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The Power of Company Core Values

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Explore the benefits of company core values, as well as the ways in which business leaders can further integrate already-existing values into their organizations. Photo by from Pexels. Core values represent a company’s heart.

Preventing Stupid: 3 Questions Every Business Owner Must Ask


by Matthew Neill Davis, Esq., author of “ The Art of Preventing Stupid: How to Build a Stronger Business Strategy through Better Risk Management “ A recent Internet search for “problems in business” on Google produced 1.76 billion entries, often a list of the top 20 or 10.

The Direct-to-Consumer Checklist

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25 questions that DTC entrepreneurs should ask themselves before scaling customer acquisition So you run a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand.

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Simple, Complicated, and Complex Systems

Feld Thoughts

A Simple, a Complicated, and a Complex system walk into a bar. Simple says to the bartender, “Can I have a drink?” The bartender gives Simple a glass of water. Complicated says to the bartender, “Can I have a Rum Martinez?”

8 All Too Painful Entrepreneur Negotiation Mistakes

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Pixabay One of the things I have learned the hard way over my years in business, and in advising others, is that it takes more than passion, creativity, and hard work to start and grow a business.

How To Take Your Handyman Career To The Next Level


Being a handy-man offers a lot of mobility and freedom. You develop relationships with all your clients and become known in the neighborhood as someone trustworthy. Plus, you know how to fix everything in your own house. This is a huge benefit if you’re trying to do remodeling.

SAP Nation 3.0 Excerpts: A tapestry of customers and strategies

deal architect

My new book is now available to buy here in print version, and for pre-order in the Kindle version. As with my earlier books, I will excerpt roughly 10% of the 400 page book in a series of posts on. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) SAP Nation, the book

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6 Actions To Find The Perfect Angel For Your Startup

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Image via Max Pixel Fundraising is brutal. Actually, according to Paul Graham of Y-Combinator fame, “Raising money is the second hardest part of starting a startup. The hardest part is making something people want.”

One Simple Way to Eliminate Distractions in a Board Meeting

Both Sides of the Table

Brian Sommer guest column: The origin story of "Digital with Impact"

deal architect

Vinnie’s readers might not know that he and I frequently team up on larger client projects. Yes, we’ve been arch-enemies at times but have done lots of deals and even launched a dot-com together. About two years ago, we noticed


Going Home Without A Medal

Feld Thoughts

Sunday is the Knoxville Marathon. My plan was to run it, collect the finisher medal that has become part of the marathon ritual, eat whatever I wanted for dinner on Sunday night, and head home Monday morning. Amy and I are heading home today.

7 Guidelines For Picking Business Battles You Can Win

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Image via Pixabay Many entrepreneurs are not prepared for conflict, or actively avoid it. Their vision, passion, and focus are so strong that they can’t imagine someone disagreeing, much less fighting them to the death.

Don’t Just Think Like A Startup, Execute Like One Too


by Winson Wong, Head of Business Development for Connected Solutions. I’m sure you hear a lot of people in corporate talk about design thinking, user-centric design, innovate like a startup in order to move faster and challenge the status quo. You attend conferences, visit startups and read books.

Denis Pombriant: Green New Deal is a tipping point

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Many of you may know Denis Pombriant as a CRM analyst. He is way deeper than that as his bio says "Denis Pombriant lives in the Boston area and writes about the enterprise software market. Denis specializes in disruptive innovation. Sustainability, Green Computing

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Startup Communities Everywhere in the World

Feld Thoughts

Amy and I are in Knoxville, Tennessee all week. We are with Ian Hathaway (my co-author of an upcoming book titled The Startup Community Way) finishing up the draft of the book. My plan was to end the week with the Knoxville Marathon on Sunday ( marathon #26 ) but I had a crummy long run on Saturday in Boulder and woke up this morning with a cold. While it could merely be pre-race hypochondria, I feel lethargic enough to consider downgrading to the half marathon.

6 Changes To Your Hiring Process To Attract The Best

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Image via Max Pixel Startup investors tell me they invest in a new venture with a higher caliber of people, rather than the product or service, and I agree. In my role as a business advisor, I see successful businesses most often emerging from great teams rather than great products.

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How To Make Your Home Office 5 Times More Productive


by Rory Whelan, marketing manager for eReceptionist. Over four million Brits work from home, lured by the promise of a flexible and balanced lifestyle.

Oracle: How about an Application Analyst summit?

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It's no secret. I have written in several posts that to me the highest value vendor event is an analyst summit. I feel like I am intruding on customer time at user conferences and similar events. Workday started off the. Cloud Computing, SaaS Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

Techstars Startup Weekend New York – Financial Inclusion

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If you are New York-based and interested in entrepreneurship around financial services, consider participating in Techstars Startup Weekend New York: Financial Inclusion on April 5th to April 7th at Rise on 23rd Street. When Startup Weekend first began in 2007 , it was primarily based on geography.

