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Plex flexes its shop floor muscle

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When I joined Gartner in 1995, I was part of the AAS (for Administrative Application Systems) service which largely covered accounting, financial planning and hcm applications. We gradually expanded the AAS scope to also cover procurement, order management and other.

10 Timeless First Principles Of A Prosperous Business

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In this world of constant change, new technologies, and a thousand cultures, it’s evident and somehow comforting to me that the basic rules for business prosperity really haven’t changed in the last hundred years. Business success is still more about the people than the technology or idea involved.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?


by T.W. Lewis, author of “ Solid Ground: A Foundation For Winning In Work and In Life “ Many people dream of starting their own businesses, but, take it from me, it’s not easy. It took me eighteen years to get prepared so that I could be successful.

Venture Deals Online Course – Spring 2020 Registration Is Open

Feld Thoughts

We are running the Venture Deals Online Course again. Registration is now open and it runs from March 8, 2020 – May 1, 2020. It’s produced by Techstars and Kauffman Fellows. We’ve run the course six times now and have had over 25,000 people take it.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

A scientific and spiritual conversation with Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho

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Zoho is a remarkably different enterprise software company. It has no VC investment, it has an inbound, web-centric sales model which allows it to reverse the industry spend on sales/marketing v. product , it runs its own data centers, it. Cloud Computing, SaaS Globalization and Technology Sustainability, Green Computing

7 Ways Growing Companies Drift From Startup Thinking

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Every new venture that survives the first five years starts to drift away from their entrepreneurial thinking, and assumes they have achieved the path to longevity.

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Why Meg Whitman is Betting on Quibi as“The Da Vinci Code of Content”

Both Sides of the Table

Every year, a personal Upfront Summit highlight is getting to sit down with experts in a field I care about.

The Remarkable Effect by Ton Dobbe -  a book review

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With seven books under the belt, a number of first-time authors ask me for advice about book-writing. I am honest with them. I tell them to me the most enjoyable part is the extensive research, interviews for case studies etc


6 Challenges In Penetrating The New World Of Services

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Selling services has always been about relationships, but the challenges of building relationships with services clients have exploded.

Why Startups And SMEs Need To Stop Measuring Success Through Media Coverage Alone


by Chen Terng Shing, Founder and CEO of SYNC PR. Startups and SMEs do not have the budget that most businesses do, but probably require public relations or PR, as it is more commonly known, as much or if not, even more than larger businesses. .

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The stars align for AR to go mainstream

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“I do think that a significant portion of the population of developed countries, and eventually all countries, will have AR experiences every day, almost like eating three meals a day. It will become that much a part of you.” —Tim Tim Cook , Apple CEO. One of the top reasons startups fail is timing.

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SAP's Integration Urgency

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Talking about the heady days in the late 90s, one of SAP's best salespeople had reminisced: "It was a truly transformational time for the technology industry. We replaced thousands of departmental and mainframe systems. We put MSA, M&D, and many. Cloud Computing, SaaS Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

6 Ways To Make You An Entrepreneur Before The Product

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Many of the entrepreneurs I advise or invest with spend considerable time on the Internet, keeping up with technology, customers, and competitors, but very few feel the need for an early personal presence. In fact, some totally avoid it, assuming their product or solution will speak for itself later.

Henry Ford’s $5 Day – A Decision That Changed The World


Any decision you make isn’t worth a tinker’s damn until you have formed the habit of making it and keeping it. — Henry Ford. Imagine that this is your situation: Your young company is a raging success.

Who’s watching the algorithms? 3 Israeli startups predicting performance of AI models

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It’s the opposite of an “AI winter” it seems, as investment levels in Artificial Intelligence continue to break records globally. According to the State of European Tech 2019 report by Atomico, European AI companies raised $4.9 billion in 2019 alone.

A Look at What’s Fueling Startup Investments in Colombia


The Latin American startup scene is attracting more and more attention and investments. In 2018, venture capital investments in Latin America doubled for the second consecutive year, according to LAVCA’s Annual Review of Tech Investment in Latin America.

5 Priorities For New Business Leader Self-Development

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In my business of mentoring new entrepreneurs and advising small company owners, I recognize that most don’t start as experienced leaders, and most don’t realize that people leadership is a primary key to their future success.

6 Types Of Training For Small Business Owners


Building a small business is no easy feat, especially if you are a novice. From marketing to financial management, many aspects require your attention. To make things easier, invest in your training.

9 Steps to Repeatable, Scalable, and Profitable Growth

For Entrepreneurs

I recently did a podcast interview with Harry Stebbings of “The Twenty Minute VC” where we talked about the 9 step model for how B2B startups need to get through product/market fit, and then how they should go about finding a repeatable, scalable, and profitable growth process.

