful ideas, but getting them started can be challenging. Thankfully, many people believe that good things are worth the struggle.

If It’s a Favor To You Then Of Course, Otherwise I’d Rather Not

Hunter Walker

My obsessive focus on parsing the language of introductions previously resulted in a discussion of “ the vouch ,” but tbh that’s 101 level stuff. Let’s go deeper… Introductions 201: The Favor.

Basic Web Design Principles Your Site Should Follow


A website is so much more than an online source of information, or a store, or a booking template; it’s an extension of your brand and the first place that a lot of potential customers will get a feel for it. Your website should get users to trust you.

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SKU Graduates 7 Consumer Goods Startups


Startup activity for the consumer packed goods industry in Austin is booming. That was evident as the seventh cohort of the SKU Accelerator did their pitches for Demo Day at Native Hostel Tuesday night.

Enterprise Mobility and Why Your Startup Can Benefit From It?

The Startup Magazine

Enterprise mobility is a phrase that we see getting thrown around a lot in the business world today. Many established businesses and startups are embracing this new technology to strengthen their position in the market. With all the buzz, you might be wondering: What is Enterprise Mobility?

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The Role of IT or an IT Consultant Provider for Business Growth


A good IT support and a robust business run hand at hand. allow us to take a glance at few major points that show an IT consultancy services and businesses to deliver results that define the success of your business. So, what role is IT consultancy for your business growth?

How To Drive Online Sales With A Printed Catalog In 2019 And Beyond


In this digital era, businesses mostly prefer online marketing over offline marketing. This is mainly because it is easier to find customers online. However, the trend for offline marketing is far from over. Catalogs were used as primary marketing tools a couple of years back.

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Ready To Sell Your Business? Consider An ESOP

YFS Magazine

Most small to mid-sized businesses have a common challenge: Can we sell our business and get fair market value? Here's an option you may have overlooked. Exit Strategy Grow business exit plan esop exit planning exit strategy sell your business selling a business

How Startup SEO Agencies Benefit from Project Management Tools

The Startup Magazine

Every startup has a mission. A vision with which they set out to conduct business, and complete their objectives. There is little more exciting or challenging venture than orchestrating a brand new business.

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Empower Your Day With These 3 Simple Tips

Rembrandt Communications

Get Energized and Accomplish More! It’s Monday morning, and you really don’t want to get out of bed. You hit the snooze button a few times, and you are exhausted. Your chores, deadlines and responsibilities loom, and the blankets just seem softer and cozier than usual. Sound familiar? If so, it’s time to boost your energy and feel good again about pursuing your goals. Need a little help? Here are…. 3 Simple Tips to Empower Your Day and See Faster Success. Delegate.

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What Is The Limit For SBI Top Up Home Loan?


SBI Home Loan is a very well known home loan product in the market. A majority of people vouch for SBI’s credit schemes over the other providers in the market, owing to better interest rate and add-on facilities with their products.

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PR Pro Shares Four Mistakes To Avoid When Pitching The Media

YFS Magazine

As you start to engage in PR and pitch the media, here are four common mistakes you can easily avoid with the right preparation. Grow Marketing & Sales media pitch PR public relations publicity

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Digital Marketing Is Now the Norm

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When the time for researching and purchasing hits a consumer, one who is modernized and has digital experience and must use digital marketing for every step, Google search engines have become most common for the consumers researching.

A s Are Sometimes OK, But I Can’t Stand Weathervanes or Grin F **s

Hunter Walker

“Ugh, he’s such an a **e,” a friend sighed to me about a mutual acquaintance. I shrugged, and proceeded to explain my complicated relationship with some folks who I know are a s, or selfish, or blowhards, or any other combination of qualities that can be disqualifying. “Yeah, but he’s consistently an a **e,” I replied, “so you know what you’re getting and he knows he’s an a **e.”