6 Signals That Your Startup Could Be The Next Google

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Image by Origa via Wikipedia I tell entrepreneurs that Google was an “exception” to all the investment and startup rules, but I’ve always wondered what it takes to be an exception. Since every business is built by unique individuals, I’m totally convinced that exceptional people are the key to an exceptional company.

Best Card Machines For Small Businesses


You may be thinking to yourself that because your business is only a small, starting one, you do not need a credit card machine. But no, this is false. Whether you are operating a small or big business, it is always to your advantage if you will have a credit card machine readily available.

How WiFi Marketing Can Help Restaurants Boost Customer Loyalty

Up and Running

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, restaurants have the challenging and sometimes unenviable task of making their brand stand out from all the others. For newer businesses, it can be even more difficult due to a smaller budget and fewer loyal customers.

Software for Affinity Networks

Feld Thoughts

I’m been looking around for software to help me manage an increasing number of affinity networks. These are networks that I’ve created around different topics, such as the books I’ve written – like Startup Communities and Venture Deals – as well as topics I’m exploring with small to medium sized groups of people. So far I’ve tried a bunch of stuff and have ended up back at email groups, which is the least common denominator.

The Lean LaunchPad Class: It’s the same, but different

Steve Blank

It’s the same, but different. We just finished the 8 th annual Lean LaunchPad class at Stanford. The team presentations are at the end of this post. It’s hard to imagine, but only a decade ago, the capstone entrepreneurship class in most universities was how to write – or pitch- a business plan. As a serial entrepreneur turned educator, this didn’t make sense to me. In my experience, I saw that most business plans don’t survive first contact with customers.

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Know Your Audience: The Power Of Human-Centered Content


by Ronald Dod, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Visiture. Your customers are humans — right? You’re not trying to sell your products and services to Google’s web-crawler bots. That means you should be writing content aimed at humans, not algorithms.

How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Will Affect Your Small Business

Up and Running

It’s no secret that operating a small business is hard work. You devote tons of time and energy to making smart decisions, driving profits, and doing your best to keep your taxes low. Now that tax season is just around the corner you’re probably wondering (or outright worrying!)

26 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Favorite Songs to Get Them Motivated


Music can change your spirit. If you’re having a bad day and listen to your favorite song, it can change your entire mood. Music can also help you to get through difficult moments in life. One of the hardest things anyone can ever do is start and run a business.

The Benefits Of High Impact Education For Those In Business

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Education is essential in life. This is your platform to learn new things, determine which is right and wrong, and expand your network. This is also where you’ll learn important skills, which you can use in your life. The same is also true in the business context.

Sustaining Innovation vs. Disruptive Innovation


“Innovation is widely regarded as the single most important ingredient in today’s economy ,” according to entrepreneur Faisal Hoque at Fast Company. Innovation not only impacts global economies and business models, but the quality of life of people.

How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign on Product Hunt


A new product launch is never easy, even if you’re a well-known marketer or entrepreneur. Product Hunt, if used properly, can be an effective way to launch a new product in a crowded market.

Austin-based argodesign Expands to Europe with an Office in Amsterdam


Austin-based argodesign announced this week it has expanded to Europe with the opening of a new office in Amsterdam. The team heading up the new Amsterdam studio is known to Rolston. He worked with them previously at frog design.

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Tips And Trends: Things All Business Owners Must Know

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Whether you are a new business owner or a long-time entrepreneur, keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest shifts in business and the rising trends in your niche is an essential aspect for running a successful business. There are numerous business tips to consider as a startup.

How Startups Build Credit-Worthiness For Business Growth Funding


When you first stepped into the world of entrepreneurship, you probably knew that sooner or later you would need to apply for financial credit.

5 Mobile Payment Processing Trends: Increase Your Sales and Keep Customers

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New payment options for ecommerce and brick and mortar retail businesses seem to emerge weekly. Many of them aim to reduce the friction between a customer’s initial interest in your product or service, and landing the sale with cash in hand.

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5 European companies that are (really) advancing AI

The Next Web

There’s little arguing that artificial intelligence is one of the hottest sectors of the tech industry. From recommending personalized content in your YouTube feed to translating text, diagnosing cancer and driving cars, the number of domains that the AI industry is touching is constantly expanding.

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5 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Small Businesses

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As a small business owner, you may think that SEO is unnecessary or even not worth your time and effort. The naysayers argue that this marketing discipline is dead or at least ineffective while advocates believe that it is very effective.

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Meet The San Diego Watch Brand Championing Direct-To-Consumer


As traditional retail stores continue to close up shop across the nation, business en masse is moving online. Behemoths like Amazon and eBay are increasingly taking the place of Kmarts and Macy’s that we’re used to. Even large retailers like Walmart are ? investing heavily ?