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How to Bootstrap Your Startup for Years Without Funding


When starting a business, it’s typical to look for venture capital, angel investors, and even co-founders to help get the company up and running. While funding is necessary for almost all businesses, seeking it out yourself isn’t necessarily the right path for everyone.

Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing the Beverage Industry Through Canned Labels


Creativity helps spark innovation and break the norms in an industry. Eliqs brings innovation by filling a gaping hole through custom-designed labels to make events more colorful.

Things To Consider When Developing A Website


In our increasingly digital world, your business’s online presence is crucial to your success. How you appear to customers online can make or break you. If a potential client doesn’t like your company’s website they aren’t likely to interact with you.

Backing Fatma Collins and Julie Rogers at Ten Little--the 8th Brooklyn Bridge Ventures Company Founded by Moms

This is going to be BIG.

As a founder, your most valuable asset is your time—and there is probably no group of founders who are more efficient about getting the most out of their time than moms. Moms also have a unique and personal insight into what’s important to other moms when they buy things for their kids. They’re looking for products that save time, provide good value, are good for their kids and have values they believe in.

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Software Pre-Launch Checklist: 6 Things You Have to Do


You’ve got a great idea, and you’re hoping to get the most money out of it. However, even with the best software package in the world, you won’t be earning much if you don’t follow a few basic pre-launch steps. Here is a software pre-launch checklist — six things you have to do.

What's Wrong With Tech Folks Who Attack The Tech Media. And What's Wrong With Tech Media Today.

Hunter Walker

[with a post like this, i’m not 100% sure i got it right in first publish – i don’t draft and i don’t circulate for feedback – so if anything is incomplete or unclear, i might update later without specifically calling out the edits]. Lots of mutual bad faith. Reporters I respect indulging themselves in screenshotting and quote dunking tech folks, performative for their tribe.

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Maximizing Your Income As A Business Owner In The Digital Age


Money has always been the cornerstone of business. People wouldn’t dedicate their lives to work if it wasn’t for some sort of reward, and the income you get from the time you spend on your job is exactly this.

Branding for Food Trucks: The Definitive Guide

crowdSPRING Blog

Image courtesy of Mobile Cuisine. Deciding how to brand your food truck may be the most important decision you’ll face as a food-on-the-go entrepreneur. A well-branded truck can draw attention to your business all day, every day, everywhere it goes.

Google Analytics vs. Google Analytics 360 (Based on a Decade of Implementations)


For companies that build their analytics on Google products, purchasing Google Analytics 360 is a symbol of maturity. . As a business grows, it inevitably runs up against limitations of analytics tools.

Five debtor management tips for better cashflow

NZ Entrepreneur

Business success is about more than finding a new customer. A more complete picture looks at your cash flow – because being paid on time and in the right amount is a critical part of your overall business health.

The Decline Of The Trusted Professional Relationship — and Six Steps You Can Take to Reverse It


by Andrew Sobel, coauthor of Power Relationships: 26 Irrefutable Laws for Building Extraordinary Relationships “ We live in a low-trust world. Over the last several decades, nearly every measure of trust has declined.

Should you be working on this startup?

This is going to be BIG.

We’ve all heard the anecdotes—the famous founder who pitched 1000 investors before any of them said yes. That kind of story drives founders to take a “VC’s don’t know anything” approach to their business and trudge on despite legitimate criticisms of the business, often costing themselves tens of thousands of dollars or more of personal savings. So how do you know whether or not something is worth working on?

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Digital Transformation Tips for Beauty Ecommerce

The Startup Magazine

The beauty industry is growing, as people are more informed about the positive benefits of skincare and cosmetics. The rising global demand has brought about the need for beauty ecommerce digital transformations across the board.

Our areas of interest in healthcare

Version One Ventures

Over the past two weeks, Boris and Max have shared their investment themes and interests. Boris wrote about the latest opportunities in enterprise SaaS , while Max outlined some of his current investment themes , from the Open Internet to climate change.

Five Ways To Overcome The Loneliness Of Leadership


by Melanie Parish, MCC, author of “ The Experimental Leader: Be a New Kind of Boss to Cultivate an Organization of Innovators “ Being a leader is lonely work. As an executive coach, I hear it from new leaders often — especially if they are promoted from within.

Neuromarketing Ethics: How Far Is Too Far?


As the marketing industry developed, researchers dove deeper into buying behavior and buyers’ minds. One early researcher was Edward Bernays—Sigmund Freud’s nephew—who coined the term “public relations.”. Bernays believed that people could be influenced via crowd psychology and psychoanalysis.

6 Ways to Boost Morale at Your Small Business

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As a small business, you probably have a pretty tight-knit team. There aren’t many of you, and you have to work together to keep things running smoothly. That being said, there are still ways you can boost employee morale. Raising spirits around the office is a great way to increase productivity.