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Iteration = Time to Learn, Not Time to Build

Grasshopper Herder

Burn rates are meaningless in isolation. Iteration time is a critical aspect of starting a new business and we've noted a few misconceptions. The post Iteration = Time to Learn, Not Time to Build appeared first on

The Center For American Entrepreneurship

Feld Thoughts

A new non-profit organization, the Center for American Entrepreneurship , launched yesterday.

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10 Entrepreneur Shortcuts To Be Avoided At All Costs

Startup Professionals Musings

Starting a new business is a long, hard process, and I can’t blame any founder for looking for shortcuts. I’ve taken a few myself, and I know how much work they can save, as well as how painful some can be in retrospect.

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Why Corporate Innovation is Harder Now

Steve Blank

I was at Stanford in the Graduate School of Business and was interviewed by Peter Gardner of StartGrid for his On The Road podcast. I shared my current thinking about innovation in companies and government agencies. It’s worth a listen. BTW, it seems every podcast has a trick last question. This one was, “if I was on a road trip what’s the destination and what’s playing on the radio?”

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How to Write an Executive Summary

Up and Running

What is an executive summary? An executive summary is the brief introduction to a business plan. It should describe your business, the problem that it solves, your target market, and financial highlights. What should an executive summary include? Who you are.

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San Fransico Building Height Zoning


Animal spirits and real estate bubbles are some of my favorite economic subjects to study. SF is the best bubble to look at. It is a controlled bubble, with a high supply of money.

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The Pessimists’ Future

Feld Thoughts

An amazing book. But a dark, dark future. Or not, depending on whether or not you believe we are actually living in a computer simulation already. The post The Pessimists’ Future appeared first on Feld Thoughts. The Future movie ready player one


8 Big-Company Habits That Don’t Work In A New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

When I hear executives and professionals in larger businesses talking about their dream of going out on their own to start a new company, I always cringe. I have been there and done that. They and I never realized how hard it is to break the big-company habits and conventions.

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4 Steps To Build A High-Performance Team

YFS Magazine

A great team is very often the key to success. Fortunately, building a high performance team is not as daunting as it seems. Lead company culture leadership team building teamwork workforce d

Should You Launch a Business in 2017? A Look at Economic Trends

Up and Running

Are you thinking of launching your business this year? How do you know when it’s the right time? It’s a personal decision, one that should be based on your market research and trends within your industry, but there are some larger market forces at play too.

Total Failure at Summer Maker Mode

Feld Thoughts

On May 24th, I wrote a post titled Shifting To Maker Mode For The Summer. I had full intentions of making this shift around Memorial Day and sustaining it until Labor Day. I have completely failed at this.

4 Startup Survival Lessons Lead To Business Success

Startup Professionals Musings

The good news is that the rate of new entrepreneurship leveled off a bit last year, although it is still rising, according to the latest Kauffman Index of startup activity.

Why Every Brands Needs A Content Factory

YFS Magazine

An effective content factory drives engagement, brand favorability and extends your offline investment dollars to impact sales. Grow Marketing & Sales content factory content marketing content strategy marketing

5,500 miles for #BookingHacks All Women Edition

Sophia Perl of Wisdom

I had an amazing experience in Amsterdam recently at’s Hackathon All Women Edition. I found out about the hackathon from a post in the “Women in Product” Slack group by someone who came across the event from somewhere else.

How to Grow Your Startup’s Growth Team [Traction #45: Fareed Mosavat, Slack]

View from Seed

On the show today, Fareed Mosavat shares his experiences on growth teams for Slack, Instacart, and RunKeeper. We learn from his approach but also extract valuable lessons about where growth jobs actually fit into your overall organization. Follow Fareed on Twitter. Follow Jay on Twitter. Listen now or subscribe on iTunes , SoundCloud , Stitcher , or Google Play. The post How to Grow Your Startup’s Growth Team [Traction #45: Fareed Mosavat, Slack] appeared first on NextView Ventures.

7 Motivations Found In Business That Get Things Done

Startup Professionals Musings

Why do some people you know at work consistently get things done, while others never seem to finish anything? It’s certainly not all about intelligence, skills, and training.

