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Thought Leadership vs. Cult of Personality

Feld Thoughts

In 2011, my now-partner Chris Moody (and then-CEO of Gnip, which I was on the board of) kicked my butt about my endless statements about hating marketing. His thoughts on recasting “marketing” as “thought leadership” appeared on this blog in a post I Don’t Hate Marketing. It remains a great example of one of the reasons I blog, which is to think out loud, get feedback, learn, and iterate.

3 Steps To Get More Money Out Of Selling Your Business


by Marla DiCarlo, co-owner and CEO of Raincatcher. Selling your business requires careful planning and strategizing in order to maximize the valuation and profit.

What opportunities does 5G hold for Entertainment Tech startups?

VC Cafe

5G is forecasted to bring $1.3 trillion in revenue to the media and entertainment industries by 2028, according to Intel. As 5G starts rolling out in the US and UK, I list a few big market. This is a content summary only.

Great Entrepreneurs Rush To Embrace The Right Risks

Startup Professionals Musings

Outside of dreams, there is no real business opportunity without risk. Serious entrepreneurs know that, but too many “wannabes” still fall for that elusive get-rich-quick scheme with no risk.

A tumultuous couple of decades

deal architect

As I was filing our quarterly Form 941 last week, it hit me that we have entered the last quarter of this decade. As I flew into LaGuardia on Monday, it took me back two decades to my time at. Cloud Computing, SaaS Industry Commentary Outsourcing (IBM, Accenture, EDS

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“Peace of Mind” Businesses

View from Seed

One of my first seed investments was in a company that was looking to disrupt the textbook publishing space. The team was terrific, and the premise was to develop a digital textbook product that was 20x cheaper, better, and more convenient than traditional textbooks. The team brought an amazing product to market but the business just didn’t work. The core mistake we made was misclassifying the kind of business we were building.

How Hybrid Publishing Can Help You


by Alinka Rutkowska, author of “ How I Sold 80,000 Books: Book Marketing for Authors “ If you’re an entrepreneur that doesn’t yet have a credibility book, you may wonder how to go about writing one.

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The Biggest Mistakes Made by Live Broadcasters


Live video is one of the most effective tools that marketers can use to reach and engage audiences. It allows businesses to address large numbers of customers at the same time. You are able to demonstrate products, and to make offers, but also to answer questions and quash objections.

How Strong Leaders Set Ethical Boundaries In The Workplace

YFS Magazine

Setting boundaries as a leader, and in turn, helping your team set boundaries can be difficult. However, the hard work is worth it. Company Culture Grow business ethics company culture leadership workplace development

5 Powerful Ways To Use Instagram To Market Your Online Business


Do you want to increase brand visibility while also getting your products seen by a growing number of consumers? If so, Instagram is the ideal place to achieve these goals along with many others.

6 Ways The Business Social Media Players Are Changing

Startup Professionals Musings

Isn’t it frustrating to think you finally understand something in business, like marketing with social media, only to realize that the landscape changed while you were looking at other priorities?

CAN-SPAM Act is Important and Painful for Email Marketers


Business practices are changing every day. Nowadays, companies and startups are interested in increasing market share maximization with the use of new technology like email marketing.

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Audience Segmentation: Where Do You Start?


As Peter Drucker famously wrote, “The aim of marketing is to know the customer so well the product or service fits them, and sells itself.” ” In conversion optimization , we talk about the importance of knowing our customers a lot.

5 Noble Challenges For Leaders Who Win From Within

YFS Magazine

Growing leaders don't settle for what they are; they strive to become what they could be. Lead leadership personal development

Base Your New Venture On These New Technology Trends

Startup Professionals Musings

A common request I get while mentoring entrepreneurs is for a copy of the startup checklist they need to follow, in order to build a successful new business. I wish it was that easy.

Optimize Your Content for SEO or Miss Out!

Rembrandt Communications

Do You Use SEO On All Of Your Content? If you aren’t optimizing your content with search engine optimization, or SEO, why not? When your content appears at the top of Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines, you will get more site traffic.

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Office Apps For Small Business


The office work organization and self-development is a neverending story. There are no universal rules on how to manage your work and communication; it all depends on a person or a team. Thanks to technological development, we have many opportunities to experiment with.

7 Questions That Will Make Your Marketing Budget Work Smarter

YFS Magazine

These seven questions will help you make smarter marketing decisions and spend your budget more wisely. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing online marketing

How To Manage Online Reviews and Business Reputation

Startup Professionals Musings

Since most small business owners are justifiably proud of the service they deliver, they don’t even anticipate a negative online review or threat to their reputation, until it happens. Unfortunately, trying to recover after the fact is tough.

