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Should I license my IP, sell a royalty stream, or just produce products?


This week we contacted royalty licensing expert, the well-respected Arthur Lipper, asking the magic question. Why are you so strongly sold on royalty licensing as the most effective way to finance a tech-based early stage company?

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Public Liability Insurance VS General Liability: A Comparison Of Scope And Limitations

Women Entrepreneurs Can

If you are unfamiliar with the term, you may be wondering what the term liability coverage actually means. In a nutshell, it’s a special type of business insurance with the means to encompass all of the holder’s accountabilities, as well as incidents.

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Reasons Not To Make Decisions Today On Gut Instincts

Startup Professionals Musings

I still know some entrepreneurs who boast of simply following their gut instincts, rather than listen to anyone or any data, to make strategic decisions. We’ve all worked with autocratic leaders in large companies who seem to thrive in this mode.

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The Right People Are Key To Your Journey


by Stephanie Moore , author of “ The Gifted Journey: Five Transformative Steps to Uncovering Your Unique Path “ My first job out of college was working for a phone company selling residential phones. My first week on the job was spent in sales training. I’ll never forget the instructor.

Ramping Up For A March 2019 Marathon

Feld Thoughts

My running is going well so I’ve decided to do the Knoxville Marathon on 3/31/19. I’m putting a running team together for this, so if you are interested in being part of it, the only requirement is that you commit to doing the Knoxville Marathon. If you are interested, email me.

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How do you apply Lean to Digital Health and Life Sciences?

Steve Blank

Five years ago we brought evidence-based entrepreneurship to Life Sciences – teaching the first Lean Lean Launchpad class at UCSF, then the NIH and Imperial College. But it’s been awhile since I was in a room made up entirely of Life Science entrepreneurs.

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Creative Thinking – The Most Important Skill For A Successful Startup?


Creative thinking used to be rendered as a soft skill in the past years. Now it has become a feature to focus on. In the world of business and entrepreneurship, we witness a new generation coming to creating their brand.

Merry Enterprise Season!

deal architect

Mark Hurd reported yesterday, Oracle’s two cloud ERP businesses, Fusion ERP and NetSuite ERP, delivered a combined revenue growth rate of 32% in Q2. Workday similarly reported 30+% growth in its latest quarter, and Salesforce in the high 20%.

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5 Tech Tools That Will Help You Grow Your Business

The Startup Magazine

The business world is ever changing; with the invention of the internet, businesses have taken on an entirely new dynamic, and now with emerging technology such as artificial intelligence and virtual & augmented reality, the business world is sure to undergo more changes in the near future.

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How To Stay Cool, Despite Team Members Who Annoy You

Startup Professionals Musings

In my career in business, I’ve found that the people you work with make all the difference. If everyone works well together, you all feel a sense of job satisfaction.

Same Rules Apply: Lessons From The Oil Rig To The C-Suite


by Tom Murry, retired CEO of Calvin Klein. Long before I became the CEO of Calvin Klein, I was a difficult teenager and my stepfather thought I would benefit from working on an oil rig.

12 Entrepreneurs List Their Favorite Business Blogs


We all have that one business blog that addresses our pain points and motivates us to press on. As an entrepreneur, there’s also need to stay informed about the latest trends in our respective industries where most of this information can be found on business blogs.

Founder Interview: RedMane Technology’s Tony Lakier

The Startup Magazine

As part of The Startup Magazine Founder Interview Series , we talked to Mr. Tony Lakier. Tony is the Founder and CEO of RedMane Technology. He has some insights on technology and how to use it to impact the world.

5 Strategies To Overcome The Fears Of A New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the biggest impediments to starting a new venture is the “ terror barrier ,” as popularized by Bob Proctor, a 75-year-old millionaire and world renowned entrepreneur.

How To Find A Trustworthy Litigation Attorney


When someone has to deal with legal litigation and disputes, a person becomes stressful, and it is a difficult time in his/her life. But if that person gets the right lawyer, the whole process becomes as easy as possible and simple.

10 Global Female Entrepreneurs To Watch

YFS Magazine

Here's a look at ten female entrepreneurs that have certainly arrived on the scene. And we'd wager they are here to stay. People Success Profiles female entrepreneurs people women entrepreneurs women in business

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Founder Interview: Todd Warren with Family Law Insights

The Startup Magazine

Many lawyers are entrepreneurs. They work in single or small group firms and face the same challenges of other business or personal services small businesses.

