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3 Founder Attributes We Look For When Investing

View from Seed

Recently, Stu Landesberg, the CEO of Grove Collaborative shared the story of the struggle he faced in raising his series A round. You don’t often hear a founder speak so candidly about this (especially before the final chapter is written) so it’s worth a listen. . We were co-lead investors in Grove’s seed round and actually doubled down in an intermediate round prior to this challenging series A process.

5 Essential Skills all Entrepreneurs Need to Build Success


Developing a small business into a successful enterprise demands more than passion. Unfortunately, over half of new businesses fail; mainly because the entrepreneur is unable to translate their passion into practical business skills. Here are five essential skills all entrepreneurs need to build success. Studies show that 30 percent of new businesses fail during their first two years of being open, 50 percent during the first five years and 66 percent during the first 10 years.

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May Freelancers Juggling Multiple Clients Bring a Fresh Perspective?

Transformify - Recruiting

Our guest today is Rachael Bozsik , a keynote speaker and thought leadership coach supporting female entrepreneurs. Rachael, hiring freelancers is still seen as risky by many entrepreneurs, especially early on. Why did you decide to rely on gig workers? We have great experience hiring freelancers and the success is credited to strategically recruiting individuals who view their gig work as a creative outlet from their nine to five careers.

Compliance Certifications Entrepreneurs Should Know


Compliance certifications are meant to provide fair playing ground for businesses across various industries, besides ensuring that consumers get the highest-quality goods and services. Business compliance is an all-encompassing term that implies how well a company adheres to laws and regulations imposed by industry regulatory bodies. Typically, legal and regulatory requirements vary from one industry to another.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Network

Duct Tape Marketing

How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Network written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for small businesses looking to grow their network. They boast 660 million members worldwide and over 165 million in the U.S. alone. Because it’s a business-focused social network, it’s a necessity for those running B2Bs to have a presence on the platform. But B2C businesses can thrive on LinkedIn as well.

5 Ways To Increase Your Agility In The Face Of Change

Startup Professionals Musings

As a business and entrepreneur advisor, I have no trouble getting owners and managers to agree that change is happening faster and faster in the consumer and technology world, requiring them to keep their business more agile , just to keep up. The challenge is that too many are confused on what that means for them, and what it takes to make their business competitively agile.

Agile 223

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5 Traits Today’s Leaders Need To Revolutionize Their Management Style


by Oleg Konovalov , author of “ Leaderology “ The rapid rate of change and innovation brought about by the digital age is putting many large corporations in peril as they realize they are in an “adapt-or-die” era. But for a business to change, its leadership must be willing to change as well, and that doesn’t always happen. Old strategies and approaches are not sufficient any more.

Abandoned Cart Email Offers: What We Learned from 1,000 Ecommerce Brands


Cart abandonment is a huge issue in ecommerce. So cart abandonment emails are often a top revenue generator. And discounts and offers within those emails are proven tactics for increasing conversions. All standard wisdom. But we wanted to see how ecommerce brands deployed their offers. Are “best practices” for offers prevailing? Which strategies are brands using—or neglecting? Here’s what we did: We chose 1,000 direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands. We abandoned 1,000 carts.

10 Traits of Leaders Who Can Hold People Accountable

Startup Professionals Musings

Getting things done effectively in a startup requires total individual and team accountability. You can’t afford excuses and multiple people doing the same job. In my view, “taking responsibility” is the core element behind accountability. Many people hear responsibility as an obligation, but I hear it as “the ability to respond.” Unfortunately many people don’t have the ability to respond, because they lack confidence in themselves, or simply don’t have the skills required.

The 4 Critical Challenges of Tech Startup PR


In the technology industry, almost more than anywhere else, image is everything. Image is the bedrock part of the “fake it till you make it” culture that animates most of Silicon Valley today. Innovators use it to sell illusions while they figure out the nuts and bolts of their big ideas. Here are four critical challenges of tech startup PR. Without it, companies like Magic Leap would be starved of capital while trying to bring their AR technology to market.

PR 103

6 Ways To Develop Your Individuality In Business & Give Yourself An Edge In Your Market


by Dr. David Kubes. When I started my career as a lawyer, individuality was nothing you would aim for: the definition of what a good lawyer has to be and do were solid and in place for a very long time. The way was clearly marked and there was no doubt of what has to be done. Without practice you will not get a job later on.

