Programmable Currency is coming

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Any government in the world that moves to a non-sovereign currency (Like El Salvador has making Bitcoin its national currency), will lose control of its economy. This will be something corporations will be able to do with their employees and spending budgets, no purchase will order would be required when money can be programmed on where it can be spent in the first instance. China’s 2021 crackdown on crypto currencies has continued unabated.

Invest in Israel Newsletter – August 2012 Edition

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RENEWABLE ENERGY ALLIANCE BETWEEN COMPANIES FROM ISRAEL AND EL SALVADOR. Israel’s SDE Wave Power Plants and El Salvador’s El Esplendor Development Corp recently announced an alliance to execute Wave Power Technology in El Salvador and California. The initial stage of the alliance includes design and construction of two Wave Power Plants in El Salvador (one of 1 MW and a second of 10 MW).


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The Boundaryless Era: the Time for Distributed Teams


These people may be permanent employees, or they may work on a project-by-project basis, but they are managed very much as if they’re working right alongside you. At that time, Automattic had just 50 employees spread across 12 US states and ten countries. It’s hard to recruit against a profitable enterprise with a “wow” campus, unmatched employee benefits, and a reputation that’s leagues beyond your tiny new company.

Invest in Israel Newsletter January 2012

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“Cotendo’s employees will find their places as employees of Akamai, and thus we will continue to grow,” Ronni Zehavi, who is CEO of the company, said. based in Lima, Peru, owns power stations producing 3,000 megawatts in seven countries: Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Panama, El Salvador, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.