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Scott Dorsey’s Attributes of Great SaaS Leaders

Feld Thoughts

A few weeks ago I was in Atlanta for Techstars Atlanta Demo Day and the Venture Atlanta Conference. I had a great time and it’s fun to see the vibrancy of the Atlanta startup community. My brother Daniel came with me and we had dinner with our cousin Kenny, who lives in Atlanta, so we got some nice, quiet, emotionally intimate family time. My favorite keynote at Venture Atlanta was from Scott Dorsey.

Why Uber is The Revenge of the Founders

Steve Blank

A version of this article is in the Harvard Business Review. Uber , Zenefits , Tanium , Lending Club CEOs of companies with billion dollar market caps have been in the news – and not in a good way. This seems to be occurring more and more. Why do these founders get to stay around? Because the balance of power has dramatically shifted from investors to founders. Here’s why it generates bad CEO behavior.

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A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

This past week our portfolio company MongoDB went public. I think that occasion presents an opportunity to talk about USV’s model. We are a small firm. We raise modest sized funds (by modern VC standards). Our first fund was $125mm, our second fund was $150mm, and we have now settled on $175mm as a good number and our past three funds have been that size. Our typical entry point is Seed or Series A although we have an Opportunity Fund that allows us to enter later when that is appropriate.

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How Much Stock Would Convince You To Join A Startup?

Startup Professionals Musings

Wouldn’t you like to be one of the lucky people who joined Google and Facebook when these were startups, and now be a multi-millionaire or better? So people ask me “How many shares should I ask for or expect when I join a startup today?”

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When Brad Met Manu

Feld Thoughts

My partner Lindel just put a post up on the Foundry Group website about our investment in K9 Ventures. We are proud to be an LP in Manu Kumar’s third fund. I’ve been friends with Manu since 2009 and an investor (personally) in his first two funds. I vividly remember the first time we met – we were both sitting on the floor in the back corner at the fbFund Demo Day at the Facebook office in downtown Palo Alto. A number of interesting companies were presented. I adore Manu.

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3 Ways Startups Are Using AI To Improve Daily Operations


San Francisco startup Plenty’s innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) has attracted $200 million in funding from SoftBank Vision Fund, the world’s biggest tech fund. Plenty uses AI machine learning in conjunction with IoT sensors to grow crops indoors with only water, nutrients and light.

Endeavor Miami Takes on Scaleup Challenge

The Startup Magazine

Across the world, work spaces, maker spaces, incubators, and accelerators are opening, expanding, and making an impact on their communities, and beyond. Entrepreneurs who’ve overcome the proof-of-concept phase of their startups want to take their businesses to the next level.

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Balancing Data and Design in Product Management

The Product Guy

In a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Vasu Vadlamudi, lead a conversation around “Balancing Data and Design in Product Management”. We are always looking for more product mentors from all around the world. Signup to be a Mentor Today! View the live stream….

Why You Need Help Rather Than Helpers In A Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

As an advisor to startups, and a mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs, I’m still surprised at the number who are determined to go it alone. Even worse, when they figure out that they really need help, the first place they look is for an intern or untrained helpers.

Does Fintech Disruption Break The Investment Banking Model?


by Joe Duncan, founder of Duncan Capital LP. Fintech is triggering a profound rethink for financial institutions, from retail to investment banking. However must this imply the banking model is broken beyond repair thus leading to massive headcount reductions?

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5 Steps for Entrepreneurs with an Idea, but No Funding

Up and Running

Every business starts with an idea. Whether you have an idea for a great new product or a service that will revolutionize an industry, your inspiration is a great start. But how are you going to bring your idea to life?

The Future of Product Management Process (Pragmatism)

The Product Guy

From The Best Product Person of 2016, Chris Butler, …. Looking Forward. > > How do you see product management evolving over the next 5 years? I think there is a big opportunity for tools that help gather information and do sense making for product people.

Why Taking Risk Is The Ultimate New Venture Advantage

Startup Professionals Musings

Outside of dreams, there is no real business opportunity without risk. Serious entrepreneurs know that, but too many “wannabes” still fall for that elusive get-rich-quick scheme with no risk.

Will Autonomous Vehicles Shape Singapore’s Transport Future?


by Dr Maren Celine Schweizer, CEO of Schweizer World. Will the autonomous vehicle (AV) shape the future of transportation in Singapore?

Why Austin is a top contender for Amazon’s HQ2


By DAVE MANZER ‎Founder of Manzer Communications in Austin Guest Post Let me just state for the record that I am not an economist nor an economic development professional with a chamber of commerce. Nor am I familiar with the different economic incentive packages (tax breaks and otherwise) that nearly 250 communities across the U.S., […]. The post Why Austin is a top contender for Amazon’s HQ2 appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Vote FOR a renewable energy future by voting AGAINST the Boulder muni

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

I’m really frustrated with the way many from the the pro-muni block in Boulder have misappropriated the idea that being for municipalizing our local utility infrastructure (condemning the Xcel’s local grid and forming a city-owned and operated electric utility) is the only way to move Boulder towards the goal of 100% renewable energy. They’re trying to co-opt the idea that a vote against muni is a vote for fossil fuels and a vote for it is a vote for renewables.