How We Took on Slack (and Lived to Tell About It)


How do you compete with one of the biggest names in your industry—and with a brand new product? Three years ago, we launched Chanty, a SaaS application for team chat. This was nothing new. Thousands of apps are born and die each year. There was one difference—we were going against Slack, the giant that is the SaaS role model. Call it bold or stupid, but we had our work cut out for us. Three years later, we’ve faced a series of challenges. We solved some of them.

8 Techniques For Shining A Light On Your Blind Spots

Startup Professionals Musings

Most of us have blind spots in our ability to build a business, due to lack of experience, too much ego, over-confidence, or unjustified faith in a subordinate. Only a few of the entrepreneurs I have worked with in a decade of consulting are smart and humble enough to recognize that they don’t know what they don’t know, and have an effective process for shining a light on their blind spots.

How to Manage Conflict at Work


You may think that you have the world’s most exceptional colleagues, but sooner or later, you’ll have a conflict at work. Unfortunately, conflict at work and misunderstandings happen all the time, so managing them in a proper way to minimize their effect on your productivity is critical to achieving career goals. The effects of how to manage conflicts at work effect can be quite significant.

Boosting Sales And Revenues: 4 Promising Tips


Working to manage a company takes a lot of strategic investments, but the most important goal of all decision-making is to improve your company’s financial. This could happen by reducing expenses, increasing your sales, and generating more revenue. Even though improving your revenue and increasing sales are complementary goals, each area requires a unique strategy if your company is going to see more cash in the bank.

4 Tech-Savvy Ways To Improve Your Customer Experience

YFS Magazine

To stay competitive, you need the latest tools and technologies to create a responsive and relevant customer experience. Customer Service Grow customer experience technology

8 Tips For Right-Brain Entrepreneurs To Build Balance

Startup Professionals Musings

Traditionally, the majority of entrepreneurs have been logical thinkers, problem solvers, with full attention to details. These are the stereotypical left-brain engineers. Yet I see a big shift from the knowledge age, with its left-brain foundation, to a critical focus today on visualization, creativity, relationships, and collaboration, which are more in the domain of right-brainers.

A New Venture with Serial Entrepreneur, Uri Haramati


In this episode of the How To CEO podcast, I had a chance to catch up with Uri Haramati. Uri is a seasoned product manager with over a decade of business knowledge and experience in diverse capacities. Here is a new venture with a serial entrepreneur. A serial entrepreneur, Uri founded Life on Air – the company behind Meerkat and Houseparty. He has been working on a new venture: Torii. Torii’s mission is to help modern IT drive their business forward by making the best use of SaaS.

The Ultimate 9 Step Guide To Starting A Business


When you come up with an idea to start a business, it’s an incredibly exciting time, but you need more than your award-winning idea to grow a successful business. Here is your one-stop guide for turning your idea into a business. Solidify Your Idea. If you are thinking about starting a business, you probably already have an idea in your head about what it’s going to be. Research , evaluate and solidify this idea.

How To Boost Your Productivity, Health, And Wellness At Work

YFS Magazine

Since we spend an average of eight hours each day at the office, ensuring our workplaces are safe, happy, healthy, and productive is essential. Lifestyle health and wellness lifestyle productivity workplace wellness

Look For The Hunter Gene In Every New Venture Founder

Startup Professionals Musings

Most entrepreneurs believe they are “different,” but they can’t quite understand how. They usually explain it by insisting that they are driven to follow their passion, need to be their own boss, want to get rich quick, or want to change the world. I now believe that the roots of the difference may go back more than 10,000 years, when hunting and farming became two different lifestyles.

How to Build Your Second Billion Dollar Startup (with Lesley Eccles)


In this episode of the How To CEO podcast, I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Lesley Eccles. Lesley is the founder of the daily fantasy sports provider, FanDuel – which is the biggest sports betting company in the US. Now she’s building a new company called Relish , the #1 relationship training app. Relish helps people build a happy, healthy, more connected relationship with unlimited text-based coaching and a fully customized improvement plan.

Top 8 Sources To Finance Your Small Business


Getting a small business off the ground is easier than it has ever been. With support from governments and institutions across the globe, entrepreneurship has seen a noticeable surge. In 2015, small businesses accounted for 93 per cent of all Australian businesses by turnover. If you’re planning to start a business, there is no better time than now. Apart from a brilliant idea, finance is an important factor for starting a business.

