Programmable Currency is coming

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The loss of control of any of these elements can lead to destabilisation of a Government. Any government in the world that moves to a non-sovereign currency (Like El Salvador has making Bitcoin its national currency), will lose control of its economy. That’s not to say we shouldn’t have crypto – just Government issued Crypto. As published via the independent Parliamentary Budget Office’s analysis –the Morrison government paid $12.5

A Conversation with 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

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One in five prime working age American men has not worked in the last twelve months, and our labor force participation rate is down to 62.9%, the same levels as El Salvador the Dominican Republic. But at this point, our government is so backward, dysfunctional and unresponsive that it’s not even on the agenda. Then the government says ‘hey, great news! This is a painful thing to acknowledge, because at this point, we have so little faith in government.