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The European VC Tech Stack in 2019

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According to Pitchbook data, there are about 15,700 venture and corporate venture funds globally, out of which 8,628 venture capital funds in the US alone (54%), and another 4,553 in Europe (29%), This is a content summary only. Click on the post title to continue reading this post, share your comments, browse the website and more! Uncategorized piepdrive startup research tech stack

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Startups and Out-of-Home Advertising: Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss the Idea of Using Billboards

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Billboards and other out-of-home (OOH) advertising formats are used frequently by huge technology companies and exciting new startups. Despite their old school reputation, billboard ads are more popular than ever. In fact, the industry is expected to see double-digit growth this year.

How Universities Can Help Students and Alumni Work in the Tech Industry

David Teten

“CEO is the new Analyst.”. My former Partner John Frankel of ff Venture Capital observes that 20 years ago, the defining movie of the generation was “Wall Street”. Everyone wanted to work in finance. But now, the defining movie of today’s twentysomethings is “The Social Network”. Everyone wants to work in tech startups. So universities have realized that for many students, promising a career in technology and entrepreneurship is key to recruiting high potential students.

10 Collaboration Myths No Entrepreneur Should Believe

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If you listen primarily to the popular press, you could easily be convinced that all successful startup businesses are built by one smart person, such as Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, or Jeff Bezos at Amazon.

Zoho Day: The long shadow of Amazon

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When I visit a vendor after a couple of years I measure how they have changed along 4 vectors – product growth, geographic expansion, change in customer base (going after larger or smaller customers) and vertical capability expansion. At Zoho

Understand The Why To Change The How Of Your Spending


by Marc Barlow , author of “ Redesign the Reality of Your Finances: Understand the Why to Change the How of Your Spending “ .

Funding Tutorial for New Entrepreneurs

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One of the most significant hurdles that many aspiring entrepreneurs must face involves raising capital to launch their business. With some business models, it may take many months or even a few years until the company can break even or turn a profit on a regular basis.

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An Exclusive Interview with Paige Pearce, World Champion Archer

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As seen on Little PINK Book. Recently, we caught up with world champion athlete, Paige Pearce. A winning archer since the age of 13, Paige travels the world competing and just returned from various tournaments in France, Iowa, Montana, and Rome.

Are You a Self-Determined Manager? Ten Changes You Might Need to Make Right Now


by David Deacon is the author of “ The Self Determined Manager: A Manifesto for Exceptional People Managers “ Am I a great manager? This is an incredibly tough question to answer.

How Digital Billboards Help Bring In More Customers

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In the words of legendary rocker Bob Dylan, “he not busy being born is busy dying” and the same can be said of any business. You see, the secret to the success of any enterprise is to constantly innovate not only their product or service but their marketing efforts.

7 Recommendations For Building Your Brand With A Blog

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Blogging has come a long way in the past few years, from a social release for narcissists, to today’s required vehicle for promoting your consulting business and gaining valuable online exposure.

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Rich Media and Email: Maximize Impact (and Deliverability)


No other marketing channel builds lifelong relationships like email. It’s a prime reason that email marketing is the preferred marketing channel for customer acquisition and customer retention ( 80% and 81% , respectively).

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You Don’t Have To Be A Super Hero To Be A Successful Entrepreneur


Is Your Startup Doing Enough to Retain Customers?

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Customers are what makes a company profitable. Without the interest and finances of an individual or business (B2B), a brand cannot thrive. Ideally, this is why so many start a business and focus on lead generations and sales.

10 Keys To Innovative Branding For A Great Solution

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In today’s world of constant change and information overload via the Internet, content marketing and branding are often more important to success than product quality or technology. Contrary to a popular myth, word-of-mouth and viral marketing are not a substitute for more basic branding activities.

Leading Questions: Great for Marketing, Terrible for Research


Good user research asks the right questions to the right people. If you fail on either account, you may make million-dollar decisions on bad data. Leading questions are an easy way to poison your data. A leading question is “a question asked in a way that is intended to produce a desired answer.”.

How Cody Moxam Predicts AI Could Influence The Healthcare Landscape


Artificial intelligence once seemed like something unique to science fiction, but it is actually a decades-old technology that multiple industries employ today.

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Quickly Unpacking Spotify’s Acquisition Of Gimlet Media


I’ve been traveling all week, digging out of email, and closing two deals and — hence — have been pretty quiet online. As I was scrolling through Twitter today and saw the rumors around Gimlet, the podcast media company, being acquired by Spotify for $200M in cash, I knew I had to stop, write this post, and share some thoughts on what’s going on. So, here goes…. Well, actually, before I begin, this post needs a few disclaimers.

8 Keys That Separate Lifestyle From Growth Startups

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Until the recession a few years ago, market research indicated that as many as 90 percent of the roughly 20 million American small business owners were motivated more by lifestyle than growth and money.