Confidence Intervals: A Guide for A/B Testing


Confidence intervals are a standard output of many free and paid A/B testing tools. Most A/B test reports contain one or more interval estimates. Even if you’re simply a consumer of such reports, understanding confidence intervals is helpful.

Young Startups Are Exploring New Team Building Activities


Team building is a term that has a bad reputation in workplaces. Whenever a supervisor says ‘We’re going to do some team building activities today,’ you can see the resentment on the faces of the employees.

Cash or Credit Terms: What Should I Offer My Customers?

YFS Magazine

The decision to offer customers cash vs. credit terms is difficult, especially for a startup. Editor Picks Finance Grow Accounting business credit business finance cash flow money

Stillness Is The Key

Feld Thoughts

Ryan Holiday’s new book Stillness Is The Key is out. I have a copy on the top of my infinite pile of books at home along with a copy on my Kindle. I’ll be reading it this weekend. For a moment of inspiration today, take a look at his launch video.

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Great Strategies and Tips for Launching Your New Startup Company

The Startup Magazine

Taking a look at the top tips and strategies for launching a new startup company in todays day and age. How to survive in an overgrowing marketplace. If you’d like to start a company but are unsure of what to do, look no further.

PPC 142

Top Tips On How A Company Can Adopt A Culture Of Safety


by Simon Bliss, Managing Director of Principal People. Safety culture is a company-wide safety management system. It’s a health and safety program that requires both individual and group effort that includes shared attitudes, understanding, values, and behaviour.

Two Proven Strategies To Monetize Your Content

YFS Magazine

There are typically two ways to monetize content. You can create a product or you can promote other people’s products. Here's a quick look at both methods. Grow affiliate marketing content marketing marketing online courses

Lessons about company building from the WeWork drama

Version One Ventures

The WeWork drama of the past weeks is a great reminder of how perceptions of a start-up opportunity can change very dramatically in a short period of time. What was one of the highest flying start-ups with a private market valuation of $47B was brought down to Earth when trying to IPO.

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Can Avoid

The Startup Magazine

No business can survive without an online presence today. Hence, investing in digital marketing is not optional whether you run a startup, a small business or an enterprise.

Waiakea Water Joins List Of Sustainable Companies


Life in the office can be pretty frustrating if you’re a person that cares about sustainability and the environment. There are energy-inefficient overhead lights that are left on around the clock. Break rooms have plastic utensils and entirely too much paper is used.

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10 Entrepreneurs Explain The Role A Coach Plays in Their Business


Business coaches are instrumental people in the start and growth of one’s business. Right from writing your story, attracting/retaining clients and the survival of your business. They can help sharpen your skills and take up a lot more roles.

Announcing our investment in Nexus Mutual, a people-powered alternative to insurance

Version One Ventures

We are very excited to announce our investment in Nexus , an Ethereum-based insurance mutual. The concept of a mutual insurance (an insurance company that is owned entirely by its policyholders ) is one of the earliest insurance organizations and goes all the way back to England in the late 17th century to cover losses due to fire.

4 Essential Hires If You’re Starting a Business in 2020

Up and Running

As the end of the year approaches, it’s a good time to take steps to start your business in 2020. Like many fledgling entrepreneurs, you might be thinking that you’ll need to wear not just multiple hats , but all the hats, when you’re first starting out.

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Reasons To Invest In A Dangerous Storage System For Your Startup


Startup businesses that handle dangerous or hazardous chemicals, like flammable liquids and solids, gas, explosives, corrosive substances, oxidizing agents, and toxic substances, should invest in a reliable and durable storage system.

Relocating Your Business: Moving to Another State

The Startup Magazine

Here are some handy tips for moving to another state if you have decided to relocate your business. Read on for tips and checklists. If you’re moving to another state and need to relocate your business, preparation is key.

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OJO Labs Acquires Austin-based RealSavvy


OJO Labs has acquired Austin-based RealSavvy to create an even bigger platform for real estate brokers, agents, and teams and the customers they serve. The companies did not disclose the financial details of the deal.

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What’s Your Costume?

Mike Michalowicz

I talk a lot about standing out in order to have a successful business. One of the aspects of standing out includes how we distinguish ourselves from others. So here’s a question for you – what’s your costume?

4 Effective Sales Tactics


It is fundamental for our services to have a good marketing strategy, so we can start getting clients and reinvest in the business. Because of this, entrepreneurs value selling skills and any strategy that can make the offer reach more people.

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