Business Complexity Goes Up Dramatically As You Scale

Startup Professionals Musings

Most of the entrepreneurs I advise today are ready to declare success when they get that first surge of traction with a real customer. This is a good sign, but they have no idea that the hard work of scaling the business is still ahead of them.

Advice To Entrepreneurs Looking To Take The First Steps In Business


by Simon Dolan , founder of Dolan Accountancy. On leaving school with virtually no qualifications, some people may well have written me off as someone with little prospects.

The 10 Most-Read Articles of 2018


As we wrap up 2018, we went back through everything we’ve published this year to find the 10 most-read articles. Here’s the list: 10. How to Get Started with Machine Learning and AI for Marketing. Artificial Intelligence is powerful and will open doors we don’t even know exist.

4 Reasons Penny Stocks Are Good for Beginners

The Startup Magazine

It’s important to do research if you’re thinking about entering into the stock trading industry as a trader. As soon as you start doing your research, you’re probably going to notice that the number one suggestion is to begin with penny stock trading.

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How To Stop Stopping Yourself (And Achieve Success)

YFS Magazine

There is an old adage that says, "Excuses are the nails used to build the house of failure." Stopping is a sure way to failure. Lead entrepreneurial mindset leadership personal development

Buying A Home? Don’t Make These Mistakes!


So you have decided that it’s finally time for you to become a homeowner. This is certainly a big decision to make, considering the wide range of implications it may come with.

Ten Books for Entrepreneurs Recommended by Austin Entrepreneurs


By LAURA LOREK Publisher of Silicon Hills News In two seasons of the Ideas to Invoices podcast, Silicon Hills News has interviewed dozens of highly successful Austin entrepreneurs and many of them recommended books on their podcasts.

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Ninja Moves from a Secret Marketing Entrepreneur

The Startup Magazine

The Economy May Stall: Why That’s Good News. 2019 is around the corner and the economy is showing signs of stalling. For small businesses, this is actually great news, as it opens the door to capturing market share from larger, less nimble competitors.

“Generational Transition:” Old Industries Are Changing Because The Youngs Are Taking Over

Hunter Walker

Once Is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Third Time Is Truth. We’re fortunate enough to be working with some intriguing startups serving industries which pre-date the PC – construction, industrial maintenance, agriculture, nautical shipping & logistics.

Have a Diverse Workforce? You’ll Need It To Compete.


by Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks , president and CEO of Earth Friendly Products. demographics have changed incredibly over the past two generations.

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25 Hot Austin Startups to Watch in 2019


This year, three of the startups featured in our 2018 Austin Tech Calendar were acquired by larger companies. H-E-B bought Favor for an undisclosed price. Go Daddy bought Mainstreet Hub for an undisclosed price. And News Corp. bought Opcity for $210 million. Now, Silicon Hills News has highlighted 25 startups we think will make some […]. The post 25 Hot Austin Startups to Watch in 2019 appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

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Common Problems Facing Startup Businesses

The Startup Magazine

It takes a special talent to own and/or operate a successful startup. In light of the many risks associated with business ownership, helming a profitable startup is a solid indicator of intelligence, financial savvy and business acumen.

2018: Year in review and a look ahead

Version One Ventures

2018 was a big year for Version One, and it’s hard to believe another year is drawing to a close. We invested in seven new companies and participated in many follow-on rounds. Of the new investments, one is in encryption, one is in security, one is in consumer hardware, one is in bio/healthcare, and three are in crypto/blockchain. We spent a lot of time in bio/healthcare and crypto/blockchain in 2018 and will continue the trend in 2019…. Crypto/blockchain.

The Entrepreneur And Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” – Guy Kawasaki, Alltop Co-Founder and Entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur , are you looking at ways to effectively manage your customer relations, finances, budgets, stock levels, and emails?

Hitch Aims to Make Hitchhiking a Ride in Texas Safe and Seamless


Hitch can hook riders up with a ride from Austin to Houston without ever putting a thumb in the air and no need to stand beside the road. The Austin-based startup wants to make hitching a ride from Austin to Houston easy and seamless and next year, it plans to expand to other cities. The […].

Entrepreneur Estate Planning Questions Answered

The Startup Magazine

Business owners put so much effort into ensuring that their businesses grow from a small startup to a successful venture. However, when an entrepreneur passes on, most successful businesses will gradually start deteriorating.

How Blockchain Will Transform The App Economy

YFS Magazine

Developers could radically transform the mobile economy as we know it, by creating meaningful value for mobile users through blockchain technologies. Grow Technology blockchain mobile app design mobile app development mobile apps technology

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