4 Quick Tips To Nail Your Sales Pitch

YFS Magazine

Here are 4 key factors that contribute to an effective sales presentation; tips you should read before you make your next pitch. Grow Marketing & Sales b2b sales sales sales pitch selling tips

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Coaching The Uncoachable?


by James G. Ward, MA, PCC, author of “ New Directions: Successful Strategies for Career, the Workplace, and Personal Growth “ “ It’s hard to help people who don’t think they have a problem. It’s impossible to fix people who think someone else is the problem.” – Marshall Goldsmith.

5 Mobile Optimization Tactics for B2B SaaS Sites


Software businesses have a conversion problem that’s both getting worse and going mostly unsolved. And that problem is mobile. Though the topic of mobile conversion rates of ecommerce websites is often broaches, it’s rare we talk about SaaS or B2B. It’s mostly been written off.

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“We have a common philosophy that it all starts with people” – Heather Hartnett on Human Ventures, NYC’s Startup Studio

Hunter Walker

When I was about 7 years old, my parents told me that if I had been female, my name would have been Heather. So when Joe Marchese introduced me to Heather Hartnett for more information about the NYC startup studio they were cofounding, I was predisposed to feel a kinship.

4 Culture Hacks To Become A More Empathetic Leader

YFS Magazine

How can you truly walk in your employees’ shoes? These 4 hacks will remove assumptions and help you become a more empathy-driven leader. Company Culture Grow company culture empathetic entrepreneurship leadership personal development

Eight Subscription Companies Worth Watching:  Why They Are Growing And What They’re Doing Right 


by Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of “ The Membership Economy: Find Your Super Users, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue “ In recent years, the Membership Economy has been disrupting the old methods of doing business in a major way.

Should You Build a Mobile App or a Website for Your Startup?

Up and Running

Website, web app, or a mobile app—what would be the right “form” for your business idea ? Since the release of the very first iPhone, everyone has been treating the mobile-first business model as the new gold rush.

My new fascination with Podcasts

VC Cafe

“Broadcasting is really too important to be left to the broadcasters”?—?Tony Tony Benn. I’ve started a 30 day blogging challenge (more about it here and please fo sign up to receive the newsletter ). This is day four. Early conclusion: It doesn’t get easier in day four.

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This Is The Best Way To Encourage Innovation

YFS Magazine

We had more opportunities to learn and we should have been developing new, creative and impactful roadmaps. I didn’t know why we weren’t. Culture Lead company culture innovation leadership

The Importance Of Keeping Your Startup Lean


Startup companies are fragile. They’re fickle and often influenced by what’s happening in the market more than someone whose already established themselves in it. This is prevalent when you look at the numbers of success vs. failure rates among startups.

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Samatha Meditation Practice

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

During both my 10 day silent meditation retreats, there were moments where I felt a deep calm, my mind got very bright, and I possessed an ability to control my attention in a way that seemed totally profound.

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Social Media Customer Engagement Crucial For Businesses

The Startup Magazine

Brand image has always been one of the most important factors in the success of a business, and now more than ever, customer engagement is becoming crucial in creating a strong commercial brand.

What It’s Like To Have Entrepreneurship Anxiety

YFS Magazine

Identify your roadblocks and obstacles. Make it your mission to conquer them. one email or deadline at a time. Here's how to start. Lead anxiety personal development

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EU’s draconian new copyright law puts an expiration date on startups

The Next Web

The Copyright Reform that’s being discussed by the EU now, could crush certain type of startups when they reach the ripe age of three. “We

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Some Rules for Fundraising

This is going to be BIG.

Fundraising sucks. No one likes it. Founders don't start companies so they can spend half their time asking people for money and VCs don't love the dance either. However, it's a necessary animal, so the least everyone can do is act professionally, and most of all value each other's time. That's what I'm most frustrated by--the lack of respect for other people's time.

4 Modern Tech Solutions That Can Increase Workplace Productivity


Are you or your employees operating at peak productivity? According to new research, the answer is likely no. Data reported by Forbes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that productivity is falling.

How Digital-First Brands Go Brick And Mortar (On A Budget)

YFS Magazine

Consider these tips when you decide to move from online-only to a physical retail store. You may discover it's the best of both worlds. Grow Marketing & Sales brick and mortar bricks and clicks e-commerce online business retail sales retail store

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Estonia’s new e-residents are surpassing the country’s birth rate

The Next Web

Estonia is the first country in the world to offer an ‘e-Residency‘ to people of any nationality. If you become an e-resident, you get a governmentally issued digital identity like other Estonians, that you can use to set up your own company in Estonia — completely remotely.