8 Common Elevator Pitch Blunders, and How to Fix Them

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Every entrepreneur needs a value proposition statement for his or her startup that can hook potential investors and partners in less than a minute -- the short time you might join them in an elevator on the way to their offices. Skip the sales pitch and avoid preaching.

Give the Best Elevator Pitch Ever With a 3,000-Year-Old Technique

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You’re riding in an elevator with just one other passenger and the guy looks familiar somehow. The two of you strike up a conversation and he asks what you do, and you just happen to be seeking funding for your startup. The enthymeme serves as the seed of your pitch.

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7 Essential Tips for a Good Elevator Pitch

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StartupYou've heard the usual good ones. Here are the extras that can make the difference.

Veteran-Led Startups Debut at the Bunker Austin’s Elevator Pitch


He’s still got the close-cropped haircut of a soldier but instead of an army uniform, Curry […] The post Veteran-Led Startups Debut at the Bunker Austin’s Elevator Pitch appeared first on SiliconHills. By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News At well over six feet tall with a strong build, Rodney Curry, a retired member of the U.S. Army’s 101st airborne division, wears a camel colored bag slung over one shoulder.

Business Pitch, Elevator Pitch, and the LivePlan Pitch Page: What’s the Difference?

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What’s a business pitch? The business pitch. When I say pitch or business pitch I mean the short presentation startup founders make for angel investors or venture capitalists. ” That’s what David Rose talks about in his TED talk How to Pitch.

Elevator Pitch

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Services Marketing Help Downloads Contact Log In Elevator Pitch By brantcooper , August 11, 2009 9:28 pm Note: Originally published at SANDIOS. Everyone has heard of the “elevator pitch&# and all entrepreneurs know they need one. I’m talking about the ability to tell your business story in the time it takes the elevator to get the floor where your audience will egress. So how to develop a great elevator pitch?

How to Create an Elevator Speech (With Examples)

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An elevator speech is a 30- to 60-second answer to the question, “So, what do you do?” A great elevator speech will spark interest in your business and hopefully lead to a deeper conversation. Elevator speeches are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Elevator speech tips.

The Elements That Make Up A Successful Startup Pitch Deck


That, in essence, is what the startup pitch deck is all about. But even a powerful Infographic and presentation tool like Visme won’t be able to help you if your startup pitch deck is lacking in these basic, core elements. by Payman Taei, founder of Visme.

Launch and Demo your idea in 3 minutes - why your elevator pitch matters

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I saw about 100 startups at the Launch Conference this week, and will see another 80 at the Demo Conference next week. You need several different pitches. The demo pit / exhibit area pitch is 1 minute. The on stage pitch to the audience is 6 minutes. The investor meeting pitch is about 30 minutes. The key to an “elevator pitch” is to get them interested, answer the basic questions, and get to the next meeting.

One Page Business Pitch Template Download [FREE]

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Before you write your business plan , you should spend some time experimenting with your business idea and gathering your core assumptions onto a one page business pitch. That’s why we created our one page business pitch template.

FinTech Accelerating Digital Transformation of Banking in Africa

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The post FinTech Accelerating Digital Transformation of Banking in Africa appeared first on The Startup Magazine.

Oslo's LIFT puts on true elevator pitching competition


Lift is a real time elevator pitch competition. Participants step into an elevator rigged with hidden cameras and an investor, and on the ride to the top have to convince them they are worth their time. This last Thursday the first LIFT Nordic event was held in Oslo.

How to use your business plan

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He defines the elevator pitch, video pitch, executive summary, PowerPoint presentation, and business plan as different forms. And I like his summary: Imagine a fishing analogy: The elevator and video pitches are lures – used to attract investors.

Do You Have Your Elevator Pitch Ready?

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They call it the elevator speech, or elevator pitch, and it’s a good exercise. I was there last Thursday to hear these two pitches , two of the best from 16 one-minute pitches at the University of Oregon’s New Venture Championship. These are good examples of classic elevator pitches, limited to 60 seconds. By the way, I did a four-part series on my main blog on how to optimize an elevator speech.

The Executive Summary

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The Executive Summary should be the “ elevator pitch ” of your business plan that gets investors to take a deeper look in your business plan. Remember that your Executive Summary would be the first convincing “pitch” to your future investors.

Pitch And Win - Announcing Elevator Pitch Competition For Nordic And Baltic Startups


For the third time, we are organizing an Elevator Pitch Competition for all startups and growth companies in the Baltic and Nordic countries. Six firms will be selected to present a 10-minute pitch at the event.

How to Take Your Startup Elevator Pitch to the Top

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An "elevator pitch" is a concise, well-practiced description of your startup and your plan, delivered with conviction and enthusiasm, that your mother should be able to understand in the time it would take to ride up an elevator.

Great Startups Can Hook an Investor in 60 Seconds


An “ elevator pitch ” is a concise, well-practiced description of your startup and your plan, delivered with conviction and enthusiasm, that your mother should be able to understand in the time it would take to ride up an elevator. A good elevator pitch is not just for an elevator discussion. An elevator pitch should always contain the following key elements: Problem-solution “hook.”

PitchU Through Online Video With VenCorps And Kauffman Foundation


Crowd-sourced, collaborative venture capitalist firm VenCorps , in conjunction with Kauffman Foundation , is currently running PitchU , an online elevator pitch competition that gives away US$5000 cash to the best video pitch every month.

