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The Manual-First Startup

Vinicius Vacanti

It was February 2010. We were noticing that a company named Groupon was taking off and a whole new industry was booming along with it.

Don’t Fight Depression

Feld Thoughts

As 2013 comes to an end, I feel some relief that what has been a difficult and confusing year is almost behind me. They hid it. with me) environment.

Venture Capital Returns

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

This post is for everyone who thinks venture capital is an easy business. I'd like to dispel that notion. More risk should produce more return.

The Smartest Entrepreneurs Bootstrap Their Startup


Image via niaje.com and www.yec.co. In fact, most of the rich entrepreneurs you know actively turned away early equity proposals. You need a prototype.

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The unprofitable SaaS business model trap

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Marketo filed for IPO with impressive 80% year-over-year growth in 2012, with almost $60m in revenue. Except, they lost $35m. for every $1.00 Essays

Lean Startup in the Enterprise Anti-Pattern: The Lean Waterfall

Grasshopper Herder

More enterprise scale companies are drinking the lean Kool Aid and starting to implement Lean Startup.

Lean 155

Building Your MVP as a Non-Technical Founder


I did a presentation this week at Coloft that looked at how Non-Technical Founders can go about getting their MVP built. Plan for past the initial MVP.

Frameworks Round 1


You are viewing the first round of web application framework benchmarks. We have left this first round intact as a historical record. Higher is better.

How Our Tech Startup Succeeded Without the Tech

Vinicius Vacanti

It was February 2010. We were noticing that a company named Groupon was taking off and a whole new industry was booming along with it.

AngelList Syndicate Update – Week 1

Feld Thoughts

We had a fascinating week trying to get everything figured out on our FG Angels initiative with AngelList. We’ve chosen our first deal to do.

Girls Who Code

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I feel badly for Paul Graham because he's being made out to be something I am sure he is not. In our first year, we admitted 24% young women.

Coder 138

8 Key Questions To Expect In Investor Due Diligence


Image via LeadChangeGroup.com. You need to know this as a future employee, since it probably gates how long your new job will last. Now you know.

My First 9 Months as an Angel Investor

Instigator Blog

As a founding partner of Year One Labs (an early stage accelerator), which operated actively in 2010-2011, I participated in 5 very early stage investments. But that wasn’t angel investing (although it had some similarities). Nine months ago I made my first independent angel investment. I’ve made 7 in total. Angel investing is fun.

How to get meetings with people too busy to see you

Steve Blank

Asking, “Can I have coffee with you to pick your brain?” is probably the worst possible way to get a meeting with someone with a busy schedule. Sigh.

How to Get Busy People to Take Action When You Send an Email

Both Sides of the Table

We all get a lot of email. And we send off scores of them, too. For important emails we hope for replies or action. It is simply unmanageable.

Email 155

An eBook pricing model that resulted in $100,000 in sales

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

This is a guest post by Nathan Barry, in response to two other posts that previously appeared on this blog. Here’s how. They both are wrong.

Sales 154

Baby Boomers Are Surpassing Gen-Y As Entrepreneurs

Startup Professionals Musings

In fact, according to a study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, these Boomers are actually driving a new entrepreneurship boom. percent to 23.4

Initial Conversation with a CTO or Technical Advisor


Are you a non-technical startup founder who’s about to go have a conversation with a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) or Technical advisory type person?

CTO 104

Frameworks Round 2


Last week, we posted the results of benchmarking several web application development and frameworks. The response was tremendous. Dedicated hardware.

Lessons Learned Raising $6 Million

Vinicius Vacanti

After raising our $1.3 million seed round for Yipit, we raised $6 million a year later from Highland Capital, RRE, IA Ventures, DFJ Gotham and others.

Getting Your Demos Right

Feld Thoughts

I get demos every day. Multiple times a day. I don’t want to see a powerpoint deck – I want to play with something. Try it.

You Can Do Too Much Due Diligence

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

It's Monday, time for another lesson I've learned in the venture capital business. Today I will tell a story that I love telling. It has some of my favorite people in it. Back in 2004, early in my blogging career, I heard about a service that had just launched called Feedburner. I immediately liked the service and the idea.

Your Venture Is All About You, Not Your Invention


Image via IntellectualVentures.com. In fact, the idea is often the least important part of the equation. Don’t take your idea too seriously, either.

Flash 104

What is the Appropriate Time Horizon of a Financial Model for VC’s

Ask The VC

Q: When building a financial projection model for a pitch to VC’s, should you include future rounds of funding in the model or simply show what measurable goal you are trying to achieve with the current round you are seeking? A (Brad): It depends on the stage of the company. In early cases, they are going to focus on cash / monthly-burn-rate.

An MVP is not a Cheaper Product, It’s about Smart Learning

Steve Blank

A minimum viable product (MVP) is not always a smaller/cheaper version of your final product. Drones over the Heartland. Customer Discovery on Farms.

How Open Should a Startup CEO be with Staff?

Both Sides of the Table

CEO transparency. It almost sounds uncontroversial. A CEO should tell her staff everything! Right? Right?!? Of course not. It is not. Scary why?

Reframing the problems with “Freemium” by charging the marketing department

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Foibles of Freemium Let’s dispose of some misconceptions about what Freemium actually does for you and how much it costs. Why is that? Essays

Start Here if You are Looking for Angel Investors

Startup Professionals Musings

Or does it? Actually numbers and locations are just the beginning. The challenge is to find the right Angel for you, and for your situation. AngelList.

Tiny, New, Addictive Behaviors (or How to Build an Awesome Minimum Viable Product)

Instigator Blog

Early on, once you’ve identified a problem genuinely worth solving, you need to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and put it into the hands of early adopters. In Lean Analytics , we call this the Stickiness Stage. Sometimes they move ahead anyway and hope they can acquire (customers) their way out of the problem…it doesn’t work.

Everything about Java 8


The following post is a comprehensive summary of the developer-facing changes coming in Java 8. This next iteration of the JDK is currently scheduled for general availability in September 2013. At the time of this writing, Java 8 development is still very much in progress. Language features and APIs may still change. Interface improvements. Lambdas.

Java 239

How I Learned to Code

Vinicius Vacanti

Next posts on how to acquire users for free and how to raise a Series A. Don’t miss them by subscribing via email or via twitter. technology

AJAX 105

Humans and Robots Dancing in the Tesla Model S Factory

Feld Thoughts

My partner Jason Mendelson sent me a five minute video from Wired that shows how a Telsa Model S is built. And it blew my mind.

Video 124

The Billion Dollar Valuation Club

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Aileen Lee has a really good post up on TechCrunch , in which she analyzes the number of companies that have been started since 2003 that have gone on to be worth $1bn or more. This is a very useful exercise in the VC business since it is these big wins that produce the vast majority of returns in the business. I think it is closer to ten than one.