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Cirrus Logic and Ten Other Austin Companies Make the 2019 Best Workplaces for Commuters List


It’s no secret that driving in Austin, especially for downtown workers, has become one of the biggest aggravations about working or living in the city. Austin ranked 14th among the most congested cities in the U.S.

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4 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Customer Reviews For Higher Conversions


by Manish Dudharejia, President and Founder of E2M Solutions Inc. Today’s customers are increasingly skeptical and distrusting, especially when it comes to marketing. Over-promising and under-delivering simply doesn’t fly, especially in today’s highly competitive business landscape.

Is It Wise To Hire A Corporate Lawyer For Your Startup?

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The journey to becoming an entrepreneur can be a long and arduous one. Don’t make it any more difficult by going at it alone. With proper legal counsel, it’s possible to avoid many of the problems that affect inexperienced entrepreneurs.

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Reflecting On Haystack’s Investment In HelloSign (Acquired By Dropbox)


Over five years ago, as I began to deploy the first Haystack Fund, I was lucky to select HelloSign as my sixth investment ever. I discovered the product much like you might have – I used it to help handle the paperwork and signatures for the new fund. I had a friend who worked there (thanks Joel Andren!) and he was patient and over time found the right time to introduce me to Joseph Walla, one of the company’s cofounders.

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Silicon Hills News Unveils the Companies Featured in its 2019 Austin Tech Startup Calendar


Silicon Hills News’ 2019 Austin Tech Calendar Party took place on January 24th at Opcity in Austin. At the party, Silicon Hills News gave away a desktop or wall calendar to 175 guests. To order additional calendars please visit our Eventbrite form for our lunch and learn event on February 24th.

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A Six-Step Guide To Day Trading In Gold


With gold investments, failure is never an option. You always get the winning streak even if you put all your eggs in the gold basket. However, a diversified investment portfolio is recommended especially for new investors who want to test the waters.

How Kim Dalius Sees Social Media Impacting Job Search

The Startup Magazine

With the national unemployment rate currently trending at approximately 3.8 percent , The United States is witnessing some of the most productive times in history. In other words, the number of those who are working is as high as ever. Finding a job is becoming much easier.

The Law on Fonts and Typefaces in Design and Marketing: Frequently Asked Questions (about commercial and non-commercial use)

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The right typeface is often the key to strong brand identity , a well-designed website, sharp looking brochures, and strong marketing materials. But there’s much confusion and misinformation about typefaces, fonts and how designers and marketers can lawfully use them commercially.

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Miserable Entrepreneur?


Before 2019, Elon Musk was a version of a rock star — maybe he still is — we sure follow what he does. He takes drugs, stays out late and dates famous women. He also runs four companies and is worth $20 billion.

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4 Ways Learning A New Language Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur


by Maloy Burman, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Premier Genie. Arming yourself with the right skills is crucial in finding success in today’s highly competitive, globalized business market. One of these highly-sought skills is multilingualism.

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Your Weekend Gaming Break: DrakeMall’s Xbox Mystery Case

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Startups work hard all week, and the weekend offers some extra escape time to explore other opportunities. The Internet is truly interesting and an exciting place where even the most outstanding events are possible. Many people buy things on the Internet. It has become as common as eating.

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Nexus and Sales Tax Rules

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For years, “tax-free” online shopping brought customers to the web in droves. States lacked the authority to impose a sales tax collection obligation on out-of-state businesses with no physical presence in the state.

San Antonio-based Active Capital Raises $21.5 Million VC Fund


Active Capital, a San Antonio-based venture capital firm, announced it has raised a $21.5 million fund focused on providing seed stage funding to business to business software companies.

6 Support Sources For Your Startup


Sustaining a new business can be trickier than tattooing your own back in the dark (don’t try it!). Once you’ve conducted market research, calculated demand and tested prototypes, you still need to find funding and decide which operational functions should be internal or outsourced.

Choosing an Internet Plan That’s Best for Your Startup

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Doing business in 2019 without the internet is, simply put, not really doing business at all. A business operating without a stable, reliable and consistent internet provider may as well be selling rocks in the Stone Age.

The 16 Best Small Business Marketing Blogs You Should Read in 2019

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As an entrepreneur, you have to work on your business as well as in it. Working on your business means constantly seeking new ideas for improvement – which means keeping the big picture in mind at all times. And, as all business owners know, marketing is an important part of your business.

A Super Simple Way To Increase Revenue Per Client

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Need to increase sales? This is an effective way to increase your revenue per customer while you're on your initial sales call. Grow Marketing & Sales sales upselling

Seven Ways To Do The Hard Work Of Really Loving Your Employees On Valentine’s Day (And Beyond) 


by David Deacon is the author of “ The Self Determined Manager: A Manifesto for Exceptional People Managers “. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If you’re thinking of taking your team to lunch or bringing in heart-shaped cupcakes, go for it: It’s a nice gesture.