5 Startup Steps That Prove You Are Ready To Execute

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As a mentor to startups and new entrepreneurs, I continue to hear the refrain that business plans are no longer required for a new startup, since investors never read them anyway. Successful startups are all about the right people with the right stuff.

10 Setup Steps To A Compelling Startup Presentation

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The average length of a funding pitch to Angel investors is ten minutes. The biggest complaint I hear from investors is that startup founders often talk way too long, and neglect to cover the most relevant points. Remember you are pitching to investors, not customers.

How Introverts Like Mark Zuckerberg Build A Startup

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Work on your elevator pitch. This is a concise, well-practiced description of your idea or your startup, delivered with conviction to start a relationship in the time it takes to ride up an elevator. entrepreneur introvert loner Mark Zuckerberg startup

Sales for Startups: Elevator Pitches, USP's & Value Props

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I was planning on writing something that helped break out the differences between the elevator pitch, the unique selling propositions (USP’s) and value propositions. A value proposition is often confused with an “Elevator Speech” or a “Unique Selling Proposition.” Elevator Speech. An elevator speech is a short, 1-2 sentence statement that defines who you work with (target market) and the general area in which you help them.

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Business Startup Checklist

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The reality is, the vast majority of real startups are driven by people who know their market from experience and who are ready to bet the farm on it! ” Students and newbies need market research, while the vast majority of real startups are driven by people who know their market from experience and are ready to bet the farm on it. Create an elevator pitch. Estimate your startup costs. Refine your elevator pitch for investors.

Launch Your Startup with an Infographic

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This simple fact led Michael Preysman to create Everlane , an online retail startup that intended to sell “Barney’s quality at one-third the price.” Think of it as a visual elevator pitch. Image credit: Everlane.

7 Attributes of An Entrepreneur's Startup Dream Team

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Building a startup business is not the same as corporate executive experience, so prior titles in a big business may actually be seen as a negative. On the other hand, having failed in an earlier startup may be an advantage, if positioned properly, and some learning is evident.

5 Secrets to a Killer Elevator Pitch

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I have given a lot of pitches and seen a lot of pitches and here is what I’ve learned. Continue reading on Austin Startups ». elevator-pitch entrepreneurship funding pitching startupWatch my video and apply these 5 secrets. It works!

Is a great pitch without a plan even possible?

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You’ve got a great business idea, so now all you need is a great pitch, right? A great pitch is important, everyone agrees on that. Think about the content of the pitch and what potential investors are going to want to know. Business Planning business pitch elevator pitch

8 Ways To Prepare Your Startup For Obstacles Ahead

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A popular startup myth claims you don’t need one, since investors never read them. Define success as it relates to this startup. Prepare a startup vignette to highlight value. Pace yourself to avoid financial dead ends that can kill your startup.

8 Guidelines For Friends And Family Startup Funding

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If you set around quietly waiting for someone you know to offer you money to fund a startup, you will probably have a long wait. Practice your “elevator pitch,” and end it by asking for the order. business entrepreneur family fools friends funding startup

Startup Pitch Decks That Will Get You Funded

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How do you put together a pitch deck that impresses investors? And how can you make maximum impact when you’re giving the pitch? Putting together your deck Slide 1: Logo/Mission/Positioning Line.Founders This slide is your elevator pitch.

5 Lessons from 150 startup pitches

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

I just reviewed several hundred startup pitches for Capital Factory. Most were on paper and video; 20 were invited to pitch in person. We've all heard of the elevator pitch, but when asked to produce it almost no one succeeded.

Do You Know How to Pitch Your Startup in Social Situations?

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It can be hard to pitch your startup, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to naturally bring it up in social situations—without feeling pushy or rehearsed. But finding natural ways to pitch your startup may still seem like the most daunting task you’ve faced yet.

You are the Best One to Build Your Startup Brand


I hear lots of excuses from startup founders, like “I’m too busy,” concern over IP security, can’t afford an agency, and it’s too early. I’m talking about doing some real networking to test your elevator pitch, and get to know some potential investors before you ask them for money.

5 Logistical Steps For Startups Seeking Investors

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Offer to give your executive presentation, but he may want just the elevator pitch. angel entrepreneur funding investor startup venture capital Don’t charge the hill until you are “ready.”

8 Startup Gaps That Will Frustrate Funding Efforts

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Additionally, you need to be able to communicate the essence that story and value to investors in a couple of sentences – your elevator pitch. After a good elevator pitch or initial presentation, investors will ask for your formal business plan and financial projections.

5 Ways To Improve Startup Founder Team Productivity

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I recommend the elevator pitch -approach instead, which you probably learned in dealing with busy investors, where the person calling the meeting is asked to summarize the purpose, value and recommended solution in the first minute or two.

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Startup Resources (Updated Mar 2013). Venture Capital Cafe > Startup Resources (Updated Mar 2013). VC & Startup Resources. Seed Startups. VC Cafe covers early stage Israeli and European tech & mobile startups. Updated Business tools for Startups.

Your Startup Pitch: The Simple Formula

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Last week I had a very interesting meeting, where I learned the importance of the famous elevator pitch to the extreme! I like talking to other entrepreneurs and give my help to them, sometimes a simple advice can help a lot. I see various entrepreneurs with different mindsets and different problems and try to [.]. General

Thank you Israel for welcoming our British startup (Guest post)

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I’ve always been intrigued by the success of the ‘Startup Nation.’ That of a British startup which naively arrived for three months in Tel Aviv and hasn’t looked back since. The Israeli startup community is: “Pashut Magniv” (simply spectacular).