How To Attract More Retail Customers During The Christmas Season

YFS Magazine

The Christmas season is full of anticipation for many retailers, but it’s also highly competitive. Here's how to attract more customers during the holidays. Grow Marketing & Sales christmas holiday business tips holiday marketing tips marketing

Ten Percent Happier

Feld Thoughts

Over the weekend, we spent time with a friend who works for Ten Percent Happier. I’ve explored most of the popular meditation apps in the past few years after getting started meditating on a regular basis by using Headspace. I eventually switched to Insight Timer since I usually now just do silent meditation for 20 minutes first thing each morning. I had never tried Ten Percent Happier, but I felt connected to it because of Ben Rubin, one of the co-founders.

The continuous rise of SaaS in the consumer space

Version One Ventures

The consumer subscription business model is certainly not a new concept. And as we’ve been investing in more B2C companies recently, we’re reminded just how popular this strategy to monetization continues to be. Even marketplaces, which traditionally just took a piece of each transaction, are now looking to charge monthly or annual fees.

B2C 77

Effective Digital Marketing: How To Do It


Marketing is the core necessity that drives the growth and development of any business. Be it carried out manually or digitally. In fact, marketing is the very first step that starts with the initiation of any business and continues till it remains operational. It is noteworthy that marketing is not just advertisements and promotions. It is the complete process of intriguing the target customers into buying a product or a service.

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Embrace The Midday Workout

YFS Magazine

Beyond convenience, a midday workout yields an array of health and wellness benefits. Here are a few of the top perks. Lifestyle fitness health and wellness lifestyle mental health

Abandoned Cart Email Offers: What We Learned from 1,000 Ecommerce Brands


Cart abandonment is a huge issue in ecommerce. So cart abandonment emails are often a top revenue generator. And discounts and offers within those emails are proven tactics for increasing conversions. All standard wisdom. But we wanted to see how ecommerce brands deployed their offers. Are “best practices” for offers prevailing? Which strategies are brands using—or neglecting? Here’s what we did: We chose 1,000 direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands. We abandoned 1,000 carts.

Here’s How to Make Your Startup Irresistible to Investors

The Startup Magazine

By Lihi Pinto Fryman, Co-Founder and CMO of Syte. Startup success depends on a many factors related to your vision, product, and market opportunity. But critical capital raising success depends on a separate set of factors.

Key Tactics For Personalised High Converting Marketing


It’s the one marketing trend that can really help to create a customer relationship, and yet surprisingly, it’s still one which plenty of small businesses are neglecting. The small but powerful movement of personalisation has the power to revolutionise your marketing practice and boost your conversion rates – if you get it right. And it doesn’t take a lot of time and expensive tools to achieve either.

How to Do Cannabis Cultivation Business Planning for Growth

Up and Running

Developing a cannabis cultivation business requires significant planning, dedication, and focus. Initially, you’ll need to develop a solid plan to provide a steady direction for the project. Concise strategic planning gives cannabis entrepreneurs an edge by allowing them to solidify their spot in a highly competitive market. . In this article, you will learn how to build a successful business plan for your cannabis grow operation.

Strategies for Effective Board Leadership

Board Effect

In general, boards are in the spotlight with a focus on board effectiveness. As the light shines brighter, weak boards stand out more than ever before. As new board directors join the board, they need to be concerned about meeting performance expectations. Risk and liability are also big issues to which board directors need to give their attention. Today’s board directors need to be more well-rounded than ever before.

4 Compelling Benefits of Personalized Video Marketing

The Startup Magazine

In recent years, video marketing has become the most effective way of promoting products and services on digital platforms. It will not be incorrect to say that it is now both the customer’s and businesses’ favorite, and different stats back this up. According to a report, every four out of five Twitter users watch video content appears on their feed. Moreover, every day on YouTube, People watch over 500 million hours of content. Yes, that is a lot!

Video 105

When Is A Side Hustle No Longer A Side Hustle?


Millions of Americans have side hustles or part-time gigs they perform after their day job is over. For most of these individuals, these gigs are nothing more than creative outlets or flexible ways of making some extra cash. But what if it’s time to turn your side hustle into a full-time job? 4 Signs You’re Ready to Go Full-Time. Side hustles are often side hustles for a reason.

Salary 131

Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Mike Michalowicz

There are more female entrepreneurs now than ever before. Check out these magazines featuring successful females on their cover – Fast Company , Entrepreneur , Fortune and Success , all heralding an era of female achievement. The ratio is changing. In the past it seemed the media was trying to perpetuate the perception of female entrepreneurs and executives as if they were males. They were posed like men, dressed like men…but check out the cover of Inc. Magazine.