7 Attributes Of Entrepreneurs Who Change The World

Startup Professionals Musings

By most definitions of the term, an entrepreneur is someone who starts a new business, incorporating innovative changes to existing products, services, business models, and creating new markets.

Think Teaching Clients SEO Isn’t Worth Your Time? Think Again.


by Itamar Gero, founder and CEO of . If you specialize in SEO, take a moment to imagine your ideal client. What comes to mind? A lot of SEO folks prefer someone who will “let them do their job and pay them.”

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Wake Forest Baptist plans to take over High Point Regional in summer 2018

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has signed a letter-of-intent agreement to acquire High Point Regional Health System and affiliates from UNC Health Care

Contract Simply’s Will Mitchell on Pivoting and Building the Business, on Ideas to Invoices


In this episode of Ideas to Invoices, Will Mitchell, co-founder of Contract Simply, discusses how his startup pivoted from a consumer marketplace called Renovate Simply to a business to business enterprise software company for the construction and banking industry. The co-founders of Contract Simply spent last summer in Mountain View, California in the Y-Combinator program. […].

Hey Alexa, Siri want to impress me?

deal architect

My wife has already had it with digital assistants. Alexa seems to wake up to the inflections of her Irish accent. Siri to mis-pressed buttons in the car or her phone. I am a bit more patient but I also. Industry Commentary


Discovery: How Sales Sets Customer Success Up To Succeed


by Tim Conder, VP of Customer Success at Bolstra. Why is Discovery important? While Discovery is incredibly informative for a XaaS vendor, it’s important to remember that it’s a moment of vulnerability and truth for a customer.

The Right Way To Build Strategic Partnerships

YFS Magazine

Strategic partnerships are often an ideal way to build brand traction, expand your customer base, access resources, and stimulate revenue growth. Grow Operations business operations comarketing joint ventures partnerships strategic partnerships

How to Choose Great Employees and Why It’s Important

The Startup Magazine

Many business owners find it difficult to find knowledgeable, reliable employees. However, finding the right people to hire for your business is extremely important. Learn how to simplify your hiring process to make finding good employees simple.

Book Review: The Age of Sustainability

deal architect

I seek out Denis Pombriant, a fellow analyst, at industry events. We hardly ever talk about enterprise software. He is a history buff and a foodie and I walk away always having learned something and happier given his cheerful disposition

Surprising Tricks For Powerful Public Speaking


The Latest Product Management Job Opportunities from AdTech to Music & Film

The Product Guy

If you are a great product person looking for a great product job, or vice versa, check out our job board. Thousands of employers across all areas of product, from management to design, from digital to physical, are looking to fill positions from our community. Each week we highlight some of the recently posted openings. Check out this week’s newest, below…. Technical Product Manager @ Insticator (New York City) Keywords: Adtech, Data, Head of Product, SaaS, Start-Up [link].

HR Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Deal with HR Challenges

The Startup Magazine

Gone are the days when human resources was a department that handled primarily administrative tasks involving transactional effort.

What I Learned Backing Female Founders: Every One Has a #MeToo Story

Hunter Walker

When the #MeToo hashtag broke wide, one of the consistent remarks from men was “wow, feels like every woman I know has been harassed in some form.” ” And the consistent reaction from women was, “well, duh. Did you not know that?”

The 5 Rules Of Growing Your Startup: An Insider’s Take


by Ali Syed, founder and CEO of EZOfficeInventory. How hard can it be?’, I mused in early 2011 when the thought of founding my own startup first began creeping into my head.

I’m reading the newspaper and paperback books…what’s happening to me?!

Jeff Hilimire

On the list of things I never thought would happen, I’m reading on paper these days. Paper! Like, from trees and stuff. I think its crazy that anyone, including me, is reading on paper in 2017. We have Kindles! And iPads! And I think Microsoft has things you can read on. And phones the size of books! But yet here I am, back to reading on paper. Why I read the print versions of the AJC and the Atlanta Business Chronicle (ABC).

Why Volition Capital Invested In Connatix

Thinking About Thinking

We are thrilled to announce our newest $15 million investment in Connatix , and I am very honored to join Connatix’s Board of Directors. Connatix is performing exceptionally well, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them going forward. So, what does Connatix do? Quite simply, Connatix enables publishers to generate substantially more revenue from digital video through their industry-leading native video syndication and monetization platform (more on what that means in a bit).

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Why You Shouldn't Put VCs on a Pedestal

This is going to be BIG.

Influencers. Kingmakers. Sharks. Power brokers. Visionaries. There are a lot of ways the startup world describes venture capitalists that portrays a certain power dynamic, real or perceived, that I believe is at the heart of so many of the industry's problems. The industry treats VCs as if they hold all the cards, and the worst behaviors of investors reflect that. Frankly, it makes me uncomfortable, because it's undeserved. Here's why. Who's really chasing who?

5 Unusual Ways To Connect And Engage Your Employees


by Eva Wislow is an entrepreneur and career coach at CareersBooster. To win in business, you must possess the necessary resources. Even today, human resources are the most important “tools” that you can leverage